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Dumb: “Don’t invest; you can’t beat the pros”

My oh my, I have heard this idea many times. I was giving my finance talk at Intel last month, and afterwards, one of the employees and I started chatting. He told me about his uncle, who had built some kind of technology firm and sold it for $100 million. Obviously a smart guy, no doubt about it. But then ...

“Being poor is…”

I don't have really anything to add to this article. It's provocative and surprising and shocking: Check out the comments, too.

Donate to the Red Cross–here’s how

Even $10 helps. It doesn't take long, either. Donate now:

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Are you being hella stupid?

I'm working feverishly on an entirely new series on entrepreneurship. Before I launch that, here's a related article that caught my attention. Remember those recent auto ads about employee pricing that flooded the market recently? The ones about "Buy it for same the price we pay"? General Motors lost an average of $1,227 for each vehicle in the first ...

Here’s how I set up my financial accounts

Ok today I'm going to break down how I've structured my bank accounts. If only that sounded cooler. Anyway, I have 3 main accounts: 1. Wells Fargo Checking account: This is like the inbox of my financial infrastructure--it's where I deposit everything first, then sort it out. My checking account earns no interest, so I move it stuff out of ...