The warmer side of personal finance

Why do you want to be rich? Probably one of my favorite articles of all time. There's even a followup. Am I just writing all of this for no good reason? Or are you actually taking some action after reading? Here's a big fear I have of this site. That's it! I'll be back from vacation soon...

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Some basics on investing

Let's get right into it today. If your employer lets you buy company stock at a discounted price, that's cool. So what's the big deal? When do you sell a stock? Some words on asset allocation, diversification, and your failure to manifest your education. Good god I should be a rapper. Active funds vs. passive funds

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Logistics of spending and saving

Pretend last week was an average week for you. How much did you spend? Seriously...take a second. Ok. Whatever you just said, sorry, but you're wrong. And there's a reason for that. We're cognitively not wired to properly amortize our spending over long periods of time. See, you didn't properly take into account the $500 you spent on Christmas ...

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All about…

I love when some brand-new artist has been singing for like 2 years and already has a Best Of album. Sort of like this!!! So play along for the ride this week. Let's all take a deep breath and remember back to some of the first posts on this blog. All about stocks and bonds, in which I write generally ...

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I’ll be away for a few days

Thanks to Owen for his real-estate articles! I learned a bunch. I'll be on vacation for a few days, but I've scheduled some posts to go up while I'm gone.

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The week in review (real estate)

This is a guest post by Owen Johnson. Part 7 in a series of 7 on real estate. THE WEEKLONG SERIES OF REAL ESTATE BASICS 1. The Real Scoop on Real Estate 2. Starting Down the Real Estate Investment Path 3. The Transaction Mechanics 4. A Primer on Real Estate Agency 5. Leveraging Yourself to Grow Your Wealth 6. Management ...