My new book is out today — I’m giving away 1 Kindle per hour and $5,000!

Ramit Sethi · March 23rd, 2009

[Edit]: Congratulations to everyone — we did it. Check out the details of getting I Will Teach You To Be Rich to #1 on Amazon.

I’m delighted to announce the winners of the giveaways here:


  1. 9:00 AM Beth Mathiason of Cottage Grove, MN – Kindle
  2. 10:00 AM Paul Colvin of Happy Valley, OR – Kindle
  3. 10:00 AM Jan Small of Chicago, Il – $1,000 from Mint
  4. 11:00 AM Elizabeth Cummings of Iowa City, IA – $30 Pearbudget Account
  5. 11:00 AM Gail Kenney of Ponte Vedra, FL – Kindle
  6. 12:00 PM Jeremy Wheeler of Vancouver, WA – Kindle
  7. 1:00 PM Zuzka Bodik of San Francisco, CA – $30 Pearbudget Account
  8. 1:00 PM Edgar Mendez of El Paso, TX – $1,000 from Mint
  9. 1:00 PM Therese Mascardo of Newport Beach, CA – Kindle
  10. 2:00 PM Boyd Wold of Herriman, UT – 20 Min. Coaching Session
  11. 2:00 PM Andy Needler of Austin, TX – $1,000 from Mint
  12. 2:00 PM Natalie Bradley of Harrisburg, PA – Kindle
  13. 3:00 PM Kane Louis of Townsend, DE – Kindle
  14. 4:00 PM Mario Sanchez Carrion of Mirmar, FL – Kindle
  15. 4:00 PM Joel Weinberg of Chicago, Il – $1,000 from Mint
  16. [Edit]: In all the chaos, I forgot to give away the last $1,000. The winner is Robby Hipp.

Congratulations! If you’re a winner, keep an eye out for an email on the weekend of 3/28 with further instructions.

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  1. Philip Arthur Moore

    Wow. I knew you would be doing something huge today, but I had no clue it would be this huge. Congratulations on the book launch, Ramit. My purchase is being completed right now and my receipt being forwarded. Have an awesome Monday!

  2. I know it doesn’t help your finances, but I read your book at Borders and I really liked your tone. The advice was great; I already saved $100 by switching my auto insurance. Best of luck – I’m sure you’ll sell a whole bunch of copies.

  3. Ramit, I immediately went to Amazon and bought this book after reading today’s blog posting. My question is, because I forwarded my receipt to the email address provided above at approximately 7:46 am Eastern time, do I qualify for the prizes, or do I need to re-forward my receipt between the 8-4pm Pacific time frame?

  4. Writer Coin

    I did what John did too…I used to work in publishing so I know how much your publisher is absolutely loving you right now.


  5. Went to amazon to consider buying it but saw there was no Kindle version and I have been buying all my books on the Kindle these days (have to justify that initial $350 cost).

  6. Congrats Ramit! Just ordered the book, can’t wait to read it!

  7. Ramit, I just purchased your book and hope I can win a kindle.

    Just for some feedback, it was your sample chapters that pushed me over the edge. I like that you offered us a taste of what was being offered, and it encouraged me to buy it despite reading your site regularly, and “already knowing personal finance stuff” (which I have learned is NOT the same as DOING personal finance stuff).

    I also passed along your promotional email to a few -specific- friends of mine whom I think will be interested. I didn’t just spam it to my email contact list; I selected 18 friends in my MBA program with whom I have discussed personal finance with in the past.

    Additionally, I am speaking to a class of undergraduates April 7th on how to find jobs and live in the real world. After talking a bit about personal finance and career stuff I share with them 2 sites that I frequent on Personal Finance:, and There are plenty of other sites, but these are the two I recommend.

    I would love to be able to tell them that you gave me a Kindle to further spark their interest in your site.

    Keep up the good work (and pick me).

