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15 Little Life Hacks

Quick favor for my birthday?

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I turn 31 this weekend, and I was thinking about all the cool things that happened in the last year.

In the last year, I got to build an amazing team behind IWT that’s helped us grow explosively and help millions of people live richer lives…without cutting back on their lattes.

I got to take incredible trips:

This is me in a Black Hawk helicopter

But best of all is getting to test my psychological chops with the most formidable opponent of all: an Indian mom who’s dead-set on getting me married.

In the last few months, I’ve stalled her (“I have to focus on my career”), bewildered her (“How do you know I want to marry…long pause…a GIRL?”), and even bet her $1,001 on who I will NOT marry. Yes, my Indian mother seriously bet me money — the first bet she’s ever made.

But the thing I’m most proud of is the results the IWT community has achieved. In fact, I now have 2 people on my “testimonial” team, whose entire job is to manage success stories like these.

I love it because 10 years ago, I could have never done what I do. But today, we can work on living a rich life together.

So it’s funny that every year, when my family asks me what I want for my birthday, I never have a good answer. The truth is, I have everything I need.

But I will ask one thing from you:

All I want to know is, how has I Will Teach You To Be Rich helped you?

For my birthday, will you share one specific thing that I Will Teach You To Be Rich has helped you to do? Maybe it was paying off your debt, earning more money, or finding a Dream Job. Maybe it was handling money better with your partner. Or even mastering your own inner psychology. All I ask is you get as specific as possible!

I would love to know, and it would make my day. Just leave a comment below.

And, as always, thanks for reading.



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  1. Helped my husband (unemployed and underemployed for about 8 years) find an awesome 6 figure job! Priceless 🙂

  2. The best thing I’ve applied from your material is getting all my bills lined up to be paid together at a predictable time every month. Stress levels dropped from having a well defined schedule and I get a warm fuzzy feeling from watching my fat bank account balance the other 3 weeks of the month!

  3. Ramit, your fantastic subscriber newsletters taught me how to focus on the job skills I wanted to use, craft a killer resume, nail the interview, and get hired in a professional job outside my field after 5 years as a stay at home mom. To put it mildly, you are the bomb-diggity. Happy birthday!

  4. Happy birthday! Hope it’s a wonderful year from you.

    I’m a SAHM (a 2yo, 4yo and one on the way) and have no interest in launching a business for myself right now. However, I’ve used a lot of your advice from your book for just managing our family’s finances.

    For instance, your automation techniques? Gold. Saves so much time and it works.

    Though your ideas are primarily geared toward people working for themselves, I’m trying to see if I can broaden some things to fit my life today.

    p.s., celebrate with a Taco Bell Mexican pizza! I triple dog dare ya.

  5. HBD! I learned a lot thanks to you, mostly about human psychology. I had the basics of finance already but it is impressive to see how with just a few triggers you can change people’s behavior, get them to pay you more, hire you out of 10,000 contractors, and so on. Thank you for that.

  6. IWTYTBR has helped me setup a financial system. You also introduced me to BJ Fogg so you get some of the credit for my new tiny habits. I’ve learned how to Negotiate through No-Stress Negotiation. I had a successful negotiation with my boss and am taking on new projects (that will result in increased pay).

  7. You’ve taught me that paying off my credit card debt is vital, but use the leverage the credit cards give me in order to reap the rewards that they’re baiting us all with.

  8. Your book saved me HUGE over the years. It has been the best investment to date yet! One of my proudest uses from your book was when I got my current 29k in person, $16k internet price vehicle knocked down to 12k after running my last car into the ground (literally was worried about the check engine light popping on again at the dealership) I made the sales person, and his boss, sweat

    Thanks again for the advise you give, and Happy Birthday

  9. Rose Dela Cruz Link to this comment

    Hi Ramit, you have helped me a lot in realizing and reminding myself to never forget what I really want in life. I’ve always wanted to study and live in Italy for at least a month, and ever since I picked up your book and subscribed to your website, I think I’ve gotten closer to achieving it. I’ve always thought that I need to wait to pay off my student loan first, and this has held me back, but your advice about paying it off aggressively, and getting a credit card that gives travel rewards, are helping me realize that no, my dream is achievable and I don’t have to wait for too long. There are a lot more things I need to do, yes, but at least I’m on my way there.

  10. Automate my finances, negotiate credit card interest rate from 12.99% to 6.5%, and I will be using the briefcase technique today when I speak to the CEO of a new debt management company.

    Thanks Ramit, Happy Birthday!