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15 Little Life Hacks

Really bad feedback I have received

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“We love your site but the name ‘I Will Teach You To Be Rich’ is over the top. If you were to change it, we would be happy to fly you out to speak at our company.”


“ is too long of a name. No one will ever remember it.”

“College students already have economics classes and education through their banks.”

“Make sure your articles are short. Nobody reads long blog posts.”

The solution? Find the people you trust, the ones who’ve done it before. Ask them what they think and listen hard. And then ignore everybody else.

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  1. Maybe I am in the minority, but my eyes tend to glaze over the very small blog posts. I tend to only “read” the ones that have any substance at all.

    I certainly only remember the posts that are over a few hundred words…

  2. What I’m wondering is how much actual financial wisdom you’d ever be able to impart in a short post? Nobody’s going to follow advice without explanation, and the explanation for why many of your pieces of advice are financially sound is a long one.

    Making short posts seems like a good way to kill your own blog. Good thing you’re ignoring it.

  3. I honestly don’t care to read posts over 50 words long. it’s just too much for my feeble mind to grasp. Also, please change your website URL to (that’s “i will teach you to get rich” abbreviated) that would be much easier to remember.

    thank you,
    -mindless drone/mainstream media whore/unintelligent wanker

  4. only short vapid post from now on! The best way to get a short URL is to horrible misspell a word or just pick random letters. I see GAFGFG.COM is now available! ho can you pass that up!

  5. What a joke this person/company is. First of all there are no personal finance classes in college. In economics I learn what GDP is, not what a stock broker is. All my bank has taught me is that if I overdraft my account I will get charged $33.00

    You also have mentioned several times why you chose the URL for your website, it isn’t too long to type in unless you are using hunt and peck, and its easy to remember.

    Short articles are good occasionally because it might get people to start reading your site that don’t normally because they can’t sit still for more than 30 seconds to read a blog.

    Oh one thing though Ramit, you should probably change your name to something more Americanized, then I would be willing to have you come and speak to my University.

  6. I have to second the idea that the longer posts are definitely the most worthwhile to a reader trying to learn and grasp something new. Also, in terms of having a long name, in today’s day and age most people I know use bookmarks so the length of the name doesn’t matter.

  7. If somebody truly wants to be rich than they shouldn’t have a problem with the name of your site. In order for anybody to be successful they have to be knowledgeable. So, I say keep up the good work.

  8. Okay, I’ll fess up.
    Everytime I go to this blog from a different computer,
    I have to google “Ramit”,
    go to your personal site
    and then link back.

    Can never remember the actual title of this blog.

    As for length,
    I don’t mind longer posts as long as they’re broken up with sub titles.
    That way if I grasp a concept fully, I can skip down to the next one.

  9. I especially like this gem:

    “College students already have economics classes and education through their banks.”

    In other words, don’t be proactive, others will take care of your education for you.

    And “”
    is long, but the freaking blog is called “I will teach you to be rich” how hard is that to remember??

  10. Your site rocks. I remember your domain with ease … because it’s something that summarizes everything I want with my life — rich in finances, rich in experience, rich in family blessings. I’m going to be teaching a class on personal finance, and your site is going to be at the top on the list of online resources that I talk about.