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Live right now (12/6, 12pm PST): Taking live questions on a webcast

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Right now, it’s Saturday, December 6th at 11:55am PST. The web chat I announced two days ago is starting in 5 minutes. I probably won’t record it, so if you’re watching now, here it is…

Update: The webcast is over, but the comments below are the next-best thing to being there…

Here’s one of my favorite quotes:

Didn’t think it was gonna be 2 hours long but I’m listening to the recording I made and it’s awesome. Time to get off my lazy ass and set up my accounts without trying to find the best rates, automate my life or whatever. No barriers right? Really can’t wait for the next one(if there is one… PLEASE?) cuz I like this format just as much as you. Actual words sink in better than text apparently since I already signed up for scrooge, ing, and i’ve got my napkin with all kinds of math outlining my spending/saving plans

Live video by Ustream

If you want to ask questions or see what others are asking, join the full chat room + video here.

While you’re watching, here’s a link to my:

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  1. Do you find meaning in what you do?

  2. Is this webcast going to be saved and provided for download later?

  3. Should I pay down my debt or fund an emergency fund first?

  4. westindianladee Link to this comment

    How do you get clients if you want to freelance offline and not in the internet?

  5. Why do people consistently say that the best way to invest in yourself is to open a business (more than stocks/bonds/etc.)? What is your take on this? Businesses seem high risk (and a lot of work) to me. Granted, I will probably do it anyway, but I don’t understand why people make this claim. What’s your take?

  6. I am in a good job now. I have$30K I am going to use to pay down loans. Which loan do I pay off first — a 6.5% fixed rate govt loan (which is more flexible if I need any deferral in the future) or 5% variable (LIBOR-linked) private loan? I hear interest rates are going down, but you never know.

  7. Ramit,
    My wife and I are launching a blog as way to eventually earn more revenue. What are your favorite methods of self-promotion, monetizing, and building a community of readers?

  8. What is a good way to setup contractually freelance work? Should you collect up front? Collect after?

  9. Why do people(my brother mainly) not realize that when they buy a financial book that it is an investment in themselves? They seem to always complain about the expense!

  10. Do you have any advice on finding a part-time (30 hours and less) office job? Most jobs seem to be $8/hr. I have been able to do ‘full time’ jobs in 3-4 days. How do I introduce the idea when interviewing? I just wanted to see how others would handle it.