Links: Cheapest Family in the Nation, Chicken Little, Beer in Zimbabwe

Ramit Sethi · January 9th, 2008

Some of my reading from last week:

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  1. Katie B.

    I’ve been following the Zimbabwe economic crisis for sometime now and while the numbers alone are always shocking- that picture is an incredible image.

  2. The Digerati Life

    Thanks for the link Ramit! I’m glad you liked my cheap family post. Though this is impossible to pull in California I’m sure you’d agree. I also wrote another article about how much it takes to live in California and the minimum budget here is $77,000 for a family of 4. I find that insane.

  3. Some sensible article about chicken littles.. at most it will be a bear market for a medium term [up to 2 years], there is no way people will stop spending their own & borrowed money overnight – if you are crazy you can believe otherwise!!

  4. Mike at Harbour Pilot

    Hey Ramit, thanks for the link, forgot about this kind of guy!

    From the picture and the recent grad mention, you probably won’t know of this kook. Around the mid-seventies, there was a book How to Prosper During the Coming Ruff Years, detailing the collapse of western capitalist economies, and the implosion of food distribution systems. As I carried containers of wheat seed, and flour into the basement for long term storage, I could only shake my head at my parents and their peers. Not only were we to stockpile food and water, but we were supposed to mortgage the house and buy gold bullion, and invest in firearms to protect it all.
    Having been the controller of a gold mine, I have met the gold bugs and been forced to read the somewhat delusional grasp of reality they have. Enough to make you shudder. This guy you quote – a staff reporter for Rolling Stone according to his bio, spins fright scenarios from the left and right, and then lectures about them to Harvard, Yale, MIT and others. It’s a strange world.

  5. Well, I think that people ARE (albeit slowly) waking up to the fact that they can no longer spend more than they earn:

    It’s just not sound economic policy. If the Fed continues to cut interest rates (which it looks like they will unfortunately do) then people will continue their foolish borrowing and will also make foolish investments with that money. While I do not think that the sky is falling, I do think that a time of realization is at hand for a lot of people.

    The bottom line is this: Americans currently spend more than they earn, and this can not , and will not, continue indefinitely.

    That being said- why would anyone buy gold right now? I know it’s supposed to be a hedge against the falling dollar, but what you should do is: Buy low and sell high. Not the opposite- gold is at record highs right now. I’m not jumping on this band wagon!