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Examples of failures of the last mile

Yesterday I wrote about The Failure of the Last Mile, and some of my friends were nice enough to send me examples they thought of. If you can think of any, add yours as a comment. Companies put you on hold "Cellphone companies, banks, DSL providers, spend a ton of money on marketing but then put you on hold for ...

RSS feeds are messed up

I know they're messed up, and am trying to fix now. Thanks.

The Failure of the Last Mile

There was a girl I knew in college (let's call her Michelle). She spent most of early 2005 planning a fundraising event for a group she founded. She spent months organizing the catering, the entertainment, and the venue. She got RSVP confirmations MONTHS in advance. All told, she spent countless hours planning the event. So why was the turnout only ...

Excerpts from Warren Buffet’s 2005 letter to shareholders

There's no one better to learn about long-term investing from than Warren Buffet. As usual, his 2005 letter to shareholders tells the straight-up truth. What a novel concept--being honest about where you made and lost money to your shareholders! WARREN WHERE DID YOU LEARN THAT?! Excerpts from his 2005 letter to shareholders (PDF): On moving quickly "Forest River, our second ...

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Probably one of the best comments this site has ever gotten

Don't forget to read the comments on this site. This one (from this post) was so good that I had to post it here: Grayden writes: One thing that might be worth talking about as part of the Financial Makeover is being realistic about housing, transportation, and lifestyle. A lot of people get a bit crazy with spending when they ...

Graphic designers, check this out

I was really stunned by this photo (taken from I have some ideas for a similar series on personal-finance. If you're a graphic designer and this sounds interesting, let me know (please send your sites/portfolio, too).