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15 Little Life Hacks

How to use little tests for big career wins

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Years ago, I went to the Caribbean island of Grenada. As I previously wrote,

My sister, who was living there at the time, took me shopping in the local bazaar, where she pointed out a young boy who was about 8 years old. He carried a notepad with him.

He was a beggar, but no ordinary one. Every day, he would vary a small element of his presentation — his clothing, his grammar, his request style — and measure exactly which one produced the largest tips from shoppers. This little boy was one of the most sophisticated amateur social psychologists I’ve ever seen.

As you can see, you don’t have to be a multi-national corporation using the Taguchi Method to reap the rewards of testing. If a beggar child can, you can.

And you can apply testing directly to find a Dream Job. Compare this to worthless advice about “finding your passion” (has that ever worked?).

For example, top performers I know are constantly testing every aspect of their careers:

  • The job hunt: Am I talking to the right people? Is my resume as good as it could be? Are my outreach emails perfect?
  • At work: Am I making enough? How do I know? How can I get more responsibility?
  • Broad career: Am I making a big enough impact? What are my peers doing?

There are actually simple tests you can implement to get dramatic results in your current job…or to find a new Dream Job.

And you can start this week.

I recorded a new 34-minute presentation for you, including:

  • How I created the Ramit 1-2 Punch (and boosted my results in one campaign from 0% to 82.5%)
  • The 4 most common reasons people don’t test
  • The 3 things you need to do to test successfully
  • Strategies for designing tests to get rapid feedback (versus waiting months to see if a test worked)

This is premium material I could charge for, so if you choose to watch it, I ask that you carve out a dedicated hour to watch and take notes on it. Otherwise, let’s not waste each other’s time.

I’d like to share some of the ways I’ve used testing to improve my career…and how you can, too.

By the way, I’m giving this away because I received such a great response to the last presentation I shared: The 80/20 Guide to Finding a Job You Love.

First, here’s a 5-minute sample, which will show why most career experts don’t know what they’re talking about as well as how I’ve used testing to PROVE my methods work.

Now, get my new, 34-minute presentation below — free of charge.

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  1. You should’ve tested your “Share on Facebook” link from the page with the 34 min video… it’s broken 🙂

    Good stuff though, thanks.

  2. Ramit, This could not have come at a better time. I am terrified of testing as it seems too time consuming and scary to implement. Thus I’m using this fear, and your inspiration from Fincon, to implement some evaluation measures. Thanks for keeping me going forward!

  3. I was mistaken… that’s embarrassing! Internet Explorer must have blocked the pop-up window for Facebook when I clicked it, and when I hovered over the “Share on Facebook” image it showed the same web address as the page I was already on – so I assumed the link was bad.

    My bad!

  4. I was proud to say i didnt have a facebook page or a twitter login until this post. I had to go and create a twitter account. I’m mid 20s, but all this online stuff freaks me out sometimes. Thanks for the stuff Ramit 🙂

  5. Ramit,

    How long will this material be available?

    • Better don’t put it off for too long. Remember how Ramit frequently decides not to record his Webinars to make us take immediate action? Can’t hurt to tackle it right away!

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