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15 Little Life Hacks

Look at this sign I saw in San Francisco

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I saw this on King St. in SF while driving a little while ago:

Expensive housing in SF (spotted on King St)

What pictures do you have of funny/weird/interesting personal-finance things? Maybe a hairdresser with $200 haircuts, or a homeless man trying to find $1 to eat, or the bill when you last went out with your friends?

Send them to me and I’ll feature them next week (anonymously, if you want).

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  1. You really have to be nuts. Half of a million for a shoebox 1BR?

  2. Ah the joys of Bay Area housing prices.

  3. Ouch!

    This is why I live in the midwest.

    Actually, I’m going to be out of the midwest shortly, but it’ll be to move to New Mexico.

    I’ve always known people living in the Bay Area and New York and such. I’m sure they’re fascinating places and I wish the areas I’d lived in had better museums and restaurants and employment opportunities, but it’s definitely not worth that. Around here, you can get a respectable full-sized home (not a new one, but a liveable one) for $100k.

  4. wow, and I thought the Boston area was bad…

  5. What on earth is “funny/weird/strange” about a homeless man trying to find some money to eat?

  6. I looked at the picture and thought to myself – What’s so funny? Half a million for a 1B is great!

    Living in NYC I forget that these prices are absurd for the rest of the country. Half a million will get you a studio in NYC!!!
    I guess I see the humor.

  7. I’ve been living here too long: I had to read the comments to find out why this picture was significant. 🙁

  8. I couldn’t figure out what was funny about the picture until I read the comments. It’s amazing how where you live (NYC) changes your perspective on what is a reasonable price.

  9. Clearly the prices are unreasonable, but living here in NJ only a few miles from NYC (I can see the skyline from here) these prices seem just about on par with the lunacy around here. Might actually be a bargain if you can see the water.

  10. This is out of the ordinary? Ive lived in SJ my entire life, I see nothing unusual with this. And yes…I know thats sad