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Redesign of iwillteachyoutoberich coming — I’m looking for feedback

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As anyone who’s run a website knows, whenever you launch a redesign, the community goes crazy, starts ranting about moving to Canada, and then gets used to the changes a week later. So today, I want to show you guys some early mockups we’re been working with for an iwillteachyoutoberich redesign.

None of this is final (!!!), so if you have comments, please leave them below. I’m sure we missed a bunch of things and we’re totally open to adding/changing page elements.

Basic framework:

* * *

One issue is that people come to the site and don’t know what the hell is going on. As a result, I’ll be offering a gentle onboarding process to get people answers to a few common questions (“What should I do with my money? Pay off debt or invest? Should I buy a house?”)

* * *

A little easier to see what’s going on all at once:

* * *

Thanks for your feedback.

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  1. As a design it’s great, but the background colour is a bit glum. A fresher green like the one behind the scrooge strategy logo would be nicer to sit in front of.

  2. Overall I think it looks great. I really dig the olive green foundation for the site too. Not a fan of bright colors overall. Can’t wait to see the final product.

    Will you be sharing who the designer is as well once completed?

  3. Looks good. I agree wholeheartedly with the concept…I visited the site twice before I started reading it. Both times my reaction was “what the hell is this place…click.” The last time, I actually read the post someone sent me, enjoyed it, got your RSS feed and never came back to the site until now.

    But yeah, I really like the redesign. That last image manages to pack in a crapload of content without overwhelming.

  4. Love the new design! I really like the onboarding process idea…it would have really helped me when I started reading! Will that community tab go to the Ning community?

  5. They’re great-looking. Third mock-up looks most complete, and I like that color-scheme best among the options you’ve shared.

    The things I like from mock-up two are the prominence of the newsletter sign-up and the photograph. I prefer that to the video. I presume the newsletter sign-up will be featured in the call to action block?

    Can’t wait to see this come to life.

  6. awesome.. I’m excited for the redesign!

  7. I think everyone will like the last one… out of the three, I think it’s the best. But, I think it’s looks very busy – like, a lot of things going on at once. Maybe it’ll look different when actual content is placed in the TBD areas.

    But yes, #3 gets my vote.

  8. D’oh .. all the same! Nice work overall then!

  9. Looks great, like a grown up website and everything.

  10. hmm the third teplate (screenshot) + the first green (screenshot) scheme will be awsome 🙂