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May: What do women really want?

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I just got back from a 3-week vacation (more on that later) so I’m feeling extremely lazy…thus I’m skipping my usual long prose and jumping straight to bullet points. This way, I can go back to my regular routine of eating and napping for 9 hrs/day.

BUT — I do have some really cool stuff for you this month.

Money & Gender

  • This month, I’m writing a whole series on gender. When I did this a couple years ago, it was one of my most popular/controversial series ever.
  • Every Friday this month we’ll tackle a different gender issue: gender and money, gender and careers, gender and psychology, gender and earning more. I guarantee at least someone will be offended every week.
  • I’ve also got a special webinar with Amanda Steinberg from DailyWorth lined up for later this month.

The truth about passive income

  • While I was gone for 3 weeks, IWT kept running without me. Actually, it grew. I’ve got a series on passive income coming up this month, including a special guest post from Chris Guillebeau.
  • Note: I’m generally very critical of passive income since less than 1% of people can consistently earn passive income at any scale. But I’ll share what’s worked for me.
  • Also, starting a passive business isn’t the only way to make money. I’ll be debuting a special webinar on the “3 easiest ways to earn more money” soon.

Remember your New Year’s Resolution?

  • Remember your New Year’s Resolution? Did you finally follow through this year? I can help with that. Got some new stuff on behavior change for you and a special webinar with The Power of Habit author Charles Duhigg (this book reveals some astonishingly sophisticated principles and techniques of behavioral change).
  • Plus, the return of an IWT favorite: Money Diaries

If you’re excited about what’s coming, help me spread the word by tweeting ONE of the links below:

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    • Click to tweet: “The truth about passive income?”
    • Click to tweet: “My Memorial Day Resolution is to keep my New Year’s Resolution.”

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  1. I can’t wait for the “Money & Gender” series. I expect it to be highly offensive, entertaining and educational.

  2. Prediction: at least one person will claim it’s all about being as aggressive as a guy without at all looking at studies that show aggressiveness has a much bigger risk/reward issue for women. Men will claim that getting to wear sleeveless blouses and skirts in the summer totally negates any extra costs or sexist expectations that women’s professional wardrobes incur. Hobbies and expenses that are viewed as “girly” will be denigrated by commentors and Ramit will have a hard time deciding where the line between “woman tax” and “discretionary spending” falls but may actually point out the woman tax exists, though under a different name. And last but not least, someone will overuse the word “female” and not understand why women are getting annoyed by it.

    • Outstanding. In a post detailing what I’m GOING to write — but haven’t written yet — we already have people getting riled up. Who else is excited by this?

    • I’m not riled so much as aware of how these things go – and I’ve read a lot of the comments on your posts where wives/girlfriends come up. I mean, most expenses are equal-gender: we all have to pay rent, student loans, et cetera, right? And automating finances are not gendered.

      So my thought branched into two directions: one, how much will you and the guy commenters acknowledge sexism existing and having an effect on finances and the scripts women write for themselves? (Not so much to say “men are bad, boo” but to say “yes, it is likely to succeed in business you will have to spend more money on X than a guy.”) And two, what are the gendered expenses and scripts around gender and money?

      Clothes just happened to be an easy target because it’s a good example of where sexism and scripts intersect.

  3. Oh boy! And, “go girl.” It’s going to be a fun May.

  4. WARNING: I plan on being one of the people in the comments section complaining to you about the times in my career that I was punished for being female…and how you can’t possibly understand.

    It’s not because you are wrong. It’s because I’m still pissed about it. And I feel like complaining.

    • I could write a book, and may some day, on all the ways sexism still exists for working professional women. Just a week ago, when discussing working remotely for my company, since my husband got a job out of state and we are moving, my boss (who thinks he’s funny) said to me, “Looks like the president has approved you to work remotely. How do you feel about taking a job away from a white male?” The white male he was referring to was the person they had chosen to hire as a back up in case the technical aspects of working offsite didn’t work out. I pointed out that actually, the “white male” would have been taking MY job and even if I was “taking his job” I didn’t care since I was way more qualified.

      Unfortunately, for tax reasons it ended up not working out afterall but I certainly won’t miss the weekly sexist comments. The best part was when he told me that it wasn’t going to work out afterall and he added, “Look at the bright side, now you can stay home and take care of your baby. Babies need their mommies.” I was pregnant at the start of the working offsite process but had a miscarriage a few days ago that he doesn’t know about yet, making his comment doubly insulting.

  5. Only reason Ramit came back for was his Taco Bell.

  6. Sex and Gender are two different things, is May about one or both?

    Looking forward to it!

  7. Will you discuss pre-nups? That would be interesting…

  8. Watch the HBO special “In Her Own Words, Gloria Steinem.” It’s fascinating. You could get a lot of ammo out of that movie for your gender series. It’s amazing to me how different her version of feminism is than what it is today. Her version is better.
    And the documentary on Hugh Hefner is awesome as well, tons of ammo in there too for discussion points.

  9. We will see if you get it right. I always find it interesting when men try to “take a trip inside HER head.”