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How this guy can get people to read his emails

I send millions of emails a month. I also publish blog posts. Why do people read them? Today, a counterintuitive insight into one of the principles we use at IWT to get outstanding results with our emails and blog posts. You can use this for your own emails, too. Recently, one of my readers sent along a link he thought ...

Watch this 18-minute video on happiness

I have something cool for you today. I’m sharing part of my video interview session with Gretchen Rubin, the New York Times bestselling author of “The Happiness Project.” She’s one of the leaders on the psychology of happiness and an expert at how to transform your life by building small habits that last. And as someone who used ...

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From no idea to an online business — here’s what I learned

I hope you had a relaxing weekend, because this week, we’re going back to school. In this email, I’ll show you the exact steps I took to go from a blog in my college dorm room to my first sale ($4.95) to a multi-million-dollar business that lets me work from anywhere in the world. Below, I’ve ...

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I don’t think I’m employable any more

I realized I had a problem when I was thinking of taking a 2-week vacation years ago. I started to get really mad just THINKING about how the conversation was going to go with my boss. This was all in my head: Ramit: “I’m planning to take a 2-week vacation at the end of June. I’ll make sure ...

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How to start on your bucket list this year

This was my view from Barbados a week ago. One of the things I always wanted to do was get a beach house where a bunch of my friends and I could all stay, drink, eat, and swim in the pool or jump in the ocean. In Barbados, I continued on with my life of never cooking as, every morning, ...

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What’s on your bucket list?

I don’t know about you, but I never really knew what to say when people asked me what was on my bucket list (if you haven’t heard the phrase before, a “bucket list” is a list of things you want to do before you die). Common bucket list items: Go skydiving Live in Paris Compete in a triathlon ...