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15 Little Life Hacks

My birthday

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Is it weird to wish myself a happy birthday?

I turn 32 on Monday, June 30th.


The conversations with my mom have become increasingly hilarious. No matter what we’re talking about, she manages to masterfully weave in an Aesop-style fable about the importance of getting married right now.

Ramit: “I’m going on vacation for my birthday.”

Mom: “That’s so great. Where are you going?”


Mom: “You know, travel is great to do when you’re young. I was talking to Muninder Uncle and his son, Raj, is going on a trip with his new wife. Did you know he got married? He didn’t WAIT like all those other people…”

At this point, I’m just amazed how someone can take the most mundane topic — hanging up art in my bathroom or buying new pants — and subtly transition the topic to anything they want. Are all women born like this?

Me and my mom

In turn, like a master fencer, I have become skilled at imperceptibly parrying her matrimonial references and deftly changing the subject.


On my birthday, I’m asking for one favor. Just one.

Can you tell me how IWT has changed your life?

It could be getting a $5,000 raise, or starting a business, or paying off debt. This year, I’m especially interested in hearing about how you’ve mastered your inner psychology — whether that means you started going to the gym, or learned how to handle the naysayers in your life, or made more friends.

This is all I want for my birthday, and these stories are the reason I have my dream job.

When I say I read every response, I mean it.

If my material has helped you in ANY way, please share your story here.

Thanks, and as always, I’ll talk to you soon.

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  1. Happy Birthday Ramit!

    I got married about 6 months ago… Loving it! (Mum is right.. lol)

    Ok.. at the ‘free’ level, I used your briefcase technique to increase my job offer salary by 11% plus additional bonuses before even resuming work.

    HR couldn’t understand it, CEO was more than happy.

    • Ramit,

      One (of the many) thing you’ve taught me is…

      Be YOURSELF!

      Sounds simple, right? Wasn’t for me. I always thought I had to conform to others and how they work, say, do, etc. Can’t act yourself around so and so. Blah blah blah

      I watch you swear, tell people off, and you keep moving forward to bigger and greater things, along with your growing audience.

      I’ve adapted to being myself. And the people around me don’t like it… Fuck ’em! I’ll peel out and leave dust in their faces while I keep moving forward!

      So, thank you, Ramit! Keep on rockin’!

      Happy early “coming out of your mom’s vagina” Day.

      David Hunter

    • Happy Birthday Ramit,

      I started investing in myself by buying your book which arrived today, and finally pay off my remaining debt!

    • Hi Ramit, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

      I ‘d like to say that your material has helped me open my eyes, I believe that one of the clear changes in me are that I am now more resourceful and have a better understanding about business/psychology and my mindset. Becoming aware of powerful barriers has been a very helpful in my life. I must say that having just started dap plying your material ion the past 7 months the notable changes have been psychological and I have been increasingly setting up foundations and seeking systems to perpetrate all areas of my life.

      Although I haven’t started a business yet, or have gotten a raise I believe that your material has allowed me to have the potential to do this, being part of ZTL has actually been the reason I’ve attended meetups for the first time and meeting people in my lo cal are like Enocj Ko was an eye opener. That experience also allowed me to go to meetups to do with UX Design (my target career). Had I not started ZTL may be I still wouldn’t be going to networking functions.

      Funnily thing though, now that I’m more knowledgable about money and finances after reading your book, I notice all these people who don’t know what saving accounts are, or don’t have credit cards because they’re scared of them and these things now annoy me. Like seriously you are 22 and you don’t know what Savings accounts are for/or how they work)?? They’re an acquaintance so I didn’t shout him an idiot.

      Anyway my point is that I feel like I have gained more of these qualities of ‘ seeming wiser than my age suggests and you Ramit your material has had a part in that.

      Have a joyous birthday and elope forward to hearing from you again!


    • Happy Birthday Ramit!

      Beware, your dear Mother only wants grandchildren so she can “Sugar’em Up”, shake and then hand them back to gleefully watch how YOU cope!!

      Last week I earned almost complete autonomy in my current role, was given a $1000 discretionary budget…and handed a $200 cheque.
      But the best part…I had an offer from a brand new startup in another industry and the salary will dwarf what I’m getting now!
      I honestly haven’t begun to use the tools yet…I’ve just really taken to heart your overriding theme in relation to work, that we almost always under-sell ourselves!!

      Tell your mum you’re more into guys these days!! That should buy you a little time until she figures out you’re lying /:-)

    • Well, you haven’t changed my life per say. BUT, I do find your journey incredibly inspiring and fascinating. I enjoy reading your emails every now and then and it gives a lot of food for thought. If anything, that’s something! Thanks for sharing your work with the world and Happy Birthday.

    • Your site has helped me because I commented on something and it sent traffic to my artist’s website 😉 seriously though your voice gets in my head and I am like self, wTF are you doing right now! Get up and do something! Thanks!! I love the no bullshit talk. Oh, and your email script helped me compose a few direct emails that got responses. Thanks for that too. You are so helpful!

    • Happy birthday!

      I just wanted to thank you. After reading your book I realized a few things. First, I already knew a lot of that stuff. But more importantly, I wasn’t DOING most of the things in the book. Your rather blunt writing style was a kick in the pants for me to get off my a$$ and DO something. So I’ve automated all of my retirement planning and some of my regular savings so I already have enough saved up for my 6 month emergency fund and then some. I decided to revisit a business idea I had a decade ago and retooled it so now I’ve got my own business started. It hasn’t made any $$ yet but hey, I just opened a bank account for it the other day. And I began a blog to share my experiences and thoughts and kind of let it hold me accountable to keeping up with my goals. Thanks a bunch!

