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New mini-class: How to stop feeling guilty

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I’m throwing a free mini-class on how to stop feeling guilty.

And I’m doing it for a reason: The amount of emails I get from IWT readers who feel guilty is staggering. Like…

  • “My parents want me to be a doctor, but I hate pre-med…”
  • “Nothing I do makes my husband happy…”
  • “I tried everything…yo-yo dieting, the gym, Paleo/Atkins…but I always sabotage myself right when I start to succeed”

I have to admit something. When I was younger, I was really judgmental. In fact, look at one of my first posts, where I tell people that spending for 1-hour expedited photo processing is stupid.

No, Ramit, YOU’RE stupid for saying that. If someone wants to pay extra for an expedited service and it’s valuable to them, who are you to tell them not to?

Can you imagine me saying that now? Of course not. But getting from THERE (judgmental) to HERE (less judgmental, still working on it) took a long time.

Yet we still see people trying to make us feel guilty for so many things: Personal-finance “experts” tell us all the things we SHOULDN’T do. Our parents tell us we should do X or Y, and if we don’t, it’s guilt-trip city (special shout-out to Jewish and Asian/Indian moms, who are the world’s masters at guilt trips). Who else? Who else makes you feel guilty?

I recognized this in myself and wanted to change it. Why do you think I specifically talk about GUILT-FREE SPENDING in my IWT book?

Because so many of us felt guilty over actually wanting to spend money on the things we love. That’s why I’m so adamant about “guilt-free spending.” If you want to spend $500 on jeans, awesome — let me show you how.

This took a major psychological shift. And ultimately, I realized that the person who makes us feel guilty — more than anyone else — is usually OURSELVES.

Sure, your parents will tell you to do X. But they just want the best for you. And if you succeed using another path, 99.99% of them will be happy for you.

But what if you can’t satisfy YOURSELF? What if you endlessly deliberate over decisions…worrying about all the things that could go wrong…and guilt yourself into staying stuck? It’s like Guilt Quicksand: You want to get out, but you only stay stagnant.

I want to share some of the best ANTI-GUILT TECHNIQUES I’ve learned over the last few years. Not just on my own, but strategies I’ve tested with 100,000+ people.

Look, we’re not going to deny that guilt exists. It does, and it invisibly dictates so many of our decisions. But we’re going to acknowledge it and strip away its power.

If this is relevant to you, I want to invite you to attend a special mini-class that I’ll be teaching live next week:

How to Stop Feeling Guilty and Start Taking Action
Date: Tuesday, February 25th at 9pm ET (see local time)

You’ll learn:

  • How guilt works even without us knowing it — so you can recognize it and defeat it
  • Why we subconsciously label ourselves (“I’m lazy, out of shape, a mess”) and make ourselves feel worse — and how you can break free from this vicious cycle
  • What you can do right away to stop beating yourself up and boost your self-confidence
  • A system to find out what’s really making you feel guilty and discover the most effective way to change

Click here to save your spot.


P.S. No, this will not be recorded, not even if you live in Siberia, have 14 kids, or are on your 50th anniversary dinner. However, we may play a game where we see who can launch the BEST guilt trip of all time.

If you really can’t make it, but want me to send you some more information on dealing with guilt, click here.

Again, to attend the mini-class on conquering guilt, you must click here.

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