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Sometimes, you just need to make more money

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Dee writes in:

I just wanted to let you know that I MADE $156 last week thanks to your advice. I have been on the frugality stuff for a while now, but your words that at some point, you just need to make more money finally echoed in my head enough to urge me to apply for a part-time job…after my full-time job.

I’m not making much per hour at the side job, but it’s more than I was making just sitting at home. It was tiring to race from my regular job to the side job, but I still have enough time to sleep (and read blogs, apparently).

Lots of frugality people complain that they can’t cut costs any more. They’re right, of course. When you’ve cut to the bone, there’s only one thing to do: Earn more money. Take a part-time job. Freelance. Babysit. Whatever it takes.

The tough part? There are no pithy to-dos on how to earn more. You just have to think hard and try different things. A very unsatisfying answer…but also true.

[Update]: Here’s a detailed post I wrote on how to earn money by freelancing/consulting on the side.

[Update]: Here’s another great blog post with ideas on earning more

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  1. While I have been job search, I’ve been taking odd jobs to keep the income coming. We can pay our bills on one income (we try to keep it simple), my extra money helps pay down debt.

  2. I am always thinking about picking up part time work on the side, or perhaps weekends. My wife and I are both fortunate enough to have jobs at the moment, and we do just fine with bills and whatnot, but who couldn’t use a little bit of extra cash? Just 10 extra hours a week or so, and it could be pure spending money… or saving money… or just something for a rainy day, ya know?

    Now I just need to find something that’ll let me work a couple nights during the week. If I could find something Mon-Thurs it’d be perfect! Any thoughts of where I should look?

  3. This is really great to hear others putting in the effort to pull in some extra cash. I’ve believed in this for years – I’ve usually supplemented a full time job with a ‘freelance’ – for awhile it was tutoring HS students in bio/chem/math (making between $20/hr and $35/hr) which was rewarding but very time consuming. I usually pulled in an extra $200-$300 a month. That was great. My current situation is even better, though. I recently decided to take a career boosting (but low paying) position in research, and knew I needed to supplement my income if I wanted to have *any* sort of ample discretionary spending. I’m putting in an extra 15 hours a week (which is difficult, as I’m working about 60 hour weeks consistently) but the 2nd job is *purely* telecommuting, which makes it more than tolerable. But here comes the great news – I’m pulling in up to an extra $1000 a month! That adds significantly to the paycheck I bring home each month from the research job. Without this ‘2nd job’ I, essentially, would not be paying off debt nor be allowed to do anything fun. And being 25 and living in San Diego, that’s just ludicrous.

    The “second job” sounds intimidating, perhaps even inglorious to some, but only if you look at is as so. I think a lot of people look at the second job as only something to pursue when no other options are viable. But take it from me, it’s much more worth taking those few extra hours out of your week so you don’t have to worry about being able to go out for your best friend’s birthday, or affording that plane ticket home for the holidays. I work hard, but it’s only because I want to allow myself to play hard, as well. It wasn’t easy to get used to, but in the end, is completely worth it.

  4. I used the be the queen of part-time job, then I got burnt out. With the economy, and the need to refinance out of an interest only home loan, I couldn’t avoid getting a part-time job any longer. I just got my second paycheck and I can’t believe the sense of freedom that comes from having a little extra money in the bank. My first priority are bills, then savings, then me. The great thing is now there is money for me. I’ve already done my holiday shopping and didn’t use the credit card once.

    With having to prioritize my time now, I find I get more done in my spare time and still have time to spend quality time with friends and family.

  5. What I actually do is somekind of subversive part-time job.

    I’am a software developer, so a I always need to keep in touch with the last technology trends. Take all my free time would be somehow like professional suicide or rotting. So what I do is to start some personal project that makes me research what is around. This gives more knowledge, which makes my work more valuable.

    In short: I take my free time to keep my proficiencies sharp, with makes me ke get more income from who hires me.

  6. For the past 2 years, I have been working promo gigs to help make extra money. I once worked an event promoting Knicks basketball and another promo gig at the NYC Marathon promoting a new tv show. On another occasion, I worked at an import car show promoting an energy drink. Many of these jobs pay as much as $25/hour. Many of them take place on the weekends, so it is a great way to make money if you work 9-5 during the week. I’ve worked with a few agencies, http://www.encorenationwide and You can pick and choose which jobs you want to work, depending on your schedule. The only downside is that it can take up to 2 months to get your check in the mail.

  7. Of course there is always the possibility of making money from writing your own blog 😉

  8. I was working out at the YMCA, paying $45 a month.

    I obtained a teaching certification to teach a spin class, my fee dropped to $15 per month and I got paid $15 per class to teach. For the most part I’m not out any extra time, because I teach at the time of day that I usually worked out.

  9. I am currently working on getting some freelance projects that I can do from home – even if it doesn’t pay a whole lot. I spend enough time outside the home at my day-job as it is!

    I love all of the suggestions here so far!

  10. Thankyou Thankyou thankyou

    I always give that advice, not the deprivation advice