New experiment: I’ll pay your rent or mortgage for a month

Ramit Sethi

I’ll make this quick.

For one of you, I’ll send you a check for your next month’s rent or mortgage payment — free.

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No catches, no tricks. One of you will get a check for up to $2,001, free, directly from me.

Here’s why:

June month is BIG WINS Month at IWT.

Instead of so-called “expert” advice about how you should create your own detergent and de-activate the lightbulb in your oven to save energy (1.21 gigawats??), I’ve spent the last 8 years of this site focusing you on the Big Wins in life: negotiation, earning more, spending extravagantly on the things you love (while cutting mercilessly on the things you don’t), and finding your Dream Job.

So rather than guiltily struggling to save $3 on your daily coffee, then descending into a limitless pit of anguish and despair when your limited willpower cannot overcome your caffeine addiction, you can do a few things really well…and not worry about the rest.

For most of us, our rent/mortgage is our biggest single expenditure. Think about it: What would your biggest win be? How would optimizing that change your life?

Would it be negotiating $10,000 salary increase, like many of my readers have? Or earning $2,000/month on the side? Or automating your finances so you spend less than 1 hour/month on money?

When you think about this, it becomes clear that saving $2 and $3 here and there becomes largely irrelevant to living a rich life.

I’ve got a lot of great material on Big Wins coming your way this month. But first, I want to kick things off by giving one of you a Big Win…directly from me.

I’ll pick a winner on Mon Jun 18 and you’ll receive a check by the first week of July.

For one of you, let me pay your rent/mortgage. Here’s the link to sign up (free):


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  1. Jeff Burnett

    My wife is a teacher and is going back to school to get her Masters degree. This would be a big help!

  2. Ron

    Thanks for the chance to win, Everyone needs help with rent/mortgage. This extra money will be a good 1 year anniversary gift for me and my wife.

  3. Joy Mac

    My big win? When I’m in the position to build my own home, and am able to support my mother thus allowing her to retire – that would be my big win. How to get there? Well, working on it!

  4. Chris Montone

    My biggest win would be getting a new job, which I’m already in the process of doing. I’ve found a job that I’m more than qualified for that would be paying a lot more than I’m making now.

    I’m taking in a lot of Ramit’s advice, as well as other advice from lifehacker and such. Tweaking my resume to the position to include keywords from the job listing. Researching the company to learn about their culture and jargon. Also putting together a portfolio for the first time in my life if I get the interview.

    Also checking out a few other job listings I’m interested in.

  5. Nathanael Ligon

    I posted this to my facebook and told my friends to click it to have a shot at winning $2,001 in about ten seconds of basically no work. I mentioned that their email address wouldn’t be spammed or sold, and I also asked them to hit ‘like’ if they went through with it – my guess is the vast majority of them will not click. This amazes me.

  6. Susan

    My biggest win would be finding a job for which I qualify after 20 years out of the job market..not easy for someone in their late 50s in this job market. (Dream big, right?) Thanks for the chance of winning a month of mortgage money in the meantime.

  7. Tim McGuire

    A BIG win for me would be to pay my mortgage off before I retire. Or in other words, retire worry free and that before I’m too old to appreciate it.

  8. KLS

    Biggest win would be to completely pay off all of my credit cards and my student loans.

  9. Denise

    Biggest win for me would be to start contributing more to my retirement fund. I’m contributing the bare minimum right now, and I really need to get on the ball. Thanks for the giveaway!

  10. dj pomegranate

    I want to pay off every last cent of my student loans as soon as possible. That would definitely be my biggest win.

  11. I Will Teach You To Be Rich by Ramit Sethi

    […] Something else you will notice when reading Ramit’s book, is that he spends quite a bit of time on the topic of increasing one’s income, as I do here.  He even says that increasing your income “is more fun” than cutting costs, and shows how to negotiate your salary.  Most recently he has been developing many products to help people earn more money on the side and I also encourage you to check them out – I think they are the best on the internet.  (Right now he is running a promotion, and the winner will get his/her rent paid by him for the month!) […]

  12. Marguerite

    My biggest win would be paying off my student loans – my LAST debt. I’m about to completely reboot my life post-divorce, and having this final debt gone means every single option is on the table.

  13. Leah

    Biggest win would be negotiating a raise to my total target salary. I am in sales, so overacheiving my target yields a huge overall gain

  14. Gavin

    My biggest win would be a paid internship next summer relevant to my field of interest.

  15. Kathleen Crowley

    My Biggest Win? This would be an awesome birthday gift! It would free up money for me to get ahead of my car payment and pay if off early. That would in turn make it possible for me to move into a bigger place 🙂

  16. laura

    A big win for me would be to get our from under my mountain of student loan debt. I have debt from two degrees, and I have a good job because of those degrees. However, I am also limited in what I can buy, the mortgage amount I can take, and the credit that I am offered. It’s not a fun situation. My husband and I started a 529 college account for my daughter when she was born, so hopefully she won’t be in our same situation later in life!

  17. Ryan

    One of my biggest wins would be to pay off all my debts, improve my credit score, ensure that my 401K/Retirement plans are ample, that I have enough in savings to live comfortably for AT LEAST 1-2 years and that I can also travel and be happy.

    those are among the many “big wins” I’m working towards.

  18. E

    Thanks for doing this.. it would be such a blessing!! for one I’d be able to pay off a big chunk of credit card debt, which would then let me put that money into an ING act for my daughter =)

  19. Clark Bailey

    This would be a huge help for me as I’m starting a new business and I could get all my Amway products. Once I get those I can sell them to my friends who will then sell them. Soon I will be making money while just chilling on my yacht. I am going to be so rich.

  20. Kevin @

    I don’t “need” you to pay my rent, but I sure as heck would like you to. It would free up some money for me to invest in my business and hopefully get it off the ground sooner. I’ll throw my name in the hat.

  21. Jonathon Woods

    My biggest win would be a jump start for my business, funding would allow us to upgrade software to improve our service for our clients.

  22. Rob

    Biggest win for me would be getting a new job. For the last four years I’ve been content with an entry-level position, but it’s time that I move on. I’d say the first two years in my current position were a good experience; however, the last two have been draining my brain. I have a Bachelor’s degree and also a graduate-level certificate, but more importantly I need to get away from this office space and be who I want to be.

  23. Robin

    My biggest win would be to breathe. My husband lost his job late lt year, and I have been working hard to pay the bills. I am also in school to add to my current career. My biggest win would be to have this month to breathe more freely life into my business, creating what I want my own future, as well as the future of my family, to be.

  24. Matt Durr

    My mortgage payment would amount to 3.2 days pay. I’d take that time off work and start on a side project I’ve had in mind but haven’t had dedicated time for.

  25. Rachel

    My biggest win would be to finally be able to open up an afternoon learning center for kids with learning disabilities. I have everything I need to open it up, just need money to fund it. So if I could get that going, then that would be fantastic.

  26. Syed

    My Big Win would be to pay off my student loans in order to free up money for retirement and investment.

  27. LaVonne Ellis

    My biggest win would be to buy a van and travel all over North America, interviewing people about their lives and making a documentary about them. Which I plan to do next year, when I’ve saved enough money.

  28. Amanda

    Getting a job! The education market is tough and working as an aide at a high school brings in less than my rent. It’s sad how undervalued I feel. I have a degree I’m still paying for but I feel like it isn’t getting me anywhere.

  29. Griff

    I wrote a lullaby, recorded it, found an illustrator, paid her and turned my lullaby into a children’s book. Now I’m out of money to publish/print it. But I have to get my debt fixed first. This would be a huge step.

  30. Jackie

    I would use to it continue paying the rest of my lease off and searching for my dream job rather than just taking a job for money and not liking it.

  31. Tiffany

    Hrmmm…. doing a photo shoot with you would def. be a big win, for the exposure and introducing my style to many people who want to have press and careers like you. 😉

  32. Rebecca Curtis

    My biggest win would be to jump start my business with my partner! We could use the “rent” money to finally launch! 🙂

  33. Jake

    My biggest win will be negotiating a raise at my job.

  34. stacy

    My big win would be starting paying off that big old condo assesment with a bang!

  35. Kevin

    My biggest win would be to earn some extra cash on the side so my wife doesn’t have to work anymore, unless she chooses to.

