Lol, thanks for the advice

Bahahaha...look at this email I got from a nice lady named Cathy: More nutty reader emails on   Weird that she didn’t reply with her measurements... If there’s one thing I’ve learned about life, it’s that everyone is happy to give you advice. But how do you know when to take the ...

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How to read body language (and improve your own)

There are tons of articles out there telling you how to read body language. From Psychology Today to Business Insider, they give you tips on how to read someone’s face and posture, but they all seem to miss one key thing.   No one wants to read body language just for the hell of it! You want to know ...

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“Why don’t babies in Asia cry?”

When I took a vacation to Asia, I noticed something amazing: There were NO KIDS CRYING ANYWHERE. Nowhere, not even in outdoor markets with 105-degree heat. Finally, after 2 weeks of traveling around, I asked on Twitter if anyone knew why. Somebody replied that when she lived in Japan, she once asked a mother what she does when her baby ...

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Ramit learns to dance

Confession: In high school, realizing I was an awkward guy, I asked my friend Christina to teach me how to dance. She took pity on me, put on some Blackstreet, and showed me how to dance one-on-one in her room. I don’t know how girls learn to dance, but guys aren’t magically born with the ability to grind. ...

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I should teach this class

My dream is to teach this class:   I would teach people how to eat spicy food. Pepper demand would soar. Chefs would rejoice. I would never wait for a Manhattan restaurant reservation again. And The New York Times would put me on A1: “Indian entrepreneur teaches white people the joy of eating spicy food.” Unfortunately, there’s just one ...

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IWT’s 11-year anniversary

One of my fantasies predictably starts with food. I’ve just finished a hard workout, and I’m sitting in my gym eating a burrito w/ double chicken. As I get up and start to walk out, there’s a massive meathead bench-pressing 320 on my left. He’s mid-set and suddenly, he gets stuck and starts groaning really loudly. ...