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New IWT series on Money & Relationships

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In May, we touched on a taboo subject: Money & Gender. It was interesting to watch people leave comments on money and relationships, an intensely personal topic. Some commenters were very wise, others had huge chips on their shoulders. All of them were entertaining.

For example, I wasn’t sure if this blog would still be standing after we talked about how much a man should spend on an engagement ring and whether or not smart women marry for money.

But we really only touched the tip of the iceberg.

I want to dive deeper this month and discuss money and relationships.

We can automate, optimize, and master personal finance, but the fact is that our partner’s financial habits will still have a huge impact on our lifestyles over the long term.

To kick things off, though, I’m starting a new series: “He Said / She Said”

I’m looking for couples to volunteer to anonymously share their monthly expenses and (separately and independently) answer a few questions about their spending.

All couples are welcome: dating, married, roommates, gay, straight, whatever.

I’ll share the most interesting responses on the blog.

Think of it like “Money Diaries” meets “The Newlywed Game”.

If you’re interested in participating — anonymously, of course — fill out this survey:

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5 Comments on "New IWT series on Money & Relationships"

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4 years 21 days ago

I know you say we say one thing and do another. Is this another proof of that statement? And do you offer marriage mediation to participants following the experiment? (It would be a kick if your folks would participate–anonymously, of course.)

4 years 21 days ago

I am very excited to see the results of this. Should highlight how perspective is everything.

Cherleen @ My Personal Finance Journey

This sounds interesting! I will be looking forward to hear the stories. I know there are couples out there who have different views on how to handle their finances and I would like to know how they manage their opposite opinions as well as what they do about it so that it will not ruin their relationship.

Ornella @ Moneylicious
4 years 8 days ago

Cherleen, that would be interesting if Ramit could conduct a study with his readership

Janet Evans
Janet Evans
1 month 22 days ago
Daniella, It really worked for me. My husband is back to me after four years of separation and I am happy now because God bless us with two kids. It was not really easy. Since I got married to him, I was abused and the love that has existed between us died. I could not take in for him. I gave him all that I have and yet he would beat me and throw me out of the house.Happiness departed from my life. You remember the whole problem I went through in his hands. And yet he left with another… Read more »