  36. Vicki

    My roof was damaged in a tornado last April. It would help me towards fixing it.

  37. Rob Jones

    Thanks for the opportunity. Loved the book, by the way and have begun employing strategies you’ve outlined. Right now, the biggest win will be eliminating credit card debit. Which will be followed by regular investing.

  38. Rob

    My biggest win right now would be to pay off our medical bill from a recent almost-failed pregnancy. This would then free up cash-flow to be able to contribute to our ROTH IRA’s and pre-pay a bit on our mortgage.

  39. joan

    my biggest win would be starting to automate my finances and starting to save and invest.

  40. Molly D.

    We’re refinancing our 30-year 5% mortgage into a 15-year at 2.875%. We’re paying slightly more per month but the mortgage will be entirely paid off by the time our kids (don’t have any yet, but hopefully soon) apply for college. We’ll be able to pay for their college and ride into retirement without any debt.

  41. Jackson

    Big win: eliminating student loan debt. My priorities have been savings and personal investment in courses (including Ramit’s Dream Job course), and now I’m using my extra money to pay off student loan debt.

  42. Matthew

    This would be huge as I’m becoming a SAHD at the end of this month 🙂

  43. Yaleesa

    Ramit, You will not only pay my rent, but also pay my next year of college.
    I live on a couple of Euro’s a day, so i can continue studying Bio-informatics and cure cancer some day.

  44. Kat

    My biggest win would be getting my MBA tuition covered for next year; I got about half of it paid via scholarship and I am applying for more to try to cover as much of the rest as I can.

  45. Robert McAtee

    I believe my biggest win would be negotiating $10,000 salary increase.

  46. Hugo Todd

    I am currently unemployed and trying to keep from being homeless. I am also working to start my own Import Export business. This would go a long way to help me stay afloat until I can get my business going. It would also enable me to get my girlfriend some new eyeglasses, which she badly needs because she has migranes.

  47. Brad

    My biggest win would be earning an extra $2000.00 on the side each month. This would enable my wife to stop working so we aren’t paying someone else to raise our 2 kids.

    I’ve started a side business doing freelance website design, email marketing, SEO, social media, etc. that still isn’t making consistent income… I know, I know, I missed out on getting in the full Earn1k and I’m kicking my self for it.

    I’ve also got a physical product in the works. I have real engineering drawings and am working to get the real production prototype made but low volume as in 1-5 peices = $$$$

  48. Rachel

    I’m with Robert on this one – my biggest win would also be negotiating a $10,000 salary increase.

  49. Muronga Erick

    Thanx very much for the opportunity it will be one of my biggest win of all time,i will change that money into our Namibian currency than i can start my dreamt business empire as it will be a huge amount of N$ 15000 +-

  50. Lynn

    My big win would be for my retirement income to support me & traveling on a regular basis when I retire in 5 years.

  51. Jay Cookingham

    Times are tough in my household right now. Every month is a struggle to pay mortgage, this would bless us like crazy!

  52. Chelsea

    My biggest win would be paying down my condo’s mortgage, refinancing so my payment is reduced to peanuts then finally saving up for all those things we’ve been dreaming of: a big down payment on a house (so our next payment is also super manageable), adding a rental property to our retirement portfolio, starting the small business we’ve both always wanted, and of course – VACATION.

  53. Martha

    I am working toward my big win, which is when I ID and work on my $$-making idea. When I successfully provide something of value others will pay for, I will more easily buy (for myself and for others) what I love and is important. I already don’t spend on what isn’t important.

  54. Linh Dang

    My biggest win would be starting my own art consultant business for hospitals nationwide and be a sought after photographer and artist.

  55. Financial Advice for Young Professionals

    My biggest win would be if my blog took off and I could focus on my internet businesses full time while still getting paid!

  56. Karen Traversy

    My biggest win would be to attain the money necessary to take care of my mom who has dementia.

  57. Paul Lidberg

    My biggest win right now would be to get my student loans under control. After nearly 20 years, I went back and finished a bachelor’s degree, then got an MBA in short order…ran up $70k in loans…then got laid off 6 months later…degree has not helped with jobs since (it has hurt, in fact). Getting them under control while I develop additional income streams would be a great benefit…and a month’s rent would be a great way to start that journey! I have copied to Facebook, Twitter, G+ and LinkedIn…hope my friends are smart enough to enter!

  58. ashley

    I would finally be able to take the money and purchase the items I need to start my mobile airbrush tanning business. I’ve been between jobs for sometime and I have put much effort and research into how profitable it can possibly be as well as how much better my mental state will be once I am able to start spraying people.
    My dream of being a business owner will finally become reality with your help. Thank you either way for the opportunity. I have learned loads of knowledge from you and I would be delighted to finally put it to work!!!

  59. Wiktor

    On Friday, my boss told me to look for another job.
    Except I don’t really want one.
    Instead, I’m learning again, playing to my strengths and starting a business.
    The big win? One more month of clarity and focus to make my own luck and determine my own rules.

  60. Sarah v

    My big wins: present- finish courses to become a master sommelier. Future- finance a home with a custom wine cellar/cave!!

  61. Aaron

    I just read the fine print after plastering it on my social media outlets 🙁 Only open for US Residence. Bummer…I’ll remove those posts now.

  62. Justin Steele

    While the mortgage payment is often the largest single monthly bill for most people, our’s if daycare. Having three children in daycare full-time is more than our mortgage. Luckily we are doing fine and as the next few years go by this huge expense will naturally reduce itself! Can’t wait for all that extra disposable income!

  63. Angela Akees

    My big win is going back to graduate school in the Fall, so any extra money would help.

  64. Erik

    My big win(s)?
    Use the $1600 I save in rent next month to:
    ONE – buy a pair of $500 brown and black goodyear-welted shoes for the job I start in August in NYC. Nowhere is the taste, aptitude, and image in my next job so neatly summarized as in my choice of shoe. And, a well-made shoe should last 12 years or more if taken care of properly – so it is worth it.
    TWO – Spend the other $600 to increase the inventory of my online retail business which is the only thing that is helping me pay my rent while I am finishing grad school. I’ll make a return of $1600 from that $600, which pays the next month’s rent up to when I start my new job. Yeah!

    My wins are tangible, achievable, realistic, and relevant because they help to increase my income. Ok. Help me out Remit. 🙂

  65. Kendra

    My biggest win would be to earn and extra $1000 a month!

  66. Daya

    My big win would be trademarking the name of my company, getting my first design patented and a prototype served up.

    • Ramit Sethi

      Do you need to trademark your company name in order to get your first 3 clients?

  67. joey

    My big win would be gaining a national client that would really impact people and help me get more clients easier.

  68. 4Point

    Finally getting Apple to approve my app and selling 100/day!

  69. Laurel

    Having my rent paid for a month would free up funds to take some classes next semester. The costs of those classes will eventually be reimbursed by my employer so this money will be put to use a second time for another semester.

  70. Rick Cottle

    My biggest win would be cracking the code to entrepreneurial activity so I do more for myself. The proceeds from this $2001 would be to visit Rich and Jessica in Portland. Pay the mortgage and have money to spare. Thanks Ramit.

  71. Ishrat Khan

    I will be moving to a new Terrace apartment in farmington Hills Mi. This will be a big help to me with the first month rent and the same security deposit. I know God works things out in a very mesterious ways.

  72. Suze

    My big win would be to pay off my student debt early. We don’t pay interest on our student debt here, although it is indexed against the consumer price index (usually 3%) once a year in June.

    Compulsory payments are automatically calculated based on your taxable income and are deducted your pay each fortnight along with your tax. If I could pay it off early, I would get another $100 each fortnight in the hand while also taking advantage of the 5% discount for making voluntary repayments of over $500.

    I’ve already made my voluntary payment for this financial year and have an automated savings plan set up to transfer money to a high interest savings account to earn interest until I make another lump sum payment next year before the debt is indexed. At this rate I will pay it off in three years rather than ten, and save a couple of thousands dollars as well.

  73. Jessica, The Debt Princess

    My biggest win will be in paying off all my credit card debt. I have a long way to go as I’m in graduate school right now as well. But I’m working towards a better life for me and my kids.

