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No Good Can Come of This

I bet my friend is going to be very unhappy soon. This is a story about her, but first let me tell you a story about my company's board of directors. We had an exciting deal and we were feeling good. But when we took it to our board members for their advice--they're entrepreneurs with much more experience than we ...

Your Financial Makeover, Step #2: Budgeting and Saving

Ok, let's do this. This is part 2 of the 2006 financial makeover (see step 1), where you take control of your money. By the time we're done, you'll have 2 things: 1. An infrastructure of budgeting and saving. This will let you make conscious decisions about your money, rather than opening your statements at the end of the month ...

Some comments from last week

Last week's post produced over 30 comments from readers. My favorite: For everyone who is saying they are stressed or worried they might lose money investing, this week is not about WHERE to invest your money. This biggest hurdle you can overcome is just getting started. Don't let irrelevant details get in your way. Dont worry about index funds or ...

2006 Makeover, Step #1: Get your accounts in order

Last week I wrote an article about getting your finances organized for 2006: I'm going to kick some personal-finance ass--yours. Today we're going to start 2006 off by getting your money organized. Here's the deal: We'll begin step-by-step, starting with your spending (where are you spending money?), getting your accounts straightened out (are you paying fees?), and getting ready to ...

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An entrepreneurial opportunity — check this out

My friend Chris Yeh is recruiting "aggressive, entrepreneurial writers and marketers for a new venture." Chris is the real deal (Stanford/Harvard MBA) and totally entrepreneurial. Definitely check this out. Shhhh...Writers & Marketers Wanted For Founding Team Of A Secret Project Update: Chris tells me the deadline to apply is tomorrow (Wednesday, January 11)

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