    • Happy Birthday, Ramit! You make it very clear how to snap out of small-minded thinking and habits, to own one’s own power and think bigger already! And I’m finding it extremely helpful in many areas. Thank you! Enjoy the beach. 🙂

  2. Happy bday!

    I have used your materials to improve my email communications, which has led to an increase in my response rates to parties, requests for help, and my survey research.

    Also, I have used it on my wife…don’t tell her…to get her to agree to my crazy shenanigans.

    Lastly, I have used several postings and some of your videos in my classes to engage my students about topics on life, negotiation, and getting what we want.


  3. I used the Briefcase Technique to go from being a part-time department assistant at a university to being Director of Communications for a religious organization.

    I even told my best friend (who’s a chef) about it and she snagged a sweet job running a corporate kitchen despite being only a year out of culinary school.

    Crazy part is I’ve never purchased any of your products. This is all from your free stuff. Truly a testament to how dope your content is. Thank you so much for everything, Ramit. I hope you have an awesome birthday. 🙂

  4. Happy birthday,

    I got a $2000 raise when nobody else in my department got anything. Like zero. I was the only person in Canada who got one.

    Five months later I quit to become freelance. Went from $84k full-time to $125k with lower taxes (incorporation) and more control over my hours.

    I asked (since I was leaving) why I got a raise when no one else one. My boss said that I was the only person who focused on getting better (Year of Mastering Your Craft) and becoming a top performer. I didn’t complain about doing things outside of what was ‘normal’ for my role or the training/expectations she had of us.

    • Hi, Ramit
      Happy B day. Ive used overnight resume makeover to land a great job, with an 8% increase in my pay. Not an insane amount but definitly worth every penny i spent on the course.

    • Adding to it – Inner psychology stuff:

      I’ve also automated my loan payments, education contributions, retirement savings etc.

      I’ve identified why I don’t go to the gym, and after a few mistakes, found that purchasing basic equipment for my house worked much better. I work out at least once per week – just by buying a bench press, a skipping rope and clearing some space in my rec room.

      Briefcase technique was a mixed bag. It helped get me a 6 figures consulting job in a desired field (trading floor). It also back-fired when I used it, when the employer’s job description deviated from what he actually wanted. Lesson learned – listen more before launching into a solution.

      Success Triggers – I made significant changes in my life and created something, a side project (see website), that I’m really proud of, even if no one else uses it. I’ve had industry leaders contact me about it, and it’s worked as a “Whatz that” for work colleagues who I haven’t been in touch with for years.

  5. I’ve only used your free material, but you’ve massively shaped my thinking about wealth, my career, and working with people. In one post that stands out, you asked something like “What does wealth mean to you?” I thought about that for months, and my answer totally changed what I pursue and how I pursue it–and I’m having success! Some techniques that have helped along the way include thinking of my career (and life) in terms of measured tradeoffs, focusing on big wins, and using some modifications of the briefcase technique. These are all uncomplicated concepts, but it would’ve taken me decades to come up with them on my own.

    I am so much happier and confident now because of your work. Happy birthday and many, many thanks!

  6. thats awesome! my goddaughters bday is on the same day… she’ll be 7 🙂 I live in Germany and finances are mostly automated anyway and people are sceptical of credit cards (i.e. sadly not too many great free card bonus deals..) but I did enjoy reading ur book and love the way you deal with haters and bad ppl in general. So I learn a lot just by watching you teach and implementing psychological mindset shifts. such as the ones u teach in ZTL. you truly show what can be reached in life when you create the right thoughts for yourself and your life. ur good natured at heart and really love to help ppl. thank you for your work! 🙂

  7. Happy Birthday : D, Your Momma is on the ball, Marriage has changed me for the better, 4 years on June 5th. With 1 son, 19, 3 daughters 14, 9 and 5 and one to enter the world on July 4th, 2014. I have been blessed. I also started to workout and I feel so much better every time I do and to the naysayers as well. : D Have a gr8 trip I hope with my hard work and dedication I too will be able to take my wife and children overseas to see the world, Peace and God Bless!

  8. Happy Birthday! I’m going to focus on two key mindset shifts that I’ve had:

    1. The idea that “a year from now, you’ll be a year older” so what are you going to do? It’s always better to start something (even if you fail) than to wish you had started.

    2. The concept of taking small steps towards your goals. Breaking your goal down into bite-sized steps is much easier to commit to, and allows you to course correct along the way. You gave an example of a friend who wanted to start running, but wouldn’t do it because she could only run once per week. Running once per week would be better than not running at all, but she saw it as a waste of time.

  9. Happy birthday! 6/30 is my husband’s birthday too! I have taken the plunge and have started to pursue a career path that I am interested in. I am working one full time and one part time job now – one to pay the bills and one to gain experience in the field in which I wish to transition. Before your motivational/instructional videos I was afraid it would be too hard to balance 2 jobs or that I wouldn’t like the new field the way I was hoping I would. I was right on one account, it’s EXTREMELY hard! The difference is, now I am just not afraid to face the challenges to get what I want. It turns out that I am actually really good at the part time job and am thriving in it. I have already been offered permanent positions at the new company, but they pay substantially less than I am making now. I need to figure that one out soon!

  10. Changed my script and started going to the gym for the first time in my life. Lost 10 pounds, another 10 to go. Got myself a great job at a great company. Next?? Get lightening to strike for the 2nd time in my life and meet the love if my life for the rest of my life!! Happy birthday, Ramit! If you believe in Karma, you have a ton of blessings coming your way!