  74. Matt Johnson

    I decided my 2012 “big win” would be demolishing my credit card debt. I’m paying 1,000 a month and shredding through it as fast as possible, even if it means doing without some of the little treats. In addition, I’m working on a lot of freelance projects to try and make that $1,000 without having to dip into my income each month, and so far it has been working out.

    This $1,000 would be a ‘big win’ for me and give me extra time to focus on my own long term projects…. some new portfolio pieces for my illustration and more pages of my novel I write a few pages on every single day. Fingers crossed!

  75. Schwamie

    As I’m currently unemployed, the “big win” would pay just shy of two months worth of child support! This would allow me to keep my savings relatively intact while I continue to pursue employment.

  76. Lauren

    My biggest win, as many above have said, would be to pay off all my student loan debt – which would mean finding a way to earn more. And I am on my way to doing just that. After passively reading your blog for the past 2 or so years, and doing some things (but making an half-ass attempt at it), I can no longer be passive. I will no longer be passive. E-mails to mentors sent, full budget automation completed, and really going to open the book this time and not just read it, but perform it.

  77. Steve

    7 years ago, I had to foreclose on my home. I don’t want to rent any longer.

    I want to be able to have an income that allows me to spend time being with my family, instead of spending 3 hours a day commuting, and 8 hours a day grinding out the dollar.

    I want to be able to release my family to live their dreams, and not just sustain an existence.

  78. W

    My biggest win for this year? To knock out all my short term debt (credit cards, healthcare-related loans, etc.). If I could make extra income on the side, I would be sustain my current standard of living and pay these additional expenses off without having to dip into my savings.

    Oh, and putting more money towards those nagging student loans.

  79. Angela

    My biggest win would be to find a position that I am challenged by, that uses my talent and skills to the fullest potential, and pays me enough to enjoy life.

  80. Andrea

    My only hopes of refinancing my underwater home were dashed when I found out I had to pay $8000 in closing costs. Now I have exactly zero options to try to save money on my mortgage. I was looking forward to the $300 in savings the refi would have given me. I was really trying to use your advice and go for a “big win”. Huge bummer.

  81. Ellen

    Ramit, our home is paid for – will you still give me 2K if I win?
    My biggest win would be to find a way for my husband and I to both work from home and have flexible time to spend with the kids and each other.

    • Ramit Sethi

      No, sorry

    • Ellen

      Okay, how about a “scholarship” to Earn 1K? Maintains the incentive for me to continue sharing/promoting, and you’re out of pocket nothing. Why disqualify those who are winning at conscious spending?

  82. Christian

    I am launching a niche lifting website and supplement company in order to have a big enough win to pay for med school. I have 2 years until I graduate and my ultimate goal is to graduate debt free!!! That would be an EPICCCC WIN!!!!

  83. EM

    My big win? I’d be able to put that money to use and go visit my family this summer! I only get to see them back home in WI 1 or 2X/year.

  84. Alexa

    My big win would be one month’s rent paid for as I target clients, network, and volunteer photographing events. Working hard to build my portfolio and my contact base of people who will know me as an event photographer. Shot my first event last week. Volunteering as a photographer at a film festival next week. Determined to make it my full time job ASAP.

  85. Julia

    My big win would be passing the landscape architect’s registration exam so that I can boost my earning potential and get a promotion from my current employer. Cash would pay for the registration fees and study materials…one month’s mortgage is roughly equal to how much it will cost to take the test and get certified! Then I could make up to twice my current salary!

  86. Kette Facer

    My “Big Win” is going to be finding opportunities instead of a new job when my teaching contract runs out in less than a month. When I was looking at college and careers in the late 90’s, going into education made sense; and after I had been teaching for 6 years, getting certified to be a school administrator also seemed to make sense. But then the economy tanked, my partner relocated and I gave up a cushy tenured teaching job to relocate as well… and here it is a year later and I have no full-time job prospects. My focus has changed, with Ramit’s help, from trying to find a job to trying to create opportunities for myself that bank on my specific skill-set and passions. So, my Big Win for June is to become comfortable not relying on a school district to employ me: I’m smart, driven, and talented, and I can create my own opportunities for compensation taking what I’ve learned about staff development, adult learning, and problem solving and teaching others how to do what I know how to do well.

  87. Tammy

    Recent wins – renegotiating bank fees and reducing my auto insurance levels… 60 bucks per month. Next up: increasing rates by 25% and reducing time spent on free or low-paying projects/tasks. Aiming for 65 of every 100 hours spent working… on directly billable work.

  88. Ryan

    three years ago me and my wife moved to florida to try to start a new life since then she hasn’t found a job and I’ve lost my dad any help at this time in my life would be much appreciated

  89. Guro Weich

    My biggest win? getting a great job, and being able to enjoy life. With the time available for the things I like to do, which is quite a lot of time.

  90. collegeloanstress

    I am a teacher with almost six figures of student loan debt. This would be a big win for me. My goal is to pay it off in 5 more years (3 already) . This would be a huge win for me. I hate being in debt. It consumes me. I constantly sit around think of ways to be rid of it and finally have freedom!

  91. Thom

    First of all, thank you for your generosity! *Fingers Crossed*
    If I were lucky enough to win I’d take my wife and kids out for dinner and apply the rest to pay down my car loan.

  92. Lydia

    I would use the money to build up my rainy-day fund so life’s problems don’t become emergencies!

  93. BG

    My single biggest win is improving my health. I am a Type I diabetic, so my health and wellness are my most valuable resources. In addition to working full-time, going to school part-time, and picking up part-time work to pay off my student loan, I made the unfortunate, but entirely conscious decision to place my diabetes management on the back-burner to accomplish my short-term goals. Finishing school, killing off my student loan, and saving $10,000.

    School is winding down for me, and I’ve seen dramatic improvements in my blood glucose levels. For example, during my graduate exams, my fasting blood sugar never went below 200 (80-120 is normal). In just a few weeks, I managed to get my BG level to 150. I still have a ways to go, but now that I have more time to concentrate on diet and exercise, I know that I can get my BG levels down another 20-30 points.

    I’m aware that it is odd for my big win not to be monetary. However, the freedom of not worrying about becoming dangerously sick is priceless to me.

  94. Alicia Miselis

    Paying down my debt so that I may take advantage of one of your programs!

  95. Monique

    Biggest win: earning $2k/month on the side, and using it to learn how to weave and to enroll in training to be an end-of-life-doula

  96. Margo

    My big win? Finding a way to refinance my student loans to a lower interest rate that reflects my 750+ credit score. I pay more than peers with bad credit, all because I attended 2009-2011 and their loans are older. Mine are automated at 6.55-8.25% with no benefits to consolidation, whereas others have a low 2-4% rate.

    I will try negotiating with my student loan servicer for a lower rate. My other idea is to move the balance to a 0% credit card offer. I’ve already done that with 1 of the 4 loans.

  97. Brian D.

    Refinancing the remaining 22 years of my mortgage at 5.75% interest down to 15 years at 3.125%! Boom! Saving 60K large 🙂

  98. Angela

    My biggest win would be selling my property/reducing my mortgage! I’ve been trying to sell my property for 2 years, as I pay $750 mortgage PER WEEK BY MYSELF (not to mention student loan & car loan) on a modest salary in the social and community services industry.
    Although I enjoy it, I am struggling, & a month’s worth of mortgage would be put aside in a term deposit to start my long term investment portfolio!

    Good luck everyone, and thanks for the chance to win Ramit! – Angela.

  99. Mark

    A big win for me would be a 10k or better raise so that I can start maxing out my Ira and continue to take trips with my 2 boys

  100. Dendy Darin

    My biggest win is seeing my family happy, and I would do anything to make it true. Thanks, Ramit.

  101. Stacy

    Rahmit you rock! Thanks for all the free advice. My biggest win would be to make extra income on the side: $1,000-$2,000 a month. At first I thought it would be to find my dream job, but working for someone else vs earning for yourself are two very different things. Plus I always dreamed of breaking the “rat race” mold.

  102. Heidi

    Starting this summer, my husband and I are going to be forced to spend the next year apart, meaning that we’ll be going from one rent payment per month to two, so this would definitely help give us some extra money to enjoy ourselves together one last time before the long separation.

  103. Elisabeth

    My husband and I are lucky enough to be purchasing our first home this summer. However, I have been feeling nervous about the state of our bank accounts after scraping up the down payment. The $2001 would help build up our emergency savings again so that we have more flexibility to focus on paying my student loans off sooner.

