PBwiki is hiring a support manager and you might be perfect

Ramit Sethi · September 26th, 2007

[Edit]: Quick link for the job description is here.

PBwiki has been growing! Now we’re hiring someone special to design our technical-support strategy and manage a support team of four.

A caricature of me that scares women and young children. See the rest of the PBwiki team here.

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If you have experience with online communities and/or technical support and want to work for a rapidly growing startup (I’m a co-founder), please read on. PBwiki hosts over 300,000 collaborative communities of business, educational, and individual users.

The job description is here. But since I’m just casually writing about this on my personal blog (uhh), I’ll let you in on what we don’t say in the job description.

We’re looking for a superstar. Someone who has the initiative to take on a project from beginning to completion. That means you’ll be given an overarching goal (“Make the support system better!”) and then you’ll be off running. PBwiki hosted millions of pages last month, so you’ll be responsible for setting up a system to manage increasing amounts of inquiries. You’ll be responsible for managing a distributed team of four and helping our users get the right answer, right away. And you’ll be on the front lines of PBwiki, telling our entire team what our users are saying and how we can improve our product. You would be employee #9.

Previously, I wrote about how PBwiki raised $2 million in venture financing. Now we’re looking for a superstar to lead our support efforts. I’ll give you an example: About a year ago, we hired a new employee, Emily, to help with paperwork and to manage our office. Just a few months later, we promoted her to Project Manager and Controller. She now manages all of our finances. We’re looking for that with our support manager!

If you have experience in technical support and communities, take a look at the job description. Relocation to our San Bruno offices (near SFO) is an option for extraordinary candidates.

The job description and contact information are here. If you’re interested, I’d love to hear from you.

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  1. I’m spreading the word! I know some highly savvy professionals that fit this description but unfortunately they’re all happy with where they are…

    Anyway…thought I’d let you know and post on your site for the first time! 🙂

  2. My, that’s a well-written job description on the PBWiki site. Makes me want to apply hahah. However, I’m also happy where I am right now heh. Nice to see those recruiting skills in action from the master himself. ;o) BTW, more than halfway through the book and noticed much of the material is also great for recruiting for campus orgs or for teams/committees within orgs.

  3. I have quite a bit of experience in this type of thing. I sent you guys an email. I’m glad to see is doing well.

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