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15 Little Life Hacks

Use these pre-written scripts to optimize your emails

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My ready-to-use scripts are one of the most popular parts of my book.

They can be used to negotiate down your credit card APR, negotiate a $1,000/hr job, and  optimize your cell phone bill.

Today, some more scripts for you to use…

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When I first started using virtual assistants, I was shocked at how hard it was to get things done. I had two choices: Blame myself for being bad at communication, or blame the poor foreign workers who I was paying less than $10/hour to.

I chose to blame them. And after eating a dinner of rare steak and fine wines, I retired to my antechamber, played a game of chess while draped in a cashmere throw, and slept well that night.

Ok, no. Actually, I spent over 65 hours analyzing my emails to them and figuring out better ways to get “one-and-done” emails — messages where I sent one email and did not get any more back-and-forth responses. I tested dozens of responses and ended up saving those 65 hours back in 3 months.

NOTE: You don’t have to have a virtual assistant to use these scripts. Try using them at work.

I ended up sharing those scripts in a guest post just released on Tim Ferriss’s blog called, “How to E-mail Virtual Assistants (or Any Assistants): Proven Templates”.

You can use these with friends at work to get “one-and-done” emails and save yourself from wasting time answering follow up questions all day.  Just rip off these proven email templates — you have my permission — and use them right away.

* * *

By the way, I have a TON of scripts in Earn1K — my course on earning side income — including a video of exactly how to over-deliver for your client, and email scripts showing how one student unlocked his first $18,000 in side income (recurring revenue, too). Plus actual surveys and emails and scripts you can use for yourself to get paying clients and rapidly raise your rates. Click here to get free preview materials.

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  1. This could also be titled “Remit Sethi’s Guide to Building Your Own Virtual Sweatshop.”
    Actually, this is great stuff on any business email communication, not just to virtual assistants. Emails are infamous for being poorly and hastily written and much of that is because the sender often doesn’t sit back and think about how much they are assuming the recipient knows about their frame of reference and what they were thinking of as they wrote the email.

  2. love the intention – one and done is definitely the way to go. sold the crackberry for $20, reduced email consumption, been one and donning for a while now. absolutely love the lifestyle, freedom and productivity impact. not to mention, financial success has increased exponentially

  3. Awesome post on scripts. I work for high level execs and I wish more of them used scripts like this. Yes, I don’t want to bug them more than I have to, but when important preferences and requirements are missing it’s necessary. I’ve learned to kind of do a reverse script to get the info I need with a minimum of pestering.

    The best email I get regularly is from a colleague who asks me to send a Fed Ex for her, and she always includes priority level, name and address, packaging (seriously!) and the recipient’s phone number. It sound so small but it is AMAZING. I just have to write back, “Thanks, all set!”

  4. Aloha Ramit, I enjoyed your post and good to see your candid expressions. I like to see you opened up and say how it is and what you’re experiencing. Since I have been working online, I see a lot of folks expressing and open up and I see what most are going thru and then seeing the breakthroughs is an awesome thing to see and read. Glad I came by and thanks for sharing! 🙂

  5. If anyone is unaware of what a phishing site or post looks like, may I point your attention to Lani Kee. Please do NOT click on that link or go to that site unless you know what you’re doing.

  6. I like Tim’s point at the end of your article about making emails concise and to the point. I find that my coworkers (and friends) are horrible about this. I often get emails along the lines of:

    “hey, can we meet sometime to discuss topic X?”

    Seriously? What do you need to discuss? Why do you want to discuss it? When would you like to meet? What is the point of the meeting? Give me details or I’m just going to ignore you!

    Also, for you friends out there who think you’re being cool when you send emails like “let’s hang out, I don’t care when and where, just pick a time” you’re not! You’re being an ass because you’re now expecting me to use up my time to find the right time and place while you play the martyr.

    Equally Happy

    PS, sorry for the slightly off topic rant, I just got a few of those emails this morning and they’re driving me crazy!

  7. Oh hell, those scripts should be standard for everybody who needs to tell people to do stuff. God knows I wish my boss would do the same…

  8. Sweet. Thanks for the heads up.

  9. I am happy to know that there are other people who are obsessed with communication efficiency!
    I recently quit a position via email and my manager was grateful because I gave her an explicit time line, exit strategy, and offered tips for finding my replacement. Maybe this seems obvious, but you can turn a potentially negative interaction in your favor through effective communication. Be empathetic to your audience- they want to read your email, not your mind.

  10. […] fact, we have a product called "50 Proven Email Scripts". It’s a collection of the best emails to send in different situations: how to get the […]