  104. Deb

    I am medically disabled with a disease that was acquired at my longtime place of employment…a hospital. My disability check is approx $1,050.00 per month. My rent requires one half of that and my utilities, gas, phone & Medicare insurance take up the rest, so I depend on family and friends to provide groceries. I’ll be 60 years old next month and never dreamed I would be alone and in such dire straits at this point in my life after working 25+ years at a job I loved (Medical Lab Tech) that ultimately cost me my health and eventually will cost me my life. I will never be employed again and I guess this site is for people to learn how to acquire new jobs, greater positions and a bigger salary, so I doubt it will be of any help to me…but that’s my story.

  105. Dawn H

    It would mean alot to us because my husband it looking for a new job and I am working two, so he has more chances to find a job.

  106. Trinidad Ramirez

    My big win would be to be able to make sure my loved ones would be secure after I’m gone, including the cats, kittens and dogs here at the rescue where I live.

  107. Carole

    My Big Win? Making or Finding the funding to build a Center for Women to heal from life’s traumas. ( Hey I’m going for BIG right? LOL) The money to pay for massage Therapy School or my life coach Certification training would be a nice win on the way.

  108. Christopher Shireman

    Our biggest win – if we win – will be that our daughters pre-school tuition will be completely covered for the entire upcoming school year. It probably isn’t as flashy or spectacular as some of the other people who posted above, but for us it would be huge! I have been trying to work side projects to come up with the cash, and it was working – until the dog decided to pee in our bed. No bed liner, no scotch-guard – nothing. Soaked through, making it completely unusable. $1000 later, we have a new mattress, but tuition seems far fetched at this point. I still have a couple of months to get some extra cash together, so it won’t be the end of the world, and it isn’t due all at once. Thanks for reading though, enjoy your day.

  109. Mr. Money Mustache

    This sounds like a great offer! Unfortunately, I can’t apply, since I paid off my mortgage some time ago – mostly by skipping the $3.00 lattes and all those other tiny expenditures that added up to a million dollars or so over the years. Frugality was a pretty big win after all!

  110. Jessie

    This would help me jumpstart my home based daycare business I am trying to start up to help support myself and son in a single parent household. It would be super helpful to use this money to focus my time on setting myself up for a more sustainable future than worrying about scraping by at the moment and would be awesome timing as I’ve already set a lot of the wheels in motion for this summer.
    Thanks for the offer to help, hope this creates the desired outcome for someone!

  111. Eric

    Easy, my biggest win is taking that first step off of my lazy/fearful/unsure butt to put my earn 1K plan into motion. The leap is the hardest part. After that my skills and your advice (coupled with some good luck) will take hold from one goal to the next to the next. Thanks, Ramit.

  112. vishal

    Thanks for providing chances to win live rent-free for a month. As I’m an engineering student it has become a burden to me to pay my room rent and do my project as well. It will a great help to me if i receive it.

  113. Sally

    My big win starts tomorrow – a new part-time contract at my highest hourly salary ever. All because I had the guts to apply for a job I didn’t think I’d get. Well, I didn’t get the job but they offered me a contract focused in the area I’m most interested in and with better flexibility so it’s actually a win-win.

  114. jmclaug3

    My big win is when I complete my worker retraining schooling, find my second work-life career to bring back in a second income. That will allow us to get our house ready to sell so we can move to Montana.

  115. Linni

    I thought about it and my biggest win is to get your 1K course for free. Keep the $2,000 and give me the 1K course.

  116. Suresh

    My biggest win will be a side income of 2000$/month. Being a father (2 yrs old daughter) and wife not interested to join work again, a monthly income is something which I can relate to. Other than squirreling away money for her education, I would be happy to spend more without guilt and fear of breaking the bank (and will also keep me off my wife, who is unhappy with my discussion of her joining work again). Finally, I will be glad and utilize this money to travel closeby… we haven’t traveled much since my daughter was born and so this would be nice.

  117. Vivek Pandit

    My biggest win would be to start making money on the side to get those extra thousands. Having automated my finances courtsey Ramit the missing element is to ensure there is a stream of money coming on the side…. need to sign- up for a currencies trading account soon.

    • Ramit Sethi

      God please don’t do that

  118. Josh Hamm

    I had to sell My car and haven’t been able to save much to buy a new one! I have been without a car for almost a year now. This would be a huge help having My rent paid for a month!

  119. Marta Molinera

    Instead of saying “Please Ramit pay the rent to this poor Spanish girl…” I have to say that I believe in chance, in winning and this money of course would be the beginning of becoming rich, travel the world and be even more happy than I am now.

  120. Sonja

    My biggest win would be to live without debts, to earn $2,000/month on the side or less since I don’t need that much added to my salary today… to be able to help my sisters… how to get there: as before – through investing in myself (my education), to be better at my job, to find a better job or additional one…
    Although I think the best win in this contest would be free lessons from you, Ramit that will help us achieve this goals… Thanks for all free material you give us… Have a nice day…

  121. Jessica Rodriguez

    Well, my husband and I have our first child on the way, so saving a months worth of rent would really help with our baby boy Elijah’s arrival.

  122. Alex S.

    I will be starting a new job beginning in July – less hours, a shorter work week, and a pay increase of $10,000!! In addition, I found a website to help me automate my funds ( I am putting in the extra effort this month with phone calls, savings plans, etc. in order to save me money and time when I start my new job.

  123. Kory Torgersen

    My biggest win will be to automate my finances. I’ve begun following your advice in doing so and should have things working next month.

  124. Barbara

    My big win would be to pay off the house that I lived in and now rent. I bought another house for 15K with cash and fixed it up to live in. Because of the housing market, it’s not a good time to sell the other house so I rented it. If I was to pay off that Mortgage, I would be debt free.

  125. Tiffany

    My biggest win would be a killer book deal for my heart-wrenching and scorchingly honest memoirs, a la Dave Eggers, but better.

  126. Rachel

    My big win would be to ramp up my emergency fund. I’m currently in good shape but with a boyfriend/future fiance with leukemia, my single person amount will NOT come close to covering medical costs.

  127. Jeff Flynn

    As a father of two young boys (2 years and 4 weeks[!]), my biggest win is anything that gives me more time with them and my wife. I’ve optimized/automated my finances and have rigorous but efficient productivity methods (balancing big projects with small tasks and eliminating most of my wasted time/efforts), but until I break out of working for someone else (or any other way to own my schedule), my time is not my own to partition as I desire. Nothing weighs heavier on my heart than the desire to free up more chunks of time for those I love.

  128. jason

    My biggest win would be to generate the resources my business needs. Furnished office space downtown, a few more outstanding developers, designers, and account reps. We need to be able to free up resources to develop some of our ideas.

  129. Lauren

    My biggest win would be the ability to save a month of rent in the midst of a job/career transition. Thank you for the opportunity!

  130. Emily

    My big win would just be to be able to have all the bills paid and not have to worry about where the money’s going to come from this month. I’m a single mom and while it’s very rewarding its also very stressful at times. I want my son to have everything he needs in life.

  131. Tricia Edgar

    My big win? To help my husband reframe what he’d like to do in his life, and to help our entire family live a simpler, more relaxed life by valuing the time that we spend on work.

  132. Alicia

    My biggest win would be to hire some help to do the work while I get some more especialized education to offer new services to my current clients, without having to sacrifice my financial independence.

  133. Marie

    I have just got rid off my credit card debt and still using credit cards for every small purchase at a spree. The day I will get a grip over my this particular bad habit, it will be my biggest achievement.

    • Ulysses

      Why stop the habit? Can you alter it?
      Automating a guilt-free spending amount to use each month can help erase the guilt and still allow you to make small purchases.

      This small suggestion worked immensely for me. 😉

  134. nydia

    I’m starting a home care business this money would help pay for registration fees.

  135. Jackie Anthony

    My biggest win would be finally having an extra $800.00 in hand to catch up my bills so that they are being paid on time. I have been a few weeks behind for months – I hate when that happens and the stress is awful! I am temporarily raising my grandkids, so I might even have a little left over to do something fun with them this summer.

