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Meet me in New York, San Francisco, DC, Chicago, or LA

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I’m already traveling 5-6 times/month, so I figured why not meet up with you guys?

We can get drinks and I will tell you sordid stories of my past, then we can reminisce about the dumbest comments ever left on this site.

Upcoming dates:

  • Washington DC: This Thursday, 7/14
  • New York: August
  • San Francisco: September or October
  • Los Angeles: September or October
  • Chicago: Early October

I would love to hang out and get to know you. If you want to get a reminder when I set these events up, fill out this quick form below. (I won’t use these email addresses for anything except notification.)

Important: Be sure to fill in the correct city, so that you only get notified when I’m coming to YOUR area.

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  1. What about your old stomping grounds, San Francisco? I’ll be there July 25 – 29th…

  2. Okay, but where’s the form to request that you visit cities not on the list? =)

  3. Why not a “meet up” in SF?

  4. And what about the UK??? You need to make a bit more time to service all of your readers!! 🙂

  5. I second Megan’s comment! Come to London !

  6. Would love to see “meetups” via with Ramit- and IWT-type folks in my area, but I never find any in Central NJ/PA/NY area.. Is there an IWT message board I haven’t seen yet where such a thing could be facilitated?

    Thanks for this info, Ramit!

  7. This is pretty sweet. Hope to meet you in DC. Will you be sending out info on what bars you’re going to?

  8. When is Minneapolis happening?

  9. I’m with Matt. Definitely hoping to see you in DC this week. Let us know when and where!

  10. A great opportunity for the Americans. When you come to London I’ll be there!