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My friend wants to meet entrepreneurs in LA/San Diego

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A lot of readers have asked for a way to connect to other iwillteachyoutoberich readers, so here goes one try. My friend Ryan writes:

I’m traveling to LA & San Diego next week to check it out (considering moving, changing jobs). I’ve realized consulting is really not for me…

So, I’m wondering if you have any friends/acquaintances that I can meet with during my visit. I’m interested in working with a small group of people trying to start a business, so if you know any adventuring entrepreneurs that are looking for help, let me know. Otherwise, I’ll probably look for a more exciting job with more responsibility focused on marketing/branding/etc. Any help is appreciated.

Most of the entrepreneurs I know are in Silicon Valley and NYC, but maybe there are SD/LA readers who want to meet up with Ryan. If so, add a comment and I’ll connect you two. Btw, Ryan is a guy who can get things done: He arranged for me to be flown across the country to speak to his consulting company, and then set up a follow-up talk here in the Bay Area.


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  1. I live & work in San Diego. If I could say one thing about this area it would be more people have no work ethic here than other parts of the country. Almost half of the employees in the company I work for is incompetent or doesn’t care. They are just here for the free buck. Almost all (except maybe a handful of) consultants we have hired have done a crappy job of what they were hired for.

    So, If I were to start a business, I would definitely look elsewhere.

    If it matters, I do digital ASIC design.

  2. There is the VentureForth Annual Entrepreneur Conference November 18th in San Diego.

  3. Thanks for the comment. This is interesting, but not entirely suprising. I know San Diego is a more relaxed place, but it is rated as a “top city” for entrepreneurs: Any comment on the disconnect? Maybe the growth is in a different industry…

  4. Hey BigFoot – Great lead! I’ll be in LA for another conference that weekend, but do you know if there are any networking opportunities on Friday or Sunday evening (e.g. – lingering conference-goers)?

  5. I live here in San Diego as well. There are a ton of biotech and engineering entrepreneurs here in San Diego, so maybe those industries are dominating the survey. In any case, a buddy and I (both in our final year of grad school) are considering doing some independent marketing consulting and possibly even turning it into our own company. I’ve been doing a lot of reading on the subject recently, so I’d certainly be interested in speaking with you.

  6. I don’t have an engineering background, so to be in an environment full of engineers would be a great compliment to what I consider to be my strengths – marketing, sales, leadership, etc.

    Bryan – email me at

    I’ll be in SD from Nov 19-21. Let’s try to meet up at some point.

  7. I live in OC and work in LA, I’d be interested in meeting up.

  8. Great! Let’s try to make an event out of this! I will be in the LA/SD area from 11/16 – 11/21. Aside from Saturday and Sunday morning/afternoon I have a relatively flexible schedule.

    If anyone is interested in meeting up in the SD/LA area Nov 16-21, email me at I will start an email thread and we can figure out what times work best for everyone, exchange contact information, etc. If we can’t find a time that works for everyone, I’ll make sure to meet with anyone that has the time. I’ll have a car, a map, and a flexible schedule.

    I’m excited to meet all of you!

  9. This is interesting. I just moved to San Diego in August and so far have found it suprisingly not laid back (I am used to the East coast bustle of Boston/NYC). Now I work in La Jolla so maybe that’s it, but the people are pretty intense and there quite a number of workaholics. There are a bunch of ridiculous strict rules where I work though that make abolutely no sense. I feel like the managers would rather have authoritarian power than actually increase productivity.

  10. Ryan
    it smart to have a open mind, a open mind is like having a open parachute, it work best when it is open. If you are ever in Queens, New York may be we could have a cup of coffee together and discuss
    some ideas