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See behind the curtain: Preview of new iwillteachyoutoberich design

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Here’s a new iwillteachyoutoberich design I’m going to be deploying in a week or two. Key improvements: It should be easier to find popular/older posts, easier subscribing, easier sharing, and a lot of vanity effects like what books I’m reading and what things I’m bookmarking. Thanks to Wilson Miner and Josh Lehman for their help.

Coming soon to iwillteachyoutoberich

Play around with the sandbox here and let me know if there are any bugs / things I overlooked. (Some of the functionality, like email-to-a-friend, won’t work until it goes live.)

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  1. Looks much nicer… the new picture doesn’t make you look like scary stalker either.

  2. Maybe it just seems this way because it’s a smaller version, but could you make the content portion a bit wider? Scrolling seriously sucks.

  3. Maybe a smiling picture? I think serious-faced photos have the effect of looking forced. But I am just an amateur photographer so I guess it’s just easier for me that way.

    How about a permanent link to PBwiki on your home page? Or will your mini bio include a link where your job title is listed?

    Thanks for sharing the new look! Best of luck!

  4. Nice, I really like it. Good job.

  5. I would integrate the bottom content on the right side, given how tall your site generally is. The layout seems to have been designed in a vacuum, without knowledge of your typical article’s length and as a result the bottom nav needs far too much scrolling to see.

    Also, fix the © at the bottom.

    Otherwise, it’s clean – I like it.

  6. Clean and simplistic, perfect! But, why ruin it with the social news icons?

  7. I like it.
    I like that you kept the green (the existing site) and added the blue (the book and speaking gigs).
    The only suggestion that I would make is put the newsletter sign up above the categories.
    It ties in with the book, and speaking (another point of contact).

  8. Key improvements: You took off the picture of just the bespectacled eyes for a full head shot.

    I have to say, the last picture makes you look like an Indian version of Jared from the Subway commercials!

  9. WoW!!! This is awesome. This is good stuff, can’t wait Ramit!