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How to create explosive growth in all areas of your life

Yesterday, we talked about “inspiration junkies” who look for pretty pictures and inspirational quotes instead of actually doing anything to improve their situation. Today, we’re going to go deeper. All I ask is that you take ONE action after reading this post. Otherwise, I swear I’m going to take a black marker, write words like “energy,” “spirit,” and “...

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When your goal is overwhelming

Years ago, I actually hired a firm to help with social media. They posted those stupid inspirational quoteboard pictures, saying things like “If you dream it, you can do it.” Or: When I logged on and saw that picture, I almost threw my laptop out of my window. Can you imagine me ever saying anything like that? After I explained ...

How to give advice without being a jerk

I have a feeling I'm going to be really bad at dying. Here’s my plan: In my old age, about a year before I die, I'll start joking to my kids about what my last words should be. They'll get really mad and sad and shift uncomfortably in their chair because, really, who wants to talk about their dad ...

Is this the most annoying question in the world?

Who asks this question, one of the most annoying ones in the world? “What are your credentials?” Person 1: Someone who’s skeptical of your abilities, so they ask this as a prelude to condescendingly laughing at you. Person 2: YOU DO IT TO YOURSELF! How many times have you talked yourself out of applying for an opportunity because you ...

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When we settle on Big Things (like our relationships/jobs)

If you want to see how people have settled in life, read on. “I settled for a passive/aggressive relationship…” “I always wish I met more girls…” “At first it seemed great... Now it’s SEVEN years later...” First of all, let’s all stop and realize one thing: WE ALL SETTLE. It’s a normal part of life, and ...

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When did you get used to settling?

Who here has settled for something? Your job? Been taken advantage of when you bought a car? Your husband or wife? The word "settle" is a totally loaded term in our culture. For example, how many women have friends who say, "Don't settle! It's better to be alone than to be unhappy with someone." We accept that as true...but ...