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Maybe I’m wrong, but I really don’t think so

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Jam writes:

i’ve been approached by a colleague to think about investing in

i’m not very good at this sorta thing. Never invested before and all that.

i would very much appreciate your feedback on what you think about this setup.

I write back:

i looked at the site for 2 seconds and searched “abbfund” on google, and i wouldn’t go near it

I dunno, maybe it’s the HUGE CAPITALS about the REFERRAL SYSTEM or PAY-4 PROFIT SYSTEM (it really says that) that makes me wary. What do I know, though.

PS–Please kill me if one of my iwillteachyoutoberich readers signs up for something like this

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[Update]: I doubt this is related, but the URL stopped responding about 24 hours after posting this

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  1. “What do I know, though.”

    Unfinished sentence?

  2. This post is bad for – what a heist. I just reported them to verisign for misuse of the seal. We’ll see what happens.

  3. that reminds me a bit of this:
    a bit brusque, but a rather reasonable point…

    (full disclosure: purely coincidentally, i work at google =))

  4. Run away from this as fast as you can! I tried to decipher the “modules” and read the fine print on stuff, but gave up. There are too many clear, open and above-board ways to invest to get mixed up with this group.

    It was even scarier when I Googled the company. Not one respectable money Web site had a profile on it.

    Ramit, you’ll be glad to note that the “sign-up” link does not work on the front page. Maybe we should all take that hint.

  5. I agree–stay away from that.

    For so investing tips try:

  6. I read the books Rich Dad and “Cashflow Quadrant (rich dad part 2)” because they were featured on my beloved PBS. Here in Seattle, we have three PBS channels.

    Anyway, I’m sure most readers here have a fair amount of contempt for R. Kiyosaki. In Cashflow Quadrant, he very briefly, but surely mentioned “network marketing” and identified himself as a proponent of it. Ugh!

    Bad PBS!!! How the heck did a guy like that get on PBS?

  7. Looks like one of those autosurf scams:


  8. “Googleityoumoron”, rotfl….
    run away from this site,
    I’d agree

  9. How do I invest into the ABBFUND program?

    “Please refer to your club organization policy to obtain permession in order to join the program. Without club member refer ID, your are not quarified to join the program.”

    from their FAQ…man, even if you DON’T google, their own site gives you reasons enough to not trust it.

  10. Yeah, I’ve researched and even tried a program like this before. They’re practically all scams. Stay away.