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15 Little Life Hacks

My interview on G4TV: I was craving Corn Nuts before

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Here’s an interview I did last week on G4TV’s Attack of the Show — one of my most fun interviews.

But first, some context:

1. A few weeks ago, I posted this Twitter message about Corn Nuts. Right before I went on camera, I was craving them. Now the interview will make sense…

2. Note where I tell the host how to negotiate cable, and he starts freaking out that I’m recommending negotiating with Comcast (which G4TV is on). Priceless. GOD I LOVE THIS SHOW!!

<a href="">LinkedTube</a>

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Special note to Luis H: Printing out my blog doesn’t do anything!! Get off your ass and handle your money! I do like that you quote me, though.

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  1. Love the photo! The interview was pretty slick, too. Did they prep you all up for it, or not much?

  2. Hey Ramit, wanted to let you know that I just set up my automated accounts!

    It’s so hard with a startup because I don’t really have “stable” income, but I do the best that I can.

    My friend recently tried to “day trade,” and he seems to be doing pretty well. He tries to pull me into his little game, but I tell him that I’m currently investing my money into my own company. I’m also thinking of investing in a life cycle fun like you describe in the video.

    You’re everywhere Ramit! Keep it up!

    – Jun Loayza

  3. Nice, oh yeah you have to frame that photo, good marketing!!!

  4. Ramit,

    You have given great advices during your interview; in par with whatever you have mentioned in the book 🙂 Specially, I liked the Amazon link which appeared on the video. Excellent Marketing !

    Keep it up!

  5. Ramit:

    Negotiating like an Indian! I really love it. Even though I am an Indian, I have hardly try that in US, until now! After reading your book, I have tried to negotiate wherever I can. Here are few examples:

    – I moved to AT&T from T-mobile and changed my mind and came back. T-mobile still charged me one time activation fees. I called and told them that being a great customer (which I was for more than 3 yrs) I should not get activation fees. Also, I was T-mobile customer and moved to AT&T just for few days. Guess what? They refunded one-time activation fees. Also learned from customer service that they can waive activation fees if any customer come back within 60 days from other carrier.

    – I was planning to rent a vacation home and price was little bit higher than my budget. Suddenly, your pitch came to my mind and I told to the house owner that I can’t pay the price he is asking but I could definitely pay $100 less than that. After negotiating little bit harder, I was able to convience him to go for $100 less than what he was asking before. Isn’t it great??

    – Using mentioned tricks, I called my credit card companies and waived more than $200 in annual fees charges.

    I think, we should write a book which includes all the tricks and tips and show that how actually negotiate like an Indian 🙂

    Keep it up, Ramit!

  6. I saw your interview on AOTS and I subscribed to your blog. I’m interested to know how much your subscriber base has increased since going on the show.

    When it comes to getting what you want, my own experience has shown me that all you have to do is ask. Examples…

    1: Bought a weeks worth of groceries and suddenly the power went out for 24 hours, spoiling any perishables. Called the store and told them I know it’s not their responsibility if this happens but since I’m a good customer is there any way to bring the merchandise back? They said yes.

    2: Called my car insurance co and said I want to get my premium lower. Have any ideas how I can do that? She said I qualify for a $30 discount because of my higher education (BFA.)

    All you gotta do is ask!

  7. That’s awesome. I love G4TV and AOTS. Too bad you didn’t get to talk to Olivia…

  8. So I have to ask, what is the photo piece from? I hope they were saying wonderful things about your book (and blog). I know I sure do!

  9. Oh man, now I want cornnuts…BBQ flavored to be specific (or ranch).

  10. The book looks superimposed in the picture.

    No offence! I am your fan. Really. I bought your book.