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Meet me in New York, San Francisco, DC, Chicago, or LA

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I’m already traveling 5-6 times/month, so I figured why not meet up with you guys?

We can get drinks and I will tell you sordid stories of my past, then we can reminisce about the dumbest comments ever left on this site.

Upcoming dates:

  • Washington DC: This Thursday, 7/14
  • New York: August
  • San Francisco: September or October
  • Los Angeles: September or October
  • Chicago: Early October

I would love to hang out and get to know you. If you want to get a reminder when I set these events up, fill out this quick form below. (I won’t use these email addresses for anything except notification.)

Important: Be sure to fill in the correct city, so that you only get notified when I’m coming to YOUR area.


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  1. What about your old stomping grounds, San Francisco? I’ll be there July 25 – 29th…

  2. Okay, but where’s the form to request that you visit cities not on the list? =)

  3. Why not a “meet up” in SF?

  4. And what about the UK??? You need to make a bit more time to service all of your readers!! 🙂

  5. I second Megan’s comment! Come to London !

  6. Would love to see “meetups” via meetup.com with Ramit- and IWT-type folks in my area, but I never find any in Central NJ/PA/NY area.. Is there an IWT message board I haven’t seen yet where such a thing could be facilitated?

    Thanks for this info, Ramit!

  7. This is pretty sweet. Hope to meet you in DC. Will you be sending out info on what bars you’re going to?

  8. When is Minneapolis happening?

  9. I’m with Matt. Definitely hoping to see you in DC this week. Let us know when and where!

  10. A great opportunity for the Americans. When you come to London I’ll be there!

  11. Travelling 5-6 times a month, huh? Got something in the pipeline?

    I’m a bit surprised you’re not asking to meet up for coffee or salsa, but I guess this works.

    Depending on what August looks like, I might be at the NYC meet up.

    • None of my readers can eat as spicy food as I can, so I don’t want to embarrass them.

      Cue 5,000 commenters saying, “I love putting tabasco on my eggs!” Tabasco, while delicious, is as spicy as sand. GTFO

    • I’m always up for a challenge! I’m not saying I can handle what you can handle…but I do think Tobasco is about as spicy as black pepper.

    • I like they way you assume we’d be embarrassed. I’m fine with my whimpy spice tolerance.

  12. Here’s to hoping Atlanta gets added to the list for future consideration!

  13. Hey Ramit,

    Are you giving a talk in these cities, or meeting people in a smaller, more personalized setting? I am definitely interested in meeting you when you come to LA. Do you have any specific dates/venues planned?



  14. Is this a 1-on-1 thing? Or group date 🙂 let’s do lunch!! I can handle my spice!

  15. Ramit- any plans to visit Dallas this year?

  16. Ramit,

    Man, you only go to the happening places. What about us poor bumpkins that don’t live in the mecca’s of the united states.

    I think we should be able to vote where you travel to. I mean places like Roswell, New Mexico, Mobile, Alabama, Fargo, North Dakota, Wall Drug, South Dakota.

    Lets get a poll going here and you will travel to the most voted upon cities. I think it is a grand plan. I could pick you up in my 1982 Mercedes G-Wagen with a 40 in your hand rolling down the boulevard like a Pimp Master you are.

    We could then go and find out all the insane ways to make cash, hard cash on the corner with my homeys. You can teach us all about street cred economics.

    What you say man?

  17. I’ve filled out a form like this 3 or 4 times on your site and don’t think I have ever actually been notified of any events.

    • @Brian. Just thought I’d let you know that I signed up on the form and got the notification for the meet up.

  18. Anyone get any word as to what might be happening in DC this week?

  19. Not that you were opening things up to people suggesting their own cities, but put my vote in for Boston!

  20. As you can see there’s quite a bunch of us that want to see you in London. So come here sometime. We have a river! And a big Ferris wheel!

    Please come to London

    • You have people with extremely hot accents and really good kebabs. Don’t undersell yourself.

    • Is the kebab thing serious? So far the best kebabs I’ve eaten have been always in Spain. Kebabs in London taste like carpet. Although I’ve never tried in Edgware Road. Apparently those are the ones to go for, so we could do the meetup there.

  21. Come to Toronto brother!! I will take you to the best kebab place in town. I’ll even foot the bill. Now that’s saving you money!

  22. How’s St Louis. If Chicago is good.

  23. Ditto to the London comments. You SHOULD come to the UK. The kebabs are on me!

  24. Sebastian Rubin Link to this comment

    USA is a bit far, so I happily add my voice to the London chorus 🙂

    Antwerp, Belgium.

  25. When you are in S.F., I might come, although I am [sadly] underage.

  26. Do you need a promoter on your world tour?

    Why not Texas on your list ?

  27. Hey Ramit,

    What day for NYC? Please let us know. Thank you.

  28. I’ll make another case for Canada:

    Please come to Canada! 😀

  29. Minneapolis!

    Don’t underestimate your readers’ spice level…because I’m Asian!