  8. Snowballer

    Here I thought I was just getting a sweet book. Probably won’t win anything as statistical odds are against it, but getting a chance at any of this stuff sure adds to the value of the purchase.

  9. Ramit,
    Congrats on the book launch. I can’t wait for the book arrive in the mail. I have a good feeling about your launch today–you’ll rock Amazon.

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge and for the give aways

  10. Josh Kim

    Dah… I might have bought it if it was on the Kindle… Looks like I may have to go back to physical books again.

  11. I just bought the book at Amazon and forwarded the receipt – hope I win the Kindl or the money! Love to use it to start investing since I lost almost all retirement, and my job after 17 years. I have been following your blog, get the emails and my family (including siblings and cousins) participated in the Scrooge at Christmas – it worked. Good luck selling the book. We will put what we can into practice.

  12. Shareef

    Ramit, great work on the book! I also read a review of it on The Simple Dollar which offered a fresh perspective on the content.

  13. Ian Haisley

    Just bought the book! So excited to read it! I have really gotten so much out of following your blog!

  14. Ramit Sethi

    Yo all — the Kindle version will be out in a couple weeks. The winners can email me and I’ll hook them up with free copies on the Kindle, too 🙂

    Thanks everybody for the great comments. It’s 6:54am and we just hit #1 in personal finance on Amazon.

  15. Ramit, must say love the book. I picked it up this past Friday night and my wife have just started reading it. So far, we must give you our sincerest thanks for writing it. We are currently in the process for buying our first home and I believe with your guidance from the book, we will easily be able to set up our budget/saving plan more efficiently.

    So again Ramit thank you, now where did I put that receipt so I can enter all these giveaways.

  16. Congratulations on finishing the book, the very smart publicity work you’ve done and hitting #1 on Amazon! It’s obvious that a lot of hard work went into this book. I can’t wait to read it.

  17. Congrats Ramit!! Justbought the book now. Here’s hoping I get a grand or a kindle. Glad to see your doing what you dreamed!!

  18. Kindle 1 or Kindle 2?

  19. I hope it counts that I bought it weeks ago on pre-order!
    I sent my receipt in just in case. 😉
    Awesome giveaways!
    Congrats on reaching #12!!!

  20. sriram rajan

    Just ordered your book…. Hope can get either the kindle or the $1K and start applying your tips on the same … all the best for getting to the top 10 amazon list…

  21. Congratulations Ramit! I’ve been following your blog for a while and I’m also participating in the personal Finance blog sphere via the community. Your efforts are very impressive.

    I did purchase your book today. You have my support.

  22. Congrats Ramit! Can’t wait to read your book! I told my college buddies. Hopefully they’ll buy it as well! 🙂

  23. Michelle Kelley

    Hi! Just purchased the book through B& I did NOT get a Confirmation Email from them to send. Called them, and was told their system is down…call back in a couple hours~! Help!! What to do?? I just have a PAypal receipt, but it doesn’t say what I bought on it anywhere. Plus, it’s only for $3 and change, since I used a B&N giftcard, and just used Paypal for the overage. So not fair…

  24. Hi Ramit,

    how does the give-away work? Is it random pick amongst the last hour receipts? Is it picked amongst all the receipts received today?

    I’m asking because the wording is kind of odd “I’m giving away ONE KINDLE EVERY HOUR today (from 8am-4pm Pacific) to anyone who buys the book and forwards the receipt”.
    I know you mean that one person will be picked but in writing it’s odd…


  25. Michelle Kelley

    Okay…I just got the email from B& I am happy now.

  26. Like your work nice style lv to chat sometime or tweet me.

  27. Paul Turner

    Fantastic promotion… Lifehacker has you front page! Just completed my purchase and forwarded my receipt.

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  29. Rorschach

    Awesome. I already pre-ordered last week from Amazon. Can’t wait to open that puppy up when it comes in the mail!

  30. Abhishek

    Congratulations Ramit. I think your sending some of the free chapters to the pre-order community was a good move. I forwarded some to a few friends and they found them interesting enough to go ahead and buy the book.

