Ok, I just moved into a new place so I had to buy food. This is after a long vacation where my mom asked me what I wanted to eat every morning and cooked gourmet food for every meal. So I went to the grocery store to get set up. I watched with mounting horror as the checker rang my ...

The Carnival of Personal Finance is here!

I'm happy to host the Carnival of Personal Finance this week. To remind you, this is where we collect the best of personal-finance articles from around the Internet (read more about it here). Check out all the great articles below by bloggers, journalists, and others! Thanks to everyone for submitting entries. Phil Town is totally write about our unhealthy obsession ...

Reminder: Submit your Carnival entries

Be sure to submit your personal-finance entries to the Carnival of Personal Finance! I'm hosting it this week. Here's how it works: Send me the top 2 or 3 personal-finance articles you've seen around. (If you're a blogger, it's ok to send your own.) Deadline is Monday, July 18th at 10am. I'll pick the best and feature them on Monday!

A quick fundamental analysis on commoditization

I'm going to go over a quick fundamental analysis I did a while ago. This covers commodity products, but hopefully the example is broad enough to get you thinking about the right/wrong way to think about simple investment analysis. I'll use Nokia as an example. (more…)

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The Tiger 21 Club

Ian sent me a link to an old Fortune article about the Tiger 21, an "exclusive investment club." I don't know if I like the idea or not, but the article made me think. The Best Therapy $10 Million Can Buy (PDF file)

WSJ: Sell employer-discounted stock for a quick buck

The WSJ wrote an article about employer-sponsored stock purchases (i.e., when you get an employee discount to buy shares of your own company). Here's what they had to say: (more…)