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Do you earn money outside of your job? Tell me about it

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Do you earn money outside your fulltime job? If you earn money on the side as a consultant/freelancer or a side job, please tell me about how you do it. Pick all that apply.

Specific occupations

  • You’re a writer who makes over $900 per month. Click here.
  • You’re a programmer/developer who makes over $900 per month. Click here.
  • You’re a designer (web, print, etc) who makes over $900 per month. Click here.
  • You’re a business/marketing consulant who makes over $900 per month. Click here.
  • You do something unusual (like training pets, babysitting) and make over $900 per month. Click here.

Random questions on side jobs

  • You earn over $100,000/year doing independent consulting/freelancing. Click here.
  • You’re an independent consultant interested in doing a “Freelancer Diaries” entry similar to the Money Diaries. Click here.
  • You earn money on the side to support a lifestyle (i.e., you could make more, but you spend your time traveling, doing yoga, being with your family). Click here.
  • You started out with a job that doesn’t typically translate to freelance work (e.g. a physicist, cardiac surgeon, middle manager) but figured out a way to earn money on the side. Click here.
  • You overcame a limiting belief to become a successful freelancer (“Nobody will pay for this,” “Freelancers never make any money”). Click here.

For everyone

  • For anyone (not just independent consultants): You spent over $1,500 on personal development in 2009 (courses, business travel, books, Spanish lessons, etc). Click here.
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  1. Exactly the kind of study I wish my blog had the heft to do. I’ll be very excited to see the results of this.

  2. yes please post so we in the comments so we are alerted when the results are in.

  3. What a great idea! Can’t wait to see the results!

  4. Interesting. It should be kind of hard to consolidate them into one blog post, so I can’t wait to see how it’s done.

  5. I hear that catering and landscaping generate nice cash.

  6. I earn money on the side but no where near those amounts. I would love to make that kind of money (an extra $900/month would be a huge increase in my income).

    I freelance write and earn about $100/month. I keep looking for more of it but it’s rather scarce and hard when people want to pay $1 for a 500 word article.

    Will this post be followed up by something on how to improve your freelance income?

  7. i dont make $900 a month on the side, but ive been doing tons of focus groups which give me a nice little extra spending money.

    last month i did three focus groups which totaled up to $450 in extra money. im trying to do more in the upcoming year.

    also, another weird way i earn some extra money (not much, but a little) is playing sweepstakes online. they usually come in the form of gift cards which helps me with my monthly spending. sometimes i win amazon dollars, best buy gift cards, etc. i say that i average about $150-$200 worth of prizes, gift cards, and cash a month. it helps me keep my spending low, because not much comes out of my actual checking account and it gives me an opportunity to get some things for myself that i normally would not spend my own money to buy.

  8. Anthony,

    Where do you find your focus groups and sweepstakes? I’ve searched for them before, but any time I email a focus group expressing interest they say I don’t fit the criteria.

  9. I am a full time teacher but also teach private piano and singing lessons two nights a week. How many people can say that they earn $50 an hour at their part time job? 🙂

  10. Hmm. Rather than freelance on the side, I start up little businesses. Which hopefully will grow. I’ve been writing weekly cookbooks for over a year to help people discover new foods and save money on groceries. Right now that makes me about $135 a month but I love doing it. Now I’m working on starting a membership-type site where people can buy eco-friendly household goods at wholesale prices. But these questions make me wonder: should I be doing something that is an offshoot of what I do for money? (Right now that’s work at a “career center” where we spend most of our time getting people on the phone with the unemployment folks. It doesn’t ring my bell.)