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Tonight, a live master class on hustling: How Noah Kagan turned a single cab ride into a $250,000+ payday

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Think back to college and that class where you studied a book you’d already read. “Ugh, I’ve already gone through this,” a lot of students said. But then, in the hands of a master professor, you saw the book in an entirely new light. Nuances, details, entire themes — a superb teacher can show you things you never noticed.

There’s nothing like hearing from a master teacher — especially when it comes to hustling.

So tonight, I invited my friend Noah Kagan — founder of Appsumo (great deals), formerly of Facebook, Mint, and Gambit — to share 3 stories of how he’s hustled to turn rejection into success, earn ridiculous amounts of money, and befriend hard-to-meet people.

Noah Kagan

This is a Master Class on hustling, including:

  • How he got rejected for the job…and still became employee #4 at Mint
  • How he turned a single cab ride into a $250,000+ payday
  • How he convinced a famous venture capitalist to give a $25,000 speech…for free

You’ll learn:

  • How to separate yourself from people who claim they want to hustle…but never take action
  • Techniques to turn anxiety into action — using online tools and psychological mindsets
  • A LIVE experiment where he’ll show you how easy it is to contact important people — and get a favorable response

Noah also recorded a Master Class for Earn1k, which is very expensive, but tonight I convinced him to offer this to my readers for free.

Details of tonight:

  • What: Noah will share 3 stories of hustling, psychological techniques, and then leave plenty of time for Q&A
  • When: Tonight (1/12) at 6pm PT (9pm ET)
  • Where: IMPORTANT: Sign up below to get the secret URL
  • Will it be recorded / waaaa I am in Europe / waaaa other excuse. Please don’t ask about recordings or rescheduling it. If the topics above are important to you, I trust you’ll find a way to be around tonight. Noah’s tips have been priceless to me and I’m asking him for a big favor to appear for you.

Here’s the link to attend:

(In addition to the webcast link, you’ll also get all-new material about hustling, psychology, earning more, and becoming a top performer):

(Can’t see the form? Click here to sign up for the webcast on hustling.)

P.S. Make sure you’ve added your best example of automating positive scripts by leaving a comment on Monday’s post. Remember, the best entry by tonight (1/12) gets an iPad and a 15-minute call with me.

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  1. Ramit–I assume you meant “will NOT be recorded”?

  2. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Ramit Sethi, jslade and others. jslade said: Tonight, a live master class on hustling: How Noah Kagan turned a single cab ride into a $250,000+ payday: Think… […]

  3. I keep seeing “Here’s the link to attend:” without a link! I’m a subscriber to your newsletter, but it’s not in the emails I’ve gotten either. I want to listen to this – can you send the link to me?

  4. ok I put my name & email address into the form on both your blog post and at the “can’t see this form?” page, and when I submit the new page is blocked by my company’s firewall. does signing up get me an email with the link, or was it on the page I can’t see? Thanks!

  5. Waaaaaaaaa…some of us really do want the info, but really, there’s no way way to be on the call live.

  6. Is he single? JK!!! Life is short, keep it light, and keep in mind:
    “SABKUCH MILEGA” = Anything Is Possible 😉
    See you’ll at f@#$ing 4am!!

  7. Not coming back... Link to this comment

    What..!? Some of us would love to attend but it’s just not possible. There’s no reason not to record it for us, and your response is waaaa!? That’s just too arrogant… Good luck with your site – it will surely continue it’s success with this kind of empathy.

    • I agree. I’ve been very into Ramit’s suggestions since I found his blog a month ago, and I’m halfway through his book, but this arrogance really rubs me the wrong way.

      People who really, truly live life to the fullest will naturally encounter difficulty changing plans with less than 8 hours notice.

      Ramit, whether or not it was your intention, I think that comment was offensive to the type of ambitious, passionate young adults that you seek to cultivate on this blog, with your book, and on Earn1K. For us, it isn’t simply a matter of turning off the TV – it’s cancelling meetings with mentors, backing out of community meetings, or just not checking our feed readers every hour on the hour.

    • Brutus Beefcake Link to this comment

      Way to focus on the important things. Do you want to make more money/handle your money better/lead a better life, or do you want someone you’ve never met be polite to you?

  8. I’m of two minds about the waaa comment: Agreed, if it’s important you can usually find a way to do what you want.

    However… my case, I work until 6 pm, then have to drive myself home, but first have to get groceries (yes, it *has* to be tonight because of my schedule and route this takes me closest to the store I need this week, which of course is maximzing my gasoline and time use……money-saving principles, are they not?).

    Perhaps if I had had 24 hours notice, I could have switched after work activities. Still, I cannot be home and in front of the computer until 7 pm PST on Wednesdays, and as I work for a doctor, my work schedule is NOT flexible.

    On the other hand, there are always opportunites via Ramit; perhaps I can particpate in something else.

  9. Do what’s most important to you. If it’s not this, it’s not this. There’s nothing particularly wrong with that. Be confident and purposeful in what you choose. Understand that when you make a choice, you don’t get to have the thing you didn’t choose. And be OK with that. As Mindy said, opportunities are everywhere.

    Or, you know, whine and pout and take your ball and go home.

    • It’s only wisdom when you take your own advice. That’s what I’ve been working on this week: not just knowing the answer, but using it. So far so good.

    • What the heck, Jason and Ramit. It’s not about being “purposeful,” it’s about people not being able to come close to optimizing well because the webcast wasn’t advertised with sufficient notice… and there’s no obviously good reason why it *wasn’t* advertised with more notice. If there really wasn’t a reason, then it’s just unnecessary waste. It’s like hiding all the good products in a store so most people can’t find them. Lame analogy, but the point is that it’s okay to be irritated when good opportunities are missed for no good reason.