  136. Annie

    My “big win” would be earning extra money on the side – at least $1,000 per month. That would allow me the freedom to both save for need and save for fun. Right now I’m bringing in exactly how much I pay out – and it’s stressful! I love my job but extra cash on the side would be wonderful.

  137. Melissa

    It would be a BIG Help since I was let go of my job while on Maternity leave so I am jobless and have a 2 1/2 month old baby and a 12 years old son that need a lot of things and to pay some of my debts.

  138. Ulysses

    My biggest win is to successfully negotiate my rent at least 11% or more when I meet my landlord in 12 days, using some of the strategies from Remit’s Lowering your Rent Book I bought yesterday. This is the Big White Elephant stomping on my finances. Any discount will be the BIG WIN.

    I’ll probably use the extra income to buy Remit’s 1000K on the side course. His two books already have had a positive effect on me. So might as well.
    If Remit wants to help contribute to making this happen, I am all for it.

  139. Kris

    I would love to pay off my debts, most of which are 2 student loans, and then would love to start a business so that I can have lots of choices about my workplace and coworkers, and ultimately be able to sell the business and retire to do some traveling with my family. I am 30 now and have accomplished a majority of the goals I set when I was 22. Time to set and reach some new ones!

  140. shawn miles

    I read a lot of the other “my biggest win” and I’d put it towards our family vacation. I don’t believe in borrowing for vacations or using credit (again borrow from tomorrows payday for todays fun).

    As it stands now, I’ve put in Overtime, and sold stuff that takes up space. I think adding in a months worth of rent would add in a little something special.

    I think family time is lost so much and it’s important to plan for that so we remember why we work so hard every day.

  141. Tabor

    My biggest win would be to increase my income to the point I can pay off all debt and buy a home. We live in an apartment right now and recently applied for a home loan. We were denied. It is embarrassing, but motivational. I promise myself I will obtain financial freedom… or I will die trying.
    (I say all of this while still understanding my wife and child are the most important things in my life and I would never chose money at the expense of them. Instead I will do it with them and for them!)

  142. Katie

    At this point, my biggest win would be getting a significant raise at work. I know I’m making a little lower than the norm for my position (entirely my fault, I didn’t negotiate at all for my first salary), but making up a little of that would be huge for my confidence as well as my income.

  143. Jonee

    My big win? Landing a permanent job that pays well in a company where I will enjoy what I am doing and welcomes growth; having that extra money to actually enjoy the fruits of my labor (i.e., vacations, spa days, etc.); and finally having enough money to spoil my parents as they have done so much for me.

  144. Matt

    In my case, it would be more of a help to get into a NEW apartment and out of my current awful one.

  145. Lori

    My biggest win has been laboring a few miserable hours working out an all inclusive system so my finances are clear, concise, and automatic. The system is in place and now I’m FREE! No longer do I waste time worrying and obsessing over paying my bills and loans. And whenever my almost OCD gets a hold of me I just look at my system that’s already done the math for me. For instance, that 2000 would turn into 2023.75 (by paying a student loan a month early). That took 0 math, just a quick look at my spreadsheet. Just goes to show that if you focus on the big things, like earning the most you can in your profession, the little things, like enjoying 7.5 cappuccinos from Ramit on interest not paid, will take care of themselves.

  146. AJ

    I have my emergency fund set, I read your book, I’m investing regularly and all of my money is on auto pilot…but I’m STILL living paycheck to paycheck. So now I’m working on living off of last month’s income. So far it has been tough and it will take quite some time, but this would be a massive win for me, especially as I absolutely refuse to dig into my emergency fund unless I’m faced with an apocalyptic personal finance situation. So again, this would be huge for me and help settle my financial picture.

  147. yourPFpro

    My biggest win would be to rent out my condo and move to a place by the beach!

  148. jayank2000

    My Big Win…recently became proud parent of Baby Boy. Opened up RESP account with automatic monthly deposit. Wife on maternity leave and there would be no job for her after she goes. Plan is to enroll her into course of her interest. In the long run, she would, if she can, work from home or evenings and I work in the mornings. So there are no child care costs.

  149. Natalie

    My biggest win for this phase of life is to stay home with my five month old daughter. It means my husband working two VERY low paying jobs (almost minimum wage) and basically living in poverty. However, I tried to work for two months and she screamed every day in daycare until she had to be removed. She is much happier now because we are trying to make sacrifices to make her life better. My biggest win in a year or so, will be successfully moving to Haiti and building our orphanage to get kids our of slavery and sex trafficking. This will be a large fundraising task.

  150. Melissa

    My biggest win would be increasing my business so that I can easily afford all three of the vacations I’d like to have this year. If I win and you pay my mortgage, you’ll allow me the one I need the most, a few days at the beach all by myself.

  151. Oiiink

    Full time income to meet my necessary lifestyle expenses from book reviewing!

    Goodbye 9-5, hello freedom!

  152. Melissa

    My big win would be to finally figure out just what it is that I want to do for the rest of my life. I currently have an IT job that pays quite well, but still doesn’t cover the cost of the amount of soul that is being sucked out of me because of it. I have plenty of drive and tenacity, I just can’t figure out where to channel it….

  153. Sammy

    My big win is getting my side business off the ground. This will help me to be debt free faster and open up the oppotunity to travel more. Thanks!!

  154. Lucy Ra

    2K is enough to pay my rent, TWICE. Lord knows rent is so cheap in the south…
    The extra 2K would totally pay for that vacation I’m taking with my parents (their 30th year anniversary). And the left over would be welcome in my savings.

  155. Charissa

    I’m currently working on my big win. I’m finishing my bachelor’s in accounting (only had an associates) to move up the ladder and double my salary.

  156. Jonathan Vaudreuil

    Ramit, I already have one huge win this with my salary increase. Next huge win would be getting my dream business going on the side. My boss – who just pushed my raise through – is willing to help me get it going, to boot!

    No excuses for not making it happen in 2012.

  157. Frank T.

    My biggest wins right now?

    I just started freelancing on the side with Performance & Business Coaching. There are two big wins I could quantify right now:

    Increasing the number of converting clients
    Doubling my hourly rate

    Both are the biggest wins I will take care of this and next year. Apart from that, another big win is in fact coming together with my research. I am developing a method to use my coaching approach rather than only on individuals on individuals on large organizations and systems instead. This needs more research until I know the way I employ it works as well as I want it. Then I publish it, get some good leads from my network and build it.

    That would get me from an hourly fee to a day fee, which translates into more money immediately. And would raise my hourly rate again, since I would feel I am “loosing” time. I would probably have to get a coach myself whose only purpose is then to keep me from working too much, since I would love to enjoy these big wins, not only have them.

  158. G

    Honestly Ramit, this would help me set up my emergency fund.

  159. Kellie

    Thanks for the contest! My biggest win would be getting my student loans paid off so that I can focus on saving money for a house and the rest of my life!

  160. Kiea

    I’m an interior design professional and was recently laid off from my second job. This job moved myself and my husband and our two year old daughter here for the position just to be laid off a year later. Instead of throwing a pity party, I threw a launch party and opened my own design business where I provide interior architecture design services for small business owners and their work spaces. I could use the money to buy business cards, architectural programs and a desk for our two bedroom apartment where I would be working out of!

  161. Kelsey

    My biggest win would be to have a “hands free” handle on my finances, so I can focus on giving to others. For example, after I pay off my debt I would like to pay off my mother’s debt that inclues student loans and medical bills, that she incurred to help me while I was in college and after her 3rd divorce. She has sacrificed so much for so many people, she worked to put her 2 husbands through school, with the promise of her chance to go after they did, but then: the big D. She’s never been bitter, and has taken in families into her house, given them computers, cell phones (on credit) only to be taken advantage of. She has learned that trust has to be earned, but I don’t want her to give up on the goodness of humanity. Mostly, good people attract good things in life but this woman has been continuously … screwed over, to put it bluntly. She takes home about $900/mo, her rent is $620, car payment $250, and then there is insurance, food, etc. She cleans houses to pay the rest of her bills, and works part time (32 hours per week) with seniors and is always picking up overtime at her full-time job which is from 3a-noon .. then goes to her senior care job from 6-11p. If I could help her pay off her debt she would stop incurring more, and be able to buy herself and a friend lunch (which she still does .. she told me a story about buying the person behind her at Subway a sandwich ‘just because it would be nice.’ She also has this crazy idea about having a million umbrellas in her car to give them out to people caught in the rain! She hopes when she does it, they will pay it forward. She loves to surprise people with little things. She bakes cookies for neighbors and cleaned her ex-brother-in-law’s house (who helps her with her car) to surprise him after he got back from working the whole week in Fort Wayne, IA to his home in Janesville, WI (he transferred because of General Motors, but his 4 kids are still in Janesville with his ex .. he works labor intensive work all week and then drives 14 hours to be home with his 2 young daughters for the weekend .. and then back) because his son (my cousin) trashes the house during the week. So, some good things do come to her. She believes in the grace in human relationships. Her aunt, my great-aunt, was like a mother to her and recently passed away and spoke to my mother about writing her into her will and leaving her a sizable inheritance only, she didn’t get to it in time and her death was unexpected. My mom would rather have her here more than anything, but its just another example how she’s always “a day late and a dollar short.”

