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New live webcast: “3 game-changing strategies for finding your dream job” (Wed night)

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If you want to skip ahead, this Wednesday night I’m giving a live webcast on new strategies to find your Dream Job. RSVP here.

Last week, I tweeted these 2 things:

“See how stupid my last tweet sounds? Kind of like online nerds who search endlessly for the latest productivity app”

Productivity nerds don’t like to hear this, but searching for the latest app probably won’t make you productive.

Engineers don’t like to hear this, but building yet another feature probably won’t help you with marketing.

And weight-loss people don’t like to hear this, but reading yet another diet book probably won’t help.

So why do we do it? Why do we ask our friends “What diet are you on?” or “Can you send me your recipes?”

Because it feels GOOD to debate tactical minutiae. Even if we don’t follow up on it.

It’s a fine balance between “fun” tactics and “high-level” strategies. I could sit here and teach strategic theory all day…but it would be boring, you would delete my emails, and I would want to kill myself.

Or I could teach tactics all day — like most internet jokers, writing Top 10 Lists of pointless fluff — and get nowhere.

This isn’t just about money or working out.

It’s also true in your career.

How many times have you heard someone say, “DEFINITELY NETWORK!! IT”S WHO YOU KNOW!!”

Or tell you to submit your resume everywhere?

Most people are stuck in tactical hell, so they give you tips like “make sure the font size is smaller on your resume.” And even the strategies they share — good ones, like the importance of networking — are so high-level and vague, they’re useless.

There’s a better way to take ALL the advice, all the things you’re doing…and put them into a systematic approach to finding a Dream Job. One that pays you what you’re worth and challenges you to become better.

I want to share some new material on finding your Dream Job — material you can use today.

This Wednesday, I’m giving a live webcast: “3 Game-Changing Strategies for Finding Your Dream Job.”

You’ll learn:

  • The mental barriers behind the most common excuses for not having a Dream Job (hint: random tactics won’t solve these)
  • Two simple but overlooked strategies for standing out to hiring managers
  • The exact words you can use to connect with VIPs looking for top performers — without coming across as sleazy or salesy

This event is free, but you do have to register to receive a private invitation:

Special notes:

  • I’m reserving time on this webinar for a live Q&A with attendees
  • I’ll be answering the best DJ questions and mercilessly mocking the worst
  • Also, I tested an interesting offer in my last webinar that the attendees loved. I’m going to do it again in this webinar. But ONLY people who register AND attend will hear about it.

Register here:



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