Start Here: “The Ultimate Guide to Asking for a Raise and Negotiate Your Salary”

My definitive guide to getting a raise and boosting your income

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Today, in this very blog post, I’m showing you how to be a millionaire. No scams, no bullshit penny stocks. Just simple math and actual techniques you can use.

It’s simple: A single $5,000-dollar raise in your twenties is worth over $1,300,000 dollars by the time you retire.

If you don’t believe me, just check out this salary calculator to see the difference that one-time pay increase makes over your career.

That’s why my team and I have spent the last couple of weeks working behind the scenes to expand and improve my Ultimate Guide to Getting a Raise and Boosting Your Income.

It’s totally free, just part of being an IWT reader:

This guide includes some of our most advanced material on negotiation – including real world examples, case studies, a salary calculator, and cut-and-paste scripts to make sure you get paid what you deserve in 2016.

If you only check out one piece of this guide, use the salary calculator to see how much you’re missing out on:

How much is a one-time pay raise worth over your career?

Here are some of my favorite parts of this guide:

  • Exactly what to say to get a raise: Including word-for-word scripts that you can use if you’re inexperienced or nervous about what to say (in Part 4)

  • How to counter objections: How to easily overcome the “Shut-you-down” objections your boss will use, like “Maybe next year” and “The timing just isn’t right” (in Part 2)

  • Perfect for people who hate confrontation (aka every damn millennial): How to get your boss to say “Yes”…without any confrontation (in Part 3)

Best of all: people of all ages, all skill levels, all job types, and from countries all around the world have used this material and gotten great results. Look at some of these:

It’s tested and proven to work. Even if your job pays pretty well, you might be leaving some income on the table.

Income you deserve.

So check it out. In as little as a 15-minute conversation with your boss, you could get 10-30% pay bump.

And remember, you lock in those gains for the rest of your life. That’s a game-changer.

It’s totally free — as my gift to you.

Here’s the updated and expanded Ultimate Guide to Getting a Raise and Boosting Your Salary one more time.



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