  162. Kelsey

    ps, I did not expect to write that much!

    But, I wanted to mention that her take home pay from her full time job is $900/mo after taxes and having insurance taken out (for both of us, her plan covers me and is over $200 p/w). She knows anything I could get at a menial job wouldn’t have the coverage hers does, and she doesn’t want me to be without health insurance ever again. She could get a “better” job, but it wouldn’t have the insurance coverage and security of her current one.

  163. Priti

    I would pay my rent & and save most of it for car repair.

  164. Immanuel

    This would take care of the burden of expenses for a little while so that I can focus on starting a profitable service and land a few more clients!

  165. James

    Hello Ramit,
    This would be a great Happy Birthday gift for me since my birthday is July 1st.
    After seeing you on the Today show a couple of years back I went to Barnes and
    Nobles and read your book. I thought it was great and a light bulb went off in my
    head. I promptly paid off all credit cards and all medical bills and have stopped
    useless spending. I owe $35,000.00 on my mortgage and $2001.00 would make
    a great payment toward the principle. In a few years I hope to have it paid off.
    With no useless spending anymore my long term goal is to invest 2/3 of my income and live off of 1/3 of my income. With no major expenses after the
    mortgage is paid off it should be doable. My big win would be to have enough
    passive income to pay my monthly expenses and take all of my earnings and
    continue to invest to grow more passive income for peace of mind and other
    interests. Help me to have a very Happy Birthday on July 1st by paying a
    principal payment towards my mortgage.

  166. heidi

    now that my child is grown and i am still relatively young, creative, energetic and love life, i plan to cash in my pension fund (it’s not that much) and move to another country. i’m not getting any younger and this has been my dream for years. having my rent paid for a month would allow me to pay for my “investigatory” flight/vacation in pursuit of this BIG DREAM of mine. i’m going to do it no matter what, but clearly i would not turn down help when offered. thanks!

  167. Mark

    I just broke a lease after living there for 6.5 years. Landlord doesn’t want to give me my two month security deposit back because he can’t find a renter and because I’m responsible for a full years lease.

    So I might be out close to $3000. After being a good tenant, and leaving the place in great shape, he can’t be a decent guy and terminate the agreement. Greedy prick.

    Anyway, let this be a lesson to you all. If you think you’ll be moving out at some point, make sure you renegotiate your lease to a month-to-month lease or just plain refuse to sign a yearly lease. Most landlords, if you’re a good tenant would rather have you stay with a month to month rather than evict you anyways. If I did that, I wouldn’t be dealing with this headache!

    I may try to pursue this in small claims court, but what a hassle, and I’m not sure how much of a leg I have to stand on.

    Anyway, getting a month of mortgage in the new house paid for would certainly ease this pain. Live and learn. I hope my advice helps some of you out.

  168. Colleen

    Hi Ramit, I read your book a while back and enjoyed your take on conscious spending. It makes sense for people to cut back on all the things that are NOT important to them personally, thus freeing up $$ for the things that are. I find it’s good for making social plans, too. Schedule your time so that you’re doing the things you want to be doing, and then you won’t be doing things you don’t want to be doing. Elementary, my dear Watson.

    Getting back to the subject: boring, I know, but my big win would be paying off my mortgage and its piggyback. I have no other debt except one CC which will be paid off in 2 months, but I do have other expenses that will be popping up in the near future – at least one car, if not two, (both of ours are over 10 yrs old and dying slow, agonizing deaths); and half of two college tuitions/R&B/etc. for my kids. Not to mention investing in a post-tax savings vehicle (my pre-tax is maxed out), so that I can become independently wealthy and be able to do whatever the hell I want. But the mortgage is the biggie for me right now.

  169. Stacy

    My biggest win would be time with my two kids if I cud skip a months rent I’d take time off work to see them. I’m a nurse 16 ht shifts and go 4 days at a time without seeing my kids as a single parent winning big isn’t always about money but in my case time I’d love to give them me for a month and treat them to some together time missing a months rent won’t make us rich but I’d forever appreciate it

  170. Jacob

    My biggest win would be getting my house ready for a disaster. I love thinking about disasters, zombie take overs, invasions from China. I already have a really well stocked canning storage full of delicious foods and a garden (I use it for everyday stuff too). Anyways I want a chicken coop, a goat, and a bullet proof door.

  171. Joel

    My big win will be when I make the jump to executive management. It’s years off, but I’ve got the plan in place. I’ll take the time to do it right so my career path changes forever once that happens.

    In truth, I owe you a lot Ramit. I started following you during your “Save $1000” days. I bought the books (and won $1000!) and we seriously changed our attitudes towards savings. We went from having credit card debt to zero debt and 6 months of salaries in savings. Now we’re focusing on retirement goals. It wasn’t hard, it was just attitude and tracking.

    Thank you!

  172. Josh Colter

    My biggest win would be selling my home to eliminate the monthly expense.

  173. Sarah

    Honestly? I just moved and shelled out 3x the monthly rent for deposits and then spent a lot of money moving from out of town. I’ll probably just stick it into my now depleted savings account. But DAMN, I could use that money, especially since I’m started grad school (read: taking out loans) come the fall.

  174. ntwari armel brousel

    i appreciate ramit for this good adea, we all try to grow a business, that what we need,and try to win.RAMIT GOD BLESS YOU.

  175. Atilla

    A prize of up to four day’s pay…sweet.

  176. Jennifer

    My biggest win will be the day that I pay off the last of my credit card debt (through an awesome, low interest loan from Lending Club) so that I can finally start making money doing something I love rather than something that pays the bills. Hopefully the shift will influence my own young children as they grow and become responsible citizens.

  177. Jim

    My biggest win would be a raise, to help now that my wife is staying home more with our 1.5 year old son. I bought earn1k last time it opened up but have not done much of anything with it. Now that my schedule at work has lightened up, it’s time to get serious with it.

  178. Sandra

    My biggest win would be having enough to live on when I retire and/or pay off my student loan. Both seemingly impossible, right now.

  179. Patrick Lammers

    My biggest win would be to establish a “family” business that could employ the two kids with disabilities and thus ensure a steady income stream for them after I am too old to work any more.

  180. Catherine

    A big win . One month closer to my goal of buying an investment property. $1853.96 split 3 ways $1000 would put me over the 30k mark for the 20% down I want to use for the next property. $500 used for web redesign for my cat breeding hobby (I need to sell two kittens and have NO skill on fast web updates or formating and no I can’t use Craigslist for purebred Manx kittens) 353.96 for Lattes, expensive bottled laundry soap, lunches out, and a round of drinks for a group of 20. oh yeah already debt free, automated and 1000$ on the side per month Thanks Ramit!!!

  181. Bob Schad

    My big win would be to pay off my moving expenses within the year.

  182. Megan

    My biggest win would be to start earning an extra $1000+ month for my freelance work to put towards paying off my student loans so I can be truly debt free ASAP!

  183. Joel

    My big win would be to get my guitar lessons off the ground. (8 hours of lessons) x ($70/hr rate) x (4 days a month) = 2k+ per month extra, before taxes.

  184. Michael

    My big win would be creating an additional $1000-2000/month that I can throw at my bills or just giving my wife a honeymoon that we put off when our daughter was in the hospital.

