The demographics of where I live…

Ramit Sethi · March 28th, 2006

…are totally absurd. And if you look up the stats for Los Altos or Atherton, they’re even more ridiculous (median income > $120,000).

Click for a bigger view:


  • Try your own neighborhood
  • See the NY Times excellent series on class–“defined as a combination of income, education, wealth and occupation”–and the disparities in America: Class Matters

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  1. Chris Yeh

    What’s really f’d up is the status calculator. A lawyer is considered a more prestigious occupation than CEO.

    Of course, in these post-Enron days, they may be right!

  2. Atherton is the highest income area in the nation (and highest housing price). It’s CEO Central, so that’s not surprising.

  3. Well I think CA takes the cake on highest housing prices, but Potomac, MD 20854 has it beat on income 🙂

  4. Khyron

    Yeah, I just checked 20850 (Rockville, MD, where I live) and the stats for income came in higher, surprisingly. But it doesn’t look like Ramit lives *in* Atherton, but in the Valley close to Atherton. (Exact city – I don’t know.) I’d like to see the exact numbers generated for Atherton, because I’m sure they make Potomac look small. Or at least, they are closer to Potomac, MD’s stats than Ramit’s neighborhood.