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Ramit Sethi · April 18th, 2006

God willing, I’m sending out my newsletter tomorrow morning at 10am PST with some new stuff. So sign up now to get tomorrow’s newsletter. (I only send it out about once a month and it has stuff never published on this site. See a sample newsletter.)

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  1. Archeyes

    Gives me an error message when I hit ok.

  2. Rob Donoghue


  3. I get an error message too.

  4. Ramit Sethi

    Fixed, thanks.

  5. i can’t seem to post my email

  6. I hope that an RSS user like me doesn’t need to subscribe to the email newsletter.

    Thanks for the useful content on your blog.


  7. I am curious about any reason for having content that was available in an email newsletter exclusively.

    Count me in as a RSS only reader.