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The Progression Principle: From $4.95 to $15,000 in a single day

Like a burlesque dancer, I’m going to pull down my thigh-highs just another inch so you can get a peek. In this year of MORE, I’ve been showing you how to create an online business -- even if you don’t have an idea yet or don’t know how to scale from $50 to $25,000. Earlier ...

The math behind a million-dollar business

I never thought my blog would generate a million dollars. In fact, the first time it happened, I didn’t even know. One of my team members emailed me in the middle of the night and attached this image: Click “Display Images” for the actual email   I had no idea. When I was writing today's post, my co-workers were ...

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Your turn: Analyze these businesses

OK, let's roll up our sleeves. Two days ago, I wrote one of my favorite posts of all time: Win Win Win. And since starting this series on 2015 being the year of MORE, I’ve gotten thousands of emails about how inspired you are. I suddenly realized what life coaches must feel like. When you talk about getting more, ...

Win Win Win

A few years ago, a reporter from Fortune Magazine followed me around for several months and wrote a 6-page profile on me. (If you’re curious, you can find that profile here.) How did this happen? Why did a national reporter decide to write a massive article in Fortune Magazine about me? Was it my dashing good looks? My charming ...

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“I think I’m trying to do too much”

About 3 years ago, I stopped and looked around and realized I was trying to do way too much. I know a lot of online people build moats around themselves so they never have to hear from their readers (“noreply” email addresses, assistants to screen messages, etc). But I always preferred to read my own emails and respond to them, ...

How I spent over $50,000 on luxury services last year

Now THIS is interesting. On Monday, I wrote a massive post about how we’re going to get MORE in 2015. Hundreds of comments said, HELL YA RAMIT, I WANT MORE! Then, yesterday, I decided to get a little more specific about what “more” actually means to you. All of a sudden, things changed. Look at this email I got ...

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