New Challenge: Save $1,000 in 1 week

Ramit Sethi

You know, it’s funny how hard it is to change people’s opinions of you.

If you were the crazy partier in college, you might turn into a super-responsible person…but some people will always think of you as the CRAZY BRO who goes out hard all the time (!!!).

I see this in my own life. Some people still think of me as the kind, gentle soul who’s always there with a smile and a comforting — wait, wait…I think I got that wrong.

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Oh yeah. Some people still call me the “personal finance guy,” even though I haven’t really written about personal finance in 5+ years. I just stare at them, blinking, and throw my book at their face.

But as much as I write about psychology, and how we all want to start an online business and travel to crazy places and live a rich life, the truth is money matters.

So I thought –for those of you who are new to IWT, or even if you’ve been following along, why not do a challenge around money?

I only had 3 rules:

  • NO STUPID FRUGALITY TIPS. If you find me telling you to use toothpaste to plug the holes in your socks, you can unsubscribe (and kill me).
  • BIG WINS. You have to be able to save $1,000 in a week if you follow my advice.
  • FUN. The multitude of personal-finance experts have made us feel horrible about money since all they do is tell us what we can’t do with our money. I actually believe you can use money for positive things, whether it’s flying to Vegas, buying awesome shoes, or paying off debt.

I’ll show you how.

If you’re interested, I put together a 1-week challenge to save $1,000.

If you’re interested, click above to register. If not, no worries — I have more material coming your way.

By the way, the whole challenge is free. It’s my gift to you to say thanks for reading.

See ya!


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