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Tell us how you think about money — I’ll post results next week

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When I started the series on women and personal finance, Kimble wrote, “I am a little skeptical that this is a series being done by someone who is an outside observer to the female-personal-finance realm.” She encouraged me to use data instead of making it up, so today I’m running her survey on the site.

Please take a couple minutes to answer this survey on how you think about money. I’ll post the results next week. **RSS readers, please click here.

Note: This survey is now closed.

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  1. Thank you Ramit! That was a lot of fun.

  2. Hi, Ramit.

    Just filled out your survey. They call me a Grammar Nazi – but there were SO many spelling mistakes in the survey!!!

  3. I just waded through the whole survey and then there was NO button to submit it. Waste of time!

  4. Huh? It’s right at the bottom of the survey. Do you not see it? (If not, can you send me a screenshot?)

  5. Hi Kate-
    Sorry about the spelling mistakes. I went through the survey and changed the three that I could find. Spelling is obviously not my strong point; maybe I should be prioritizing education for myself a little higher. Thanks for the feedback!

  6. If you make the font size in your browser smaller, the Submit button should appear. At first I didn’t see it either.

  7. Friday - time for wine! Link to this comment

    Can’t wait to see the results!

  8. Firefox froze up on me, as it does occasionally, so I tried IE and there was no button. My PC is RAM-challenged and I think that’s why it’s gagging a lot.

  9. We just coasted thru life stuck in mediocracy and didn’t even know it until we tried to start a business. We couldn’t get the loan we wanted because our credit score was not high enough and we had to much debit.

    So it turned out to be a real challenge at first trying to start a business, juggle our finances on one salary, and having young kids. Since I started reading your blog it has opened my eyes on how our family can erase our debit.

    These are a couple of principals we used to really turned things around for us over the last seven months.

    The first principle we used was to draw up a plan to erase our debit without turning short term debit into long term debit (i.e. home equity loan).

    The second principle we did was get SERIOUS about our GOALS of becoming debit free and POST OUR GOALS ON THE REFRIGERATOR. That way we would see our goals daily and make sure we took some positive action daily to make them a reality.

    The last principle we took advantage of was HUGE, and that was to set up direct debit with our creditors.

    This did two things: First, it allowed us to negotiate a lower interest rate because it was direct debit from our checking account each month.

    Second, it allowed us to stop worrying about our loans, and credit card payments and concentrate on building our net worth and enjoying our lives to the max.

    This eliminated fights over money because we both worked on our goals daily which where posted on the refrigerator for everyone to see.

    So we knew exactly what we could and could not do with our money.

    Ramit your awesome, you have given us some phenomenal advise and I just wanted to share what I have learned from you.

    Happy to be in your service

  10. That was fun, and moved pretty quickly.