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Speaking at an HBS conference this Saturday

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I’m speaking at a Harvard Business School conference on November 19 here in Palo Alto on the future of marketing and business. There’s a description and, if you want to attend, discounted tickets below.

FYI, it’s a Saturday morning from 8:30am-1:00pm.

If you’re still interested, read on…

Participants include CEOs, CTOs, founders, entrepreneurs, Wall Street and technology analysts, a broad range of media and press representatives, and students from over 25 leading MBA programs around the world. Each year Cyberposium seeks to unite the community of present and future business leaders who share a common passion to deliver technology’s greatest promises.

Cyberposium 11 is themed “Technowledge for Tomorrow” and will explore the impact of technologies that lie just over the horizon for future business leaders. This year’s theme revolves around questions such as:

  • What technology-driven products, applications, and innovations are most important for tomorrow’s business leaders to understand today?
  • What opportunities are being created in both traditional and nascent industries will that most profoundly change the way people live, work, and play?

Panel #1: Everything You Didn’t Know About Internet Marketing
How robust is your Web marketing plan? Opt-in e-mail newsletters, blogging and other Web marketing initiatives are now ubiquitous.
Advanced analytics can provide instant feedback on the success of your
messages. You are only as good as today’s Google search, and the holders of the top search results can change by the minute.

Are you getting your money’s worth? And what are the new techniques that you don’t know about (but that your competitors might)?

Ramit Sethi, Co-founder of PBWiki, the world’s largest wiki hosting company, Ann Poletti, Director of Marketing for eBay …and many others.

See the full details. Tickets are normally $35 (students) and $75 (professionals), but you can get $10 tickets by following this link.

Thanks to Chris Yeh (great entrepreneur, check out his stuff) for coordinating.

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