New on IWT: Ramit answers your advanced questions

Ramit · March 29th, 2012

Seriously, who refers to themselves in the third person on a blog post. Anyway, a couple days ago, I ran a video of me ranting at a dumb question from one of my readers.

I’ve also done Q&As on my YouTube channel.

These damn things are so fun, I decided to do more. I’m starting a regular series where I’ll answer advanced questions about

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  • Personal finance
  • Earning more
  • Finding your Dream Job
  • Behavioral change / psychology
  • Monetization

I’ll share insights I’ve learned from testing, including field reports from my top students.

I’m looking for GREAT questions to answer. If you have something you’d like to see me answer, please submit your question here.

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  1. I have graduate degree and consider myself pretty ambitious AND lazy at the same time.
    – I have started blogs (that failed because I gave up after 2 weeks with no readers)
    – I have had many business ideas (but never pursued them beyond doing some online research)
    – I have lots of ideas about where I want to work (but never put actual steps towards getting a job there).

    Every time I have an idea, I get exited, but after a week or so I look for an excuse why it won’t work. So I just watch TV at night and postpone everything big “to next month”. I have wasted at least 3 years this way and feel awful about it.

    I feel like I know WHAT to do, but how do I motivate myself to go beyond just doing research in the safety of my home? How can I kick myself so hard I will ACTUALLY DO something and not give up before I have even really started?

  2. Michael Alexis

    Hey Nick

    Re: blogging, try making yourself accountable to someone else. One way is to schedule interviews like Andrew Warner does over at mixergy.

    Accountability may help your business ventures too – a paying customer waiting for you to deliver is great motivation. Customers are often the hard part (that you want to put off), so another way to stick to a project is invest in it. For me, $1000 was enough to keep my first real venture on track.

    A heads up: once you get going everybody and their brother will start offering you “opportunities” – don’t let yourself get distracted.


  3. Nicole Elmore

    Michael, great blog. I am excited to follow your video series.

    Nick, you have to find what motivates you. Either the idea itself has to be something that you are passionate about and are motivated to do or you have to find a motivator, such as paying $60,000 in school debt off in 24 months, which will make you WANT to stay up late every night and get up early and do something that will lead you to your goal.

    I have written a blog post that I think you would like: What Is Your “WHY”? – The Importance of Finding and Having a Purpose and Passion for Your Business

    Nicole Elmore

  4. Reading your book, thoroughly enjoying it. Couple questions: 1. My wife and I file taxes jointly, together we make 105k, can we both have an Roth IRA? 2. If we can, is is better to have one Roth and make max contributions or have two (one for me and one for her) and only make around 3k contributions each? Thanks for the advice.

  5. Jonathan@Friends and Money

    Love it, sounds like a great idea. Posting on youtube can be so much fun especially if you are responding to questions from your readers. Hope it all works out for you.

  6. Sri kumala Dewi

    I want to unsubcribe