The 3 Most Effective Ways to Earn More Money

Ramit Sethi · May 21st, 2012

When I went on book tour in 2009, I met readers from all over the country: Seattle, Minneapolis, LA, and all over. I remember meeting them and asking what they wished I wrote more about. The responses surprised me: “Your automation stuff is great,” they said, “but I want to know how to earn more money.” This was the most popular request in every city I visited, and is still one of the most popular questions I get from new visitors to IWT.

There are lots of ways to make money, and there’s a ton of advice — much of it contradictory and just plain bad. Most “experts” have never explored ALL the options, so they take the one method they know, then try to apply it to everything. “To a man with a hammer…”

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Should you freelance? Productize? Negotiate your salary? What about the fabled passive income?

I decided to put together a quick presentation showing you the pros and cons of each choice. Each way has pros and cons, and I’ll be straight with you about each.

I’ve used each of these approaches personally (e.g., raising my hourly rate from $20/hour to $3,000/hr) and have done extensive research on each, so I want to share what I spent years figuring out.


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  1. Hey, Ramit – This looks like a great webinar, however, the ‘Select a Date First’ button for the webinar sign-up is not working so I can’t complete registration (tried it twice). Can you ask your tech people to fix it? Thanks.

    • David

      I had the same problem at first Mimi when I was using Chrome, I tried it from IE 9 and it worked fine.

  2. Chase Greye

    This sounds great!!! I cannot access the sign up page though. The coding is not correct or the link is not connected. Please let me know how to get to it…

  3. i think i just figured out why i keep coming back to IWTYTBR and being so pleased, even if the content of the day doesn’t apply to me.
    THREE CHEERS for your graphic design, sir. it really, really makes a difference. the stock photos are great, the design is organized and the colors pop- everything is just excellent.

  4. Andy Iskandar

    Hey Ramit,

    This looks like an auto-webinar. I’m curious, what platform are you using because it looks good?



  5. Same, Ramit. Can’t select a date! Please fix!

  6. Ramit Sethi

    Sorry guys. We will fix this ASAP.

  7. Financial Advice for Young Professionals

    People want to make more money? What a shock! haha I am actually content with the amount I’m making right now 🙂 I have a nice work-life balance.

  8. Barbara Friedberg

    Looking forward to checking out the webinar. Financial Advice made an important point, it’s not always about making more money, it’s also about the time that is required to make it.

  9. I feel like these kinds of things won’t work for me as I’m in the health care industry. I can’t do a side hustle of starting IVs on people. I’d love to see something geared toward generating multiple income streams for people with health care skills. It’s a very specific skill set.

    • Mary B

      I have been thinking the same thing. I make decent money as a nurse, but am the main support of a family of five, so it only goes so far. I would love to be able to put money away for retirement and have a decent savings. I am going to read the IWT book finally and give it a go, but I realize how limited I am with my specific skill set in healthcare. The only thing I can think is opening up my own care facility which I have neither the funds, nor the background to do. I keep tossing it around in my brain though!

  10. @Lori – I’ve actually being hearing of people in healthcare that are starting to create apps specific to their field and specialty. Fills a need, and can be a good side income. You can off load the work to a dev and guide the design process w/ your SME knowledge.

  11. John Smith

    The sign-up form is not working for me. 🙁

  12. david

    Ok Ramit, I’m all signed up. looking forward to checking out this information.

  13. Laimonas

    Did you notice anything strange about this webinar? It seemed a bit different from the usual Ramit’s slides (or perhaps I did not notice it before). It seemed rushed: two spelling mistakes and then the order of money making ideas as presented during and afterwards in a summary was off. Also the whole pitch was very quick, state it and move on. Just seemed a bit unusual for Ramit’s group who are always prepared for these things to the tiniest detail. Perhaps it is just me…

  14. cheryl

    Hello I signed up for the webinar today at 11, I did not get an email with the link and I closed the orig web page….can you help?