  185. Chris

    My biggest win is going to be getting my wife to buy into this program. I’ve gone from wishing and hoping it would happen, trying to approach it gently and carefully to simply taking action and putting the steps into practice. In starting this way, I’ve promised myself a fiery 6 weeks of adjustment, but the payoff will be tremendous.

  186. Lisa

    My biggest win. Selling our house that is sucking up all our money but my husband refuses to sell until the market goes back up since our house value has decreased since we bought it. Selling it and never looking back. Starting fresh. Then building a low maintainance, low cost, Eco friendly home that allows us financial freedom to not tie up all our money in the house.

  187. Tammi

    My Biggest Win Would Be Getting A Good Job And Being Able To Get My Medical Insurance Back To Keep The Breast Cancer I Got Last Year Away.

  188. Seth Pomerantz

    The biggest win you can do if you didn’t have to worry about your housing situation is to start my own business and make sure that the work that I do goes into my pocket, not someone that makes a profit off of my time.

  189. Jonathan@Friends and Money

    I don’t want any free money, but I thought i’d post here because it was an interesting post. I like to work for my money, if I get anything for free I hate it because I haven’t done anything to deserve it. Hard work = income.

  190. Dan

    My new Biggest Win would be removing the monthly expense of my house, either by selling or renting, which is a process that my wife and I are currently tackling. We estimate that we can save >$500/month that way.

    In the past few months, I took the plunge of leaving my cushy corporate job and starting a business with a few friends, to the result of boosting my annual income by some $30K (that would be my previous Biggest Win), well into six figures. We’re in a very lucrative niche, so that will likely continue to grow.

    Thanks Ramit, your Earn1K and IWTYTBR materials (plus Tim Ferris’ 4HWW) inspired me to get out on my own, and it’s been the best decision I could have made.

  191. Katharina Stricker

    We have a baby boy, a second baby on the way, both of us are working to pay the mortgage for the house. This would be a great relieve! But probably people would not be amused, if you spend your money to people in a foreign country. But anyway, it is worth a try!!!

  192. Diego

    I would invest the money in advertising my methodology of stress relief, short time-focused psychotherapy. The money would help me to pay for a pro to make a good looking website, and to produce leaflets and rent some rooms for free sales pitch presentations.

  193. Laura

    This would help my emergency fund a bit but go mostly to my hefty student loans!

  194. Penny Family

    My husband of 23 years walked out on me and the kids 3 months ago. Before doing so he closed our joint checking account and the kids and I are struggling to make it. I can’t begin to tell you what this would do for us, even if it is one month. My stress level due to losing my husband and best friend as been off the charts but I can’t begin to tell you the stress I am feeling trying to provide for my kids.

  195. Nicole

    The biggest win for me right now is to pay off my CC debt and not let it build up again!

  196. Darrel

    My biggest win would be launching my own business. That and I wouldn’t mind winning the $2001 because that would totally cover my medical bills. Now that would be a bankable win!

  197. André

    My biggest win would be to get rid of my school loans…thanks for the chance at a mortgage payment…

  198. Jordan Godbey

    Nothing you’ve never heard before Ramit — but being out from under my student loans and credit cards would be incredibly freeing.

    I’m rocking Earn1K to make it happen though 🙂


  199. Natalie

    I love this idea! I’m about to begin a Master’s program in counseling (Marriage and Family Therapy). A month’s rent would be AWESOME and an incredible help!

  200. Nassrin

    Great idea, and I specially like that it’s linked to you “The Big Wins Manifesto,” which included extremely helpful tips that were also outlined in your book.

    Saving on a one-month-rent would allow me to kick off a reasonable-sized investment (starting young!) which would likely pay off in the long term.

  201. Sam

    My biggest win has already started! My wife and I had our first baby in April. Through your techniques we were able to save enough money for me to stay home from work to help out. Our son is having some health issues and I am scheduled to go back to work on the 25th. Winning this would allow me to continue to stay home and help while my son recovers. Thanks for the help so far and for this opportunity.

  202. Caitlin

    Big Win–With rent paid for the month, I could pay myself with that money…
    –To spend time looking for more work, and getting more petcare clients
    –To spend time studying for a Test for a permit to be a Tour Guide, and looking for companies
    –To take out friends/family/acquaintances that could help in these two goals
    —-Five to Six hours a week—

    Thanks for the good strategies!

  203. walter

    Help me develop a website that I can use to generate money for my family.

  204. Karen

    My biggest win would be finding my dream job. I already know what businesses and products I want to create, so until I find investors/crowd funding, I would like to earn more at an enjoyable job to bootstrap the capital it takes to create a new startup. =)

  205. R

    Right now I feel like the little ragdoll on misfit island(Rudolf). I never did figure out how she was considered a misfit, but just the same , there she was…anyway, the money would help me to balance out rent/utilities and give me a glimmer of hope. Thanks for setting this up.

  206. Rebecca

    My biggest win would be bringing in enough photography clients to upgrade to a much better, higher ISO camera/awesomer lens so I can better pursue what I’ve discovered to be my passion & niche in my field.

  207. Matthew

    My big wIn: using the money to see my brother graduate from college in London! My flights are particular because of my work in South Korea. I can also give him the money as an awesome college graduation gift and start him on the path to big wins!!

  208. Karen

    My big win would be to find my Dream Job. I have been looking so long that my resume looks like the yellow pages. I want to do something creatIve but right now it’s all rules and protocols.

  209. Brent

    My biggest win??? Well, I can always think of bigger and bigger wins . . . so, the most practical and relevant short term win for me would be 15 new students.

  210. Andrea

    My Big Win, should you pay my rent/mortgage for one month, would be to use the money I’d be saving from paying that on my own to invest in myself… Where I work, the office culture is not ‘stuffed suit’ per say, but having a professional appearance is important. I’ve noticed that upper management professionals interact more with their under-staff when they dress as if they’re ‘one of them’… I was just promoted to a new position at work, and I really could use some more professional attire so that management will begin to treat me as “one of them” … because one day, I will be, and building a rapport with them now will give me an edge over the competetion.

  211. Corina

    My big win would be to figure out how to make good money doing the work I love.

  212. Morgan

    My big win would be proving to the place I’m currently interning that I would be a valuable addition as a full time staff person- And I think I’m on track to achieving that goal!

  213. Moses

    My biggest win will be to be able to repair my family house.the roof is furniture gets spoilt,carpet gets worn out,can’t even bring a date to the’s a shame.been receiving all the articles n they’ve really helped me up my saving and secure a job..working 3jobs(all sales,easy to jaggle) so as to help my brother join college.

    Still need to secure a good banking job but I luck serious negotiation skills I’m an intreview for with every attempt I fall short.please help me repair the house..

    Moses;Nairobi Kenya

  214. Tess Leslie

    Where I am at in my life right now I am searching for my biggest win, I am 22 Years old, I am a qualified hairdresser but I yearn for more out of life, I have always been a dreamer I’ve always just shut my eyes and dreamt of the things I want out of life. I believe so strongly in always dreaming of what you desire that I have “dream” tattooed on my neck to always remind me! At the moment my biggest win would be to find my “dream” job but not just my dream job but my dream life and love and I know that will come along the way because life is what happens when your busy making other plans.. Now that WILL be my biggest win…. Xxxx

  215. Evan Douglas

    Ramit, I’m new to the site and still reading through the archives. Once I got to this post ( I skipped ahead the last few pages to see if you’d posted your findings yet. It seems pretty clear to me that you’re testing something with these giveaways, and I’d like to voice the though that your thought process on developing the test would make for an interesting post (the results too, of course). My guesses:

    1) Testing how many people give you their e-mail addresses for the chance at either $1k or $2k.
    2) Same test, but for a fix amount ($1k) vs. an idea (rent/mortgage). I tend to think this isn’t correct, due to the different amounts. Perhaps you’re just trying to cover people with rent in a slightly higher range?
    3) Testing how much extra traffic you get as a result of having such giveaways, nevermind how many signups you get.

    Hope to find out more soon.

  216. Khairy

    Too bad us Canadians cannot participate 🙁
    I just had a great big win last week when I negotiated with my boss to only work 4 days a week for the next few months, so I can focus a bit more on my freelancing! Used the briefcase technique and it worked like magic.
    My next big win will be to consistently make $1000 on the side while still working full-time as a project management consultant. I’m an Earn 1K student and loving it!
    Thanks for all you do Ramit.