    Good luck 🙂

  31. Brian Richter

    Hey Ramit,

    I am pumped to read your book!! As a 23 year old recent college grad I need all the help I can get with personal finance! I am hoping I can get exactly what i need from your book!! THANKS!

  32. rkt88edmo

    per the live ustream – Ramit is giving away Kindle 2s. The giveaways are random drawings, and it looks like it is cumulative – so the earlier you get him the receipt the more drawings you will be eligible for.

  33. Ramit,

    I’m very interested in reading your book, and hope it will help this 40 year old figure some things out. Best Regards,


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  35. Glenn Santos

    I don’t know if it’s true for some of you folks but I found that there’s a Kindle version already

  36. Ryan Geist

    Congratulations, Ramit! I just bought my copy. Great marketing – let’s see if you can make the top 5 on… I’m pulling for you!!

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    […] the Kindles, and $5,000 in cash: Sethi’s detailed the rules and keeps listing the winners at his blog, but the basics are that if you buy the book on Amazon, Barnes & Noble or elsewhere between 8am […]

  39. Just purchased the book. Looking forward to reading it.

  40. Bought the book, very curious about it – I am a personal finance book fanatic, to some degree. Now if I only had a Kindle … (hint! hint!)

  41. #6 on the best seller list! Well done, right behind all the Twilight book! Amazing!

  42. danielle corff

    #6 now!!!

  43. Pritesh

    I have been reading Ramit’s BLOG for more than a yr and its BLOG definitely prompt me to advance order this book which I received almost 2 weeks ago. After reading this book, I would say that this is the ONLY personal finance book a person should read.

    There are so many personal finance books in the market and some are really good. But what others miss in their books is covered in Ramit’s book. For an example, everyone knows that we have to cut down out cost and credit card’s APR should be lowered. But we do not have any idea on how to do that, until now. This book has step-by step advices on these things and many more. This book has call transcripts on how to reduce APR, negotiate your salary, and remove overdraft /other fees charges by Banks etc.

    I bought this book in less than 10 bucks and by using call transcript from the first chapter, I reduced $140. Isn’t that great? I am sure that this book is definitely worth of your money and if you are still not sure about it, visit the blog to download and read first 3 chapters. YES, this is the first time I have seen someone post FULL chapters (not one, but three !!) on the vest first day of book launch!

    This book has 6 weeks of action plan which actually works. After reading this book, I recommend this book to everyone. This book would definitely my gift to graduating friends..


  44. Ramit,
    Love the book-anxiously awaiting my copy, and I plan on putting it into place the best I can.

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  46. Sounds like a great way to promote a book.

  47. lincolnn

    Moving up the charts! Looks good!

  48. Bought the book on the recommendation of T. Ferris via a tweet. Look forward to learning & winning.

    Congrats on your book launch 🙂

  49. David Siecker

    This looks like an excellent way to give back and pay it forward.


  50. Looking forward to your book!! We definitely need to increase our financial IQ’s. something that needs to be taught in High School!

  51. Brian Richter

    BTW, this sounds a lot like what Dave Ramsey preaches…

  52. Ramit, I can’t get the chat window to load in Firefox, so how can I send you questions, comments, etc?

  53. Brian Richter

    Where is the chat board at ustream?

  54. Mary Catherine

    if i send my receipt during an hour and a winner is chosen for that hour will my receipt still be in the running for later drawings today?

  55. Great marketing via Twitter–I’d never heard of this book but I just bought it (forwarded you the receipt–PLEASE pick me to win the Kindle!!!) and am really looking forward to reading it.

    I’ll blog about the book and re-tweet your contest–great use of social media to market, btw. You’ll have to write another book about how you made your book an instant best-seller using social media!

  56. Azret Deljanin

    Tim’s twitter comment got me rolling on wanting to buy this book. After the first 10 pages on credit cards, I immediately said I must read this book. Since I am starting up as a Real Estate Agent in Manhattan, I would need some great tips on managing my money properly especially since my income would be very irregular. Can’t wait to read and congratulations on being #1.

