Ramit learns to dance

Confession: In high school, realizing I was an awkward guy, I asked my friend Christina to teach me how to dance. She took pity on me, put on some Blackstreet, and showed me how to dance one-on-one in her room. I don’t know how girls learn to dance, but guys aren’t magically born with the ability to grind. ...

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I should teach this class

My dream is to teach this class:   I would teach people how to eat spicy food. Pepper demand would soar. Chefs would rejoice. I would never wait for a Manhattan restaurant reservation again. And The New York Times would put me on A1: “Indian entrepreneur teaches white people the joy of eating spicy food.” Unfortunately, there’s just one ...

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IWT’s 11-year anniversary

One of my fantasies predictably starts with food. I’ve just finished a hard workout, and I’m sitting in my gym eating a burrito w/ double chicken. As I get up and start to walk out, there’s a massive meathead bench-pressing 320 on my left. He’s mid-set and suddenly, he gets stuck and starts groaning really loudly. ...

How to nail any phone interview

  Interviewing is hard. One of the few ways to make it even harder is to make it a phone interview. In person, you can read and respond to all of the interviewer's physical cues, but on the phone you're often left to guess if they're engaged in what you have to say or busy checking their inbox while you ...

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How to choose a career that you’ll love

Q: How do most people choose a career? A: They don't. They stumble into a job after college, take whatever they can get, then follow one of the few paths available from that random job. No wonder most people are frustrated in their careers.   Of course, if you ask for advice on how to choose a new or better ...

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Instant creativity with Brian Koppelman

Yesterday we talked about creativity and the myth of "The Great Idea." Today, I want to go even deeper and show you how you can build a system to unleash your creativity anytime you need it. I’m going to do that by introducing you to someone whose work you may be very familiar with (even if you don’t ...

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