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Quick reminder: My book is $2.24 for the next few days

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Quick reminder…

For the next few days, my publisher is running a promotion so the digital version of book, which took me 2 painstaking years of near-suicide to write, is less than $3. Read it on your computer, iPhone, iPad or Kindle for $2.24. Or on your Nook for $2.99.

I Will Teach You To Be Rich

See the results people got from using my book here

The promo price is the lowest it’s ever been — I don’t usually do discounts or sales, so this is pretty unusual for any of my material — and ends in a few days.

What do you get in the book?
– The word-for-word script on how to negotiate your way out of a late payment on your credit card (pg 24)
– How to pay off debt — whether it’s student-loan debt or credit-card debt — using mathematical and psychological strategies (pg 350)
– My rapier wit (every page)
– The surprising perks of your credit card, including automatic warranty doubling, purchase protection (if you spill coffee on your new laptop, like I did), and concierge services (pg 31)
– The 6 Commandments of Credit Cards (pg 22)
– The little-known technique to improve your credit — if you have no debt (pg 23)
– The script for increasing your credit limit (pg 28) could improve your credit score and save you tens of thousands of dollars when you go to buy a house. Let’s say that’s worth $100.
– My step-by-step instructions on how to automate your finances should conservatively earn you over $100,000 over your lifetime — if you are an illiterate, half-blind, one-legged pirate who doesn’t even do exactly what I say.
– A simple investing solution that outperforms the vast majority of investors (I use that term carefully) year after year (pg 177)
– My exhaustive research on the very best savings, checking, and credit card accounts — the ones that I use — so you don’t have to re-invent the wheel (pg 52)
– Insults of people I waited years to get back in a New York Times best-selling book (misc pages)
– The word-for-word script to negotiate out of overdraft fees (pg 65)
– The Ladder of Personal Finance: Where your money should go (pg 76). This alone will easily pay for the book 100x over.
– When to use your 401(k), Roth IRA, and more — step by step (pg 77)
– What to do if you’ve maxed out all your retirement accounts (pg 89)
– Why I LOVE people who spend $5,000/year on shoes and $21,000/year going out — if they use Conscious Spending (pg 91)
– Use psychology against yourself to save (pg 100)
– Hilarious stories about my Indian immigrant parents (many)
– How much should I be spending on entertainment? Food? Rent? I have the specific numbers for you (pg 104)
– The Two-Headed Savings Approach to save hundreds/month — without worrying about saving a few bucks on morning latte, as so many “experts” recommend (pg 111)
– How to spend only 3 hrs/month managing your money. If fully optimized, you can cut this down to less than 1 hr/month (pg 128)
– Use my automation system to completely automate all your money — including which account should transfer to which other account — and when. All fully detailed out day by day (pg 131)
– How to “link” your accounts so they transfer to the right place, at the right time — automatically (pg 132)
– Master the sneaky marketing tricks that financial companies use to trick you. – – An entire chapter where I systematically demolish financial “experts” using their own data (pg 143)
– Do you need a financial adviser? Here are the questions to ask (pg 153)
– The simplest diagram on investing you’ll ever see (pg 167)
– Where should you be investing? (pg 180)
– So you want to invest on your own…what do you need to know? (pg 188)
– The one thing you need to know about taxes — and the worthless “noise” you can ignore (pg 205)
– Student loans: Pay them down or invest? (pg 220)
– Should you let your parents manage your money? And how do you help parents who are in severe debt? (pg 222)
– The word-for-word script to talk about money with your girlfriend or boyfriend without being a huge weirdo (pg 225)
– The $28,000 reason we’re all hypocrites about our wedding — and the surprising numbers behind it (pg 229)
– How to negotiate your salary — plus a case study on Rachel, who secured a 28% raise using my techniques (pg 234)
– A fresh perspective on buying a car (pg 244 — how I saved thousands buying mine), buying a house (250 — these numbers will astonish you)
…and far more

If you buy it, forward your receipt to and I’ll send you a bunch of special bonuses only for people who buy my book.

Buy the book
This $2.24 sale is a promotional price only valid for the next few days. If you haven’t picked up a copy — if you just want a digital reference — grab it on Amazon before the price goes back up. You can also get it on the Nook for $2.99 — limited time only. Enjoy : )

P.S. When I surveyed thousands of readers who hadn’t bought my book, the #1 reason they listed for not buying was, “I haven’t gotten around to it yet.”

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  1. Nearly bought the book before finding out it’s not available in the UK. Are you planning to release it here as well?

  2. Amazon is telling me it’s not available for customers in Australia. Damn. We want to be rich too! 🙂

  3. Not for sale at all in Asia & Pacific.

  4. hmmm… looks like i need to find my nook… and brush the dust off of it..

  5. Its not on sale on I tunes

  6. I just got this and haven’t gotten very far but I did want to note that not all secured cards mature into unsecured cards. I made this mistake and ended up with a secured card that had 0 intentions of maturing – even after I called and asked. I’m sure that is a new concept but just FYI – since I doubt you’re out there shopping for secured cards.

  7. Finally bought the book!!! Now, off to set up some behavioral cues to encourage reading…and taking action…

  8. Wow thank you. I just bought it!

  9. […] Source Post | Purchase on Amazon | Purchase on B&N /* Featured, Finance Joe Gus […]

  10. Hey Ramit,

    I bought your book the year it came out and absolutely loved it. It contains very practical advice.

    I understand that your target audience for the book was 20-somethings, but I would be very interested to read your advice for the 30- and 40-somethings – i.e., Those people who have a steady career and just begun a family. Even your current target audience of 20-somethings is not going to remain 20-something forever, right?