  57. #1 on Amazon!!! Congrats!

    Now can you hook us up with some free shipping?!

  58. Karen in TN

    #1 on the Amazon Kindle list as well — I’ve bought it and will start reading in a few minutes. Even better than free shipping, it’s instant.

    But sign me up to win a K2 – I have the K1 and there are several features in the K2 that I really like better. Although I’d take the $1K instead, in a heartbeat (and use that to get the K2 and invest the rest!!!).

  59. Jonathan Radande

    The kindle version is already out. I don’t know what this whole “two weeks” waiting period is..i’m reading it on my kindle, which makes me read faster :-).

    Great book, and congrats on making it to #1!

  60. Is this contest open to Canadians?

  61. Melissa

    Congrats – and I’m crossing my fingers for that Kindle! 😉

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  63. Tom Wrona

    Ramit, you’re running an illegal lottery. Not too bright to promote your book on money management by way of a criminal enterprise. You cannot require the purchase of a product or service for people to enter your contest. Have you never read the words “No purchase required”?

  64. Holy C*&# Ramit,

    I’m not always the biggest fan of the blog, but am v. impressed that you are now #1 on Amazon today — Congrats!!

  65. sheilagh

    Just bought one from B&N. 🙂

  66. rkt88edmo

    giveaway switch up – I was wrong – Ramit is pulling winners from different pools, like now he is doing only B&N buyers trying to steer the book buying – that is kind of lame. He should come up with some extra incentives and not take “random” entries from specific subsets of buyers.

  67. Just bought the book, my fingers are crossed. Some advise to you Ramit about the comment above. Please state that winners are chosen by some critera, not by chance. In this case you are excluding one of the three clauses that constitute a lottery, making this comlpetely legal. For example you could choose me based on my awesome comment 🙂

    On the other hand, I think we should be after the real baddies, not honest people making a small promotion mistake, do you really think this is worthy of being called illegal? 🙂

  68. Heather Vitellaro

    I just bought one–used B&N like you asked. I can’t wait to learn!!

  69. Any hope for an online version? Amazon’s int’l shipping is a shocker!

  70. Charlene Burgett

    You only gave out $4,000…not the $5,000 promised. In addition, if you were to give out one Kindle per hour from 8-4, that would be eight Kindles…I only count seven. Did I miss something? I am just going by your winner’s list.

    1. One Kindle per hour: I’m giving away ONE KINDLE EVERY HOUR today (from 8am-4pm Pacific) to anyone who buys the book and forwards the receipt to

    2. FIVE $1,000 checks to kick-start your savings accounts. Mint (which I use and recommend in the book) is letting me give away $1,000 checks to FIVE lucky book buyers throughout the day on their behalf


    1. 10:00 AM Jan Small of Chicago, Il – $1,000
    2. 1:00 PM Edgar Mendez of El Paso, TX – $1,000
    3. 2:00 PM Andy Needler of Austin, TX – $1,000
    4. 4:00 PM Mario Sanchez Carrion or Mirmar, FL – $1,000


    1. 9:00 AM Beth Mathiason of Cottage Grove, MN – Kindle
    2. 10:00 AM Paul Colvin of Happy Valley, OR – Kindle
    3. 11:00 AM Gail Kenney of Ponte Vedra, FL – Kindle
    4. 12:00 PM Jeremy Wheeler of Vancouver, WA – Kindle
    5. 1:00 PM Therese Mascardo of Newport Beach, CA – Kindle
    6. 2:00 PM Natalie Bradley of Harrisburg, PA – Kindle
    7. 3:00 PM Kane Louis of Townsend, DE – Kindle

  71. Thanks for sharing all your intelligent and witty advice with us, for writing the blog, writing the book, and making the experience personal with you. We gain so much from you, and we really appreciate it.