  217. Dan Richey

    My wife and I are trying to buy a house right now! We have two offers in on two different properties. Our budget is sure tight right now because we are putting every extra penny towards the house down payment and closing costs. Winning this contest and having our next months rent payment paid for would sure be AN AWESOME WIN AND BIG HELP!!!! Thanks Ramit!!

  218. John

    My biggest win would be getting a new job by mid to end summer. I’m currently working at a place that gives me health care but not a lot of hours. Having my mortgage paid for a month would allow me to get an extra payment ahead of my mortgage.

  219. Becky

    This gives me the chance to walk into the one in a lifetime opportunity of being a delegate at the Republican National Convention being able to focus on that and not how to pay for it.

  220. Matt Alviar

    My wife and I have one more year before our big win…Near Debt Free. With the exception of our mortgage we’d be debt free. No car payments, no credit card payments, no school loans. We’ll need to sit and plan what are we going to do with the extra cash.

  221. Laura

    I would really enjoy a weekend away from job, family, life, etc. This would justify me taking some time off.

  222. HeidiW

    Hi Ramit! I’m a dream job student and while I’m hard at work taking that next step up, I would love to spend some money on clothes and get a professional organizer to come in and help me also take my apartment to the next level! Also I have a small credit card balance I’d love to get rid of. That’s how I’d spend the money – I love to WIN!

  223. Margie

    I have five kids and my partner is going to school. It is very hard to make ends meet anymore. I don’t want to loose my house and this money would be helpful with our bills.

  224. Jamie G.

    I just received a full scholarship to a Python coding camp that assists with job placement, but I’m currently living off of the fumes of my savings account. I’ve been un/under-employed for 2.5 years now, trying to take advantage of every bit of accessible information that can help me with this search. I’ve been networking, doing pro-bono work for start-ups in the area, taking people for coffee, etc., and despite tons of encouragement and positive feedback from interviews, I’m still struggling. Thank God I was building my savings before this all happened! Having one month’s rent would give me a little cushion that I could use to partake in after-class activities (and more coffee sessions!), which I know is where the real networking happens.

  225. Karin

    I would love a month rent-free to put a big dent in my credit card balance to lower my debt ratio and improve my credit rating. I’m in the process of considering the purchase of a vespa to save on travel expenses and a better credit rating would help the loan process. That would be my short term big win. Longer term would be to finish paying off student loan debt, but that’s a couple of years away still. That day will be miraculous because I’ll be able to up my saving power exponentially and loook into home ownership with a decent down payment!

  226. mark grove

    Well, what would I do with the money? It would go to help musicians who are in dire financial need. Transportation to get to gigs,press writing and media attention for them. Money for nutritious food for them as well. Some old blues guys don’t even have money for a head stone when they pass on. And Blues Societies help in that regard.

    By the way when I’m not working making “Active Income” I help musicians.

    By the way I would do the writing of articles and press material and help get them media attention. That’s what we should be doing, helping others. What? pay for a couple month’s rent or mortgage you owe. So what.

    You can’t afford it on your own already?

    I think we should all help others before we help number one.


  227. Blessing

    You are right ramit for writing,that for most of us, our rent/mortgage is our biggest single expenditure.$2,001 will make my dream come true.For months now,i have been trying to get a laptop but haven’t succeed,$50-$150 from $2,001 i may be lucky to get from you will help me bid for a laptop in a popular penny auction site in order to work conveinently at home and to avoid loitering around in an internet cyber-cafe etc.Although we have already pay our rent,but i think someone else a month rent need to be paid by me through your help.That won’t take much of the money lol,i will budget $200 for that.I think i will deposit $1,000 in my bank account that will help us in times of lack because i can remember vividly long time ago,we were experiencing severe poverty.Am not saying we are rich now but we can feed three square meal unlike before we do go from hand to mouth,from pillar to post begging for alms.We do experience constant power failure here,$150 can help me get a mini light generator to power the laptop i will purchase in case the laptop battery is low.Mum needs capital to run her business,$400 can give her a helping hand,i know she will be glad.That reminds me! i need a modem for the laptop,$100 can fetch me the modem of my choice and $1 for a drink!.Thank you Ramit for bringing this up! I think it have sharpen my brain now.

  228. Karen

    My big win would be to get published and continue to build on ideas to create passive streams of income to help my family. Anything that would bring relief is a blessing…like a free month’s rent.

  229. Robin Arenson

    My rent is getting hiked up by $300 since I’m paying month-to-month for my last month in this apartment. I’ll keep $300 and pay the rest forward to a lucky friend 🙂

  230. Gary-A

    I’d use this to blow an entire student loan out of the water. Big winning, spending G’s.

  231. Ronn Jerard

    My biggest win will be to deposit a larger amount into my new Roth IRA account, Ramit; while learning along the way how to apply your teachings about being in control of building my wealth with everyday actions.

  232. annie hawkins

    My biggest win would be to be debt free. It’s that simple.

  233. Shawn

    A BIG no make that a HUGE WIN for me – would be to be completely debt free, including all of my student loans and my husband’s student loans; to own a house free and clear (no mortgage) and to have enough money saved up to assist our children with college and also enough money to help support our parents as they age.

    In the meantime though, winning a month of FREE rent, will add a rather nice amount to my (small-at-this-time-but-growing-everyday) savings plan! Thanks for having this contest and all of your great financial advice.

  234. Josias Jerome

    My biggest regret is to not take a chance at this may be once in a lifetime opportunity of winning a month of Free rent. but I decided if I win I’ll pay it forward to a Dear Person of mine.

  235. Ashley Capps

    It would mean that we can use that months payment as a savings toward down payment on our next house!

  236. Kayla

    My Biggest Win would be being able to marry the love of my life and offering a comfortable lifestyle for him and his children. We’d be able to have one child together. We share a mountain of debt accumulated from his previous marriage. We dream of starting a couple of our own businesses and being able to take vacations to see our favorite rock stars. I, in particular, dream of being a writer — nothing big there, just to write and have fans reading my writing.

    Ramit, this is a pretty awesome experiment. I want to be able to pay someone else’s rent/mortgage one day!

  237. Christina

    My biggest win would be paying off all of my student loans.

  238. Kevin

    Big win for me/family would be to to escape the 9-5 drudgery. I’m an IT guy; wife is a nurse, and since I “retired” from the US military in 2004 raising our daughter has been somewhat difficult with work schedules and school schedules. I tried initially and did not succeed in 2004-2006 in starting my own computer business; I was never able to maintain enough paying business, so felt forced to get full time job.

  239. deborah

    the big win would allow me to put some monrey away towards taking my family to see our US Marine stationed in Hawaii before he is deployed to Japan in January.

  240. Kristyn

    I’d use the money to invest in my brand new little side business, one that I hope will bring in at least $1000 extra per month once it gets going!

  241. Rocco

    Here’s hoping! For myself, I could knock off some last credit card debt (ooo Capital One, I hate you so); and maybe get a cushion in place. My primary income source is a once-a-month deal that shows on the 1st meaning my rent is usually late. This way I could get it ready in advance.

    I *did* land a nice part-time extra $2000 a month in freelance work, which is going to make a huge difference for me. Next up: Passive streams!

  242. Katherine Heaberlin

    I would just like to get caught up and get my child some new clothes for school and my husband some new clothes for work. Everything else can wait until later!

  243. Mary

    Share and keep some

  244. Elena

    Mi mayor victoria es romper con todo para poder dedicarme a lo que realmente me gusta. Me encanta esa parte de tu post. Esto a punto de hacerlo.

  245. Bobby Gabbard

    If I had a chance to win some big money I would pay my landlord the $1,150 I owe him plus pay all my utilities to a zero balance, pay my past debts, pay a lawyer a friend of mine needs very badly, buy a house, buy furniture to go in the house, buy a decent little car for I can go see my sick mom and put like $2,500 in the bank and give the rest to charities that I know will put the money where they say it will go.

  246. Renee

    If I had a chance to win I pay my rent so I dnt go to court over it. So I dnt get kick out with two kids

  247. Kimach Lee

    im homeless sleeping in a abandoned house no heat no bathroom.No electricity hearing animals all night my ssi is only 571 a month me for that

  248. alansmith

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  249. billy

    Need help with rent