A quick fundamental analysis on commoditization

I'm going to go over a quick fundamental analysis I did a while ago. This covers commodity products, but hopefully the example is broad enough to get you thinking about the right/wrong way to think about simple investment analysis. I'll use Nokia as an example. (more…)

The Tiger 21 Club

Ian sent me a link to an old Fortune article about the Tiger 21, an "exclusive investment club." I don't know if I like the idea or not, but the article made me think. The Best Therapy $10 Million Can Buy (PDF file)

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WSJ: Sell employer-discounted stock for a quick buck

The WSJ wrote an article about employer-sponsored stock purchases (i.e., when you get an employee discount to buy shares of your own company). Here's what they had to say: (more…)

Email: Should you pay for personal-finance advice?

My friend JRK writes in asking if it's worth it to pay for newsletter subscriptions. (more…)

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Look how Wired gets subscription renewals

A bullshit tactic by an otherwise decent magazine: In May, McMillan received a letter from North Shore Agency, a leading debt-collection firm. The letter, headed "Please Respond," said he owed $12 for his Wired subscription. "Our objective is to clear your bill quickly and fairly," it said. "Your payment will reinstate your subscription." (...) Said another: "Talk about a low way ...

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