  72. Man, I didn’t win anything. I’m glad I didn’t really buy the book. I ordered it at Amazon, got the email receipt, forwarded it, then went back right away and canceled the order. That is how *I* teach *you* to be rich. Don’t buy books that you can borrow from a library. Congratulations on a successful Day 1 anyway!

  73. What an ballsy way to drive a book’s popularity, I had to buy based on that (and your insightful Lifehacker interview, well-timed) — congrats on the #1 spot on Amazon, Ramit!

    @Steve: There’s no richness in that. That’s just pissing sour grapes and dishonesty.

  74. Congrats Ramit! I even told the girl working at Starbucks to get the book! It’s great and I’ve really enjoyed reading it and learning from it!

  75. Brandon

    Charlene I thought I was the only one who noticed that, what’s going on with that Ramit?

  76. Dude, what’s up with no winners from New England?

  77. #73 — Torley — it’s not ballsy, it’s completely illegal.

    It is ILLEGAL to run a chance prize draw that requires a (book) purchase or payment. You cannot award those prizes.

  78. There is a small snippet that says “No purchase necessary.” but it is located after the book samples above, and seems to refer to the bonus spreadsheets, etc. and not the prizes.

  79. @ Steve

    #72 – That’s pretty bitchmade.

  80. #70 Charlene Burgett

    You did miss one of the Kindles (unless it just wasn’t posted at the time…)
    However, yeah there’s only 4 Mint checks (out of 5), 2 Pearbudget acounts (out of 3), 1 Coaching Session (out of 3) and 0 gift certs (out of 5) listed. Who else won?

    Severe lack of New England ahoy! *lives in Connecticut* =(

  81. Charlene Burgett

    Regarding #70

    Okay, Ramit, it looks like the Kindle issue has been resolved. However, what about the $5,000? Only $4,000 was given away. Then, of course the minor prizes are in question as well. Can you please award the remaining prizes, since many people bought your book in good faith?


    p.s. Do you believe in “finder’s keepers”? I can use the $1K!!!

  82. Great blog/site/information!! I just found this due to a recommendation from a friend who reads your blog. I’m definitely planning on reading these chapters and purchasing the book!

  83. Charlene Burgett

    Does anybody else find it strange that Ramit hasn’t awarded the total $5,000 he stated he would be awarding? I find it disheartening that someone can sell so many books under the guise of a contest and not fulfill his obligation to award what he said he would. I would think that this would be considered fraud. In my industry, a whistleblower could rake in millions of dollars alerting authorities of fraud.

  84. Desiree

    I guess I won’t be buying this book!

  85. Carla Hannibal

    Well have all the prizes been awarded?

  86. Ramit Sethi

    Hey Carla, it turns out I forgot to give away the last $1,000 check for a savings account, so I’ll be doing that in the next 48 hours. Sorry about that — it was a crazy last few days. Stay tuned!

  87. Ramit Sethi

    I’ve now updated the winners above to include Robby Hipp, the winner of the last $1,000-for-a-new-savings-account.

  88. malia2u

    I followed the advice in the book and called my credit card company to get a rate reduction. They were unwilling to lower my rate at this time. However, because I pay on time and have been a long time customer they refunded me some fee’s and fiance charges. $262 total. AWESOME. Thanks for the great advice, previously I would have given up at we can’t do anything at this time. I will proceed to chapter two.


    Thank goodness for a book like this- one questions though… I love my ING account as well and am in “week 3” of the book so why don’t you recommend a Roth IRA through ING?

  90. Robby Hipp


    Robby here, thanks for the $1,000 via Mint!!! I am putting the first chapter to work this week. Fantastic!

    Take care

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  92. Mildred Pineiro

    i went on ebay day after day for a kindle under 250.00 couldn’t find one, kept losing the bid. i can’ t afford a new kindle2 would so enjoy one since i am home bound have a breathing issue so am readind a lot i would so read you’re book on the kindle I don’t want the money. Thank You ,
    Mildred Pineiro

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