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Roundup of my favorite recent posts

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If you’re coming here from today’s AP story, or you’ve been reading a long time, here are some of my favorite recent posts that you may have missed:

How I’m saving $25,000 in 2009. What to do when you make major purchases, keeping account information in one place, negotiating down service providers (cable, cellphone) once per year, working on side projects, setting up sub-savings accounts.

Use gas prices to become your own hedge fund
. One of my favorite tips of all: setting up sub-savings accounts to save money for specific things (down payment, vacation, etc). I show you how with screenshots.

Stop being a loser and spend money to make money. You can’t out-frugal your way to being rich, and life isn’t just about cutting costs. Think of your personal finances like a business, where it’s sometimes ok to spend $10 to make $20. I’ll show you examples in this post.

Sometimes, you just need to make more money. The importance of side projects, second jobs, and other ways to make money. You can’t out-frugal your way to rich! Here’s how to become a freelancer/consultant.

Money Diaries: The spoiled 20-something used to living beyond his means. Part of The Money Diaries series, where real people write about their actual spending over 7 days. Oddly voyeuristic.

How to negotiate your car insurance (highly tactical tips). Includes phone numbers, websites, and an actual call script to use once you reach your insurance company. People saved hundreds with this tip alone.

Save thousands by pre-paying your debt. By paying an extra $100/month towards your debt now, you can save thousands over the long term. We tend to ignore this, since the “long term” represents phantom costs, but thousands of dollars later for a small change now is often well worth it. Includes charts and illustrations.

Optimize your cellphone bill. Simple, fast, and it works.

See more tips on the Save $1,000 in 30 Days Challenge page (scroll down for the tips).

Btw, for premium savings tips, check out something I launched: The Scrooge Strategy.

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  1. I think favorite of those recent posts is How to negotiate your car insurance. I love the practical tips with phone numbers included. I also liked spend money to make money, considering how frequently people, especially on the web, want things to be free even if the person has put a solid number of hours into a project.

  2. Congrats on the link!

  3. Are all the good tips now going to be in the paid subscription (Scrooge Strategy) and this site will now contain recaps, advertisement for the subscription, and B-Quality tips?