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15 Little Life Hacks

Now that’s long term

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My parents celebrated their 31st anniversary yesterday.

I thought about that for a while and a few things came to mind. “They made the ultimate investment!” “What a long-term horizon!” And other dorky things. But I think my mom put it better than I ever could have when I asked her how she did it. “You just don’t give yourself any choices,” she said. “You’re in it forever and you know that going in.”

Maybe when we talk about long-term investments and asset allocation and time horizons, we should step back and get the perspective of what it really means to be Rich. And despite all the magazines and all the TV shows and pundits that give us ideas of what we “should” be doing, sometimes the very best ideas come from right around us.

Happy anniversary, Mom and Dad.

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  1. Congratulations to your folks. What a great accomplishment. Hope they have many more years.

  2. Your Mom is right. Once I got married, that’s it.

  3. I love what your mother said about marriage! If more people had that perspective when walking down the aisle, there wouldn’t be as many divorces as there are today.

  4. I agree with your mother, in terms of long-term commitments – you don’t give yourself any choice.

    Thats exactly how I feel about my retirement savings. I refuse to be screwed when I am older, so I am going to start now. I put 7% of my income (my goal is to get up to 20%), and 50% of my Cafepress sales towards retirement/investment savings – without question. I act like it isn’t a choice, it’s something I must do, and I will sacrifice other things in order to make that savings payment.

    I’ve recommended this to all my friends, and one in particular always gives the excuse that she has too many other expenses, so she can’t afford it. She has her credit cards, business to start and a house she wants to buy. But… thats how life is. You’ll always have expenses in life. Thats why you have to treat retirement/investment savings as if it’s not a choice.

  5. happy anniversary to your mom n dad!

  6. This is great and great advice as it pertains to investments. Though there certainly are some people who should never be married/divorced, so it doesn’t always work applied in that context. I think having that attitude can help though.

  7. Ramit, very nice post.

    It’s good to step back every once in a while and reassess what is most important.

    Congratulations to your parents!

  8. tell i said happy anniversary..Ramit…thats one hell of a commit 31yrs…congratulations

  9. I’d like to add a point to ramit. Ideas not only come from around us, but from within us. Think of the times when u achieved success, think of the attitude you displayed to achieve, apply the same attitude during testing times, it sure helps overcome any failure. From my experience, i’ve realised that the more committed you are to your goal, you relate it to everything you come across, and some where from one of the most unexpected source, a brilliant idea pops up. This sort of commitment is what it takes for one to make it big. Cheers!