Oooh, Wired and I think the same about subscriptions

A little while ago, I wrote an article about the unbelievable amount we spend on subscriptions every month. $30/month for Internet $50/month for cell phone $40/month for cable TV (more…)

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More thinking about why you want to be rich

Nobody should want to be rich just for the money. Here's a great quote from Tim Sanders in his new book, The Likeability Factor. Success has been redefined. My grandmother, a product of the Great Depression, raised me to value a lifetime of financial security in which I would never lose my home and could afford to send my kids ...

How dumb people save

Of all the auto-related economy moves, premium vs regular gas is one of the least important! --Jonathan S. A little while ago, Jonathan sent me a long email telling me why he disagreed with me. We went back and forth, but one his points really stuck with me--saving on little things may help you feel better, but it often does ...

Hybrid cars don’t save you money. Do the math!

This is a guest post by Ian Ybarra. Don’t lie to me, you hybrid lover. If you buy a hybrid car, say you’re doing it for the environment. Say you’re doing it to be cool like some tree-hugging celebrities you read about in US Weekly. Hell, say it because you can get it in ...

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Email: What to do about employer-sponsored stock purchase?

My friend works in a fancy New York consulting company and wrote me this the other day. She was asking about employer-sponsored stock-purchase plans, which are basically when your employer lets you buy their stock for a discount. It was a calm morning until I read this email and started throwing things around my room in disgust. (more…)

Survey results

I've been going over the survey responses. Thanks to all of the ideas, I'm going to be improving the site with some very cool stuff in the next few weeks and months. Here's a quick overview of the stats: (more…)

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