Live webcast tonight: Psychology techniques + live answers to your questions

Ramit Sethi · November 4th, 2009

The webcast is over

Tonight (Thursday, 11/5), I’m doing a live webcast to show you 5 psychological techniques to change your financial behavior. You’re learn how to trick yourself to save and earn more using powerful techniques I haven’t mentioned anywhere else.

After showing you the new psychological models, I’ll do a Lightning Talk to answer YOUR questions. I’ll also answer questions about the Boot Camp.

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I want to pack this full of information in 30 minutes, so here’s what I’m covering…

7:00pm – 7:10pm: 5 Psychological Techniques to Trick Yourself:
Forced Constraints, Accountability Partners (used the RIGHT way), Subscription Snafus, Better Than Cash, and Mental Accounting. These have saved me thousands of dollars since I started my blog in 2004

7:10pm – 7:20pm: LIGHTNING Round:
10 minutes of questions — ask me ANYTHING — and I’ll spend a maximum of 30 seconds per question. It’s going to get nutty

7:20 – 7:30pm Boot Camp questions:
I’ll share the Country Club Effect, details of the Boot Camp, tell you more about the guest speakers, and share some of the surprising things that have already happened inside

How to attend:
Go to and click refresh at 7pm Pacific TONIGHT (Thursday). A video feed will appear with me creepily staring at you and likely screaming at you. Greetings!

Q: Will this be recorded?
A: No

Q: Please, can you record it? I have to be in Guatemala building houses for poor quadriplegic children
A: No

Q: What if something is wrong and nothing is showing up at at 7pm tonight?
A: (1) 7pm PACIFIC, and (2) if something goes wrong, check for updates

One last thing — if you plan to make it, leave your name and a question so I can keep an eye out for you.

See you tonight.

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  1. oldergod

    What about people seriously living overseas that want to watch it ?
    Got to wake up at 4 am ?

  2. I don’t sleep anyway worrying about money.

  3. Writers Coin

    Go Guatemala!

  4. Q: Please, can you record it? I have to be in Guatemala building houses for poor quadriplegic children
    A: No

    This was funny!

  5. Agreed with Abhisek; you’re a sick, sick man (and it’s rather hilarious). Sounds great, I’m planning on being there.

  6. I’ll be there. Looking forward to it.

  7. Yo Ramit, I will be there. I also signed up for boot camp, was able to log in to the community, but no email confirmation – just checking…am I enlisted?

  8. Hello Ramit,

    Just wanted to let you know this and Tim Ferris’s blogs (& books) are in my fav five!! Since your book and blog, I’ve paid down almost $2,000 on my credit using 0% APR negotiating the past year in a half, my wife and I have saved at least $700 a year negotiating our car insurance, cable/internet bill, and health insurance.

    Your blog content is truly a blessings in these economic times, and my wife and I appreciate everything…btw, just turned a friend of mine and her husband onto your book, their finances are a mess and they need Ramit!


  9. Planning to tune in to the webcast tonight.
    I don’t really know what would be most fulfilling to do in life and so I’m running my dead husband’s tax business which is not what I ever figured I’d be doing as someone who has a B.A. and an M.A. in Liberal Studies. In life, do you think it is important to do what you love and the money will follow, or just shut up, do whatever you are doing, and do your best to make lots of money somehow (or using Ramit’s tools & tips)?

  10. Mark Wolfinger

    Please share how you are able to post a live webcam presentation.

    Special software?

  11. I am interested too but live overseas (12 hours different from Pacific time). That’s one of my concerns about the bootcamp. I know you’ll be recording that, but interactive webcasts are definitely preferable. Are we time compatible?

  12. You with your little L.A. lifestyle, It won’t be on until 10 PM here. 😀 That is certaintly strange to think about isn’t it? You’ll be talking at 7 but that won’t happen here until 10… I guess I’ll have to come back in three hours.

  13. I will be there. My question: What is the best way for those of us without a regular j.o.b to save/ invest/ automate?


  14. DesertJim

    How does one automate their finances when their employer does not have direct deposit?

  15. Is nobody asking questions??? wtf!

    Here are some:


    Question 1: After your book blew up, you must have received both compliments and criticism. What piece of criticism did you appreciate the most?

    Question 2: Will you write another book? Will it be “How to negotiate like an indian”? If not, are there some parts of IWTYTBR you wish you could emphasize more thoroughly?

    Question 3: You studied technology & psychology (according to the wiki page). Did you take any business or finance classes? If so, what did you think about what they were teaching students?


    btw, if you had an indian accent or if you were white, i wouldn’t have signed up for your boot camp, lolololollll

  16. Oh you thought I was done? I’m not.


    Question 4: What the hell kept you motivated to keep writing your blog after 6 months of not-that-many readers?


    also, your wiki page is categorized under “Indian people”, which is pretty awesome. LOL

    “Categories: Indian people”

  17. Femtoman

    Hey Ramit –

    I currently fail at diversifying my investments, with my 401(k) allocated as: 90% S&P 500 index fund, 5% Russel 2000 index fund, and 5% broad international index fund. I’m 26, so I have a ways until retirement, but I’d like to correct this sooner than later. I’m planning on reallocating my current investments from these three to eleven low-cost index funds, both domestic and international, with a fairly even spread. Should I do the reallocation all at once, or should I dollar cost average into the new funds (for example, reallocating 1/12 of the investments every month for 12 months)?

    Thanks a lot!

  18. Question: I have the book and I am planning on emphasizing paying down my debt starting today by using the Debt Snowball method. Do you think it is wise to pay off all consumer debt before investing? The reason I ask is because I have read a lot of material on the matter and all say that one should be debt free before beggining to invest, simply on the basis that any money gained through investments will be wasted paying down interest on ones debt.

  19. hmm i got an email saying this webcast would be done at 8:30pst. yet ur twitter/this page says 7:00pm pst. i hope i didn’t miss it but i have a feeling i did 🙁

  20. Lea- You missed it. And so did I. I could only attend for the first few minutes but the website was down because there was so much traffic.

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    One thing I have noticed with a lot of people, they need to learn how, and what, to cook. Canned vegetables? Apart from the fact that they have little nutrition and they taste like the can they come from, they are very expensive. It costs lots of money to process, can and ship cans. Buy frozen or fresh. Frozen are as easy to cook, fresh almost. Nutritionally they are close to equal.

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