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15 little life hacks you can use today

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So…this just happened:

Of course, as soon as I posted that, people on Twitter and Facebook started asking, “What’s the test? When are you going to share it??”

You people are insane if you expect me to reveal that.


Today, I will share some of my other favorite tests. In fact, the ones I’m going to share with you are a LOT more interesting than a 66% increase in sales.

When we talk about tests, most people love to fixate on tactical tests like split-tested subject lines, opt-in forms, pricing pages, etc.

But there are even cooler tests.

Like how to increase your gym attendance by 300%.

Or how to talk to women at a bar.

Or how to floss your teeth, be happier, or increase your energy level.

The beautiful part about these tests is you can make one simple tweak and see massive results.

Think about it…

What if you could make one small tweak to your business and radically improve profits. Wouldn’t you want to know what that tweak was?

Or think about your social life. What if you could radically boost how much you impress people when you’re meeting someone at a bar or event by changing just one word? (Hint:  This is why you never hear me describe myself as a writer.)

Or think about your health. Everyone SAYS they should go to the gym more often. What if you could triple your gym attendance with one embarrassingly simple step?

This isn’t hyperbole, you weirdos. These are all real tests I’ve personally run that deliver real results…over and over.

Now I want to share them with you.

Plus, I decided to call up a few friends and ask them for their best tests. People like:

I collected all their favorite tests into an ebook.

Oh yeah: The ebook is free for you.

I could have charged a pretty nice amount and easily made this a 6-figure day. I could have even price-tested it!

But there are some things that are just right to do. I want to share this with you, for free, because I want you to see the power of REAL tests. Of knowing that a testing mentality means it’s OK to fail over and over (e.g., I have a “Failures” tab in Gmail, and if I’m not adding at least 5 failures/month, I’m not trying enough).

But there is one thing I ask: In exchange for making this free, I want you to apply just ONE of these tests to your life. When you see that they work, I know you’ll see the power of starting to test everything. If you can commit to using one test, please download the ebook with my compliments. But if you simply want to treat this as intellectual entertainment — as something you skim and discard — then let’s not waste each other’s time.

One last thing: Some hear “tests” and zone out. They get bad flashbacks to school. These delusional weirdos are completely missing the point. Tests don’t mean chalkboards and bad grades. They mean taking your assumptions and trying a few different approaches, and simply recording what works and what doesn’t.

You can test your eating…your spending…your approach with men/women…your gym attendance…almost ANYTHING.

And in this book, you’ll get a shortcut to a few life tests you can use TODAY.

All for you. All free. It’s my special thanks for reading I Will Teach You To Be Rich.

Here’s the download link:
Little Life Experiments

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  1. Wow, I already had so much respect for you, seeing Mark Sisson’s name, and one of the best primal lifestyle sites on the web, mentioned by you just made you totally that much more epic IMO!

  2. Dear Ramit,
    I have been reading your blog for years.
    Some very good advice, thank you very much.
    I’ve also recommended it unhesitatingly to friends whom I thought might benefit from your wisdom.

    OK, I’ll make this short and sweet, this is NOT really criticism, I am just pointing out a common error.
    You wrote, “Like how to increase your gym attendance by 300% … Everyone SAYS they should go to the gym more often. What if you could triple your gym attendance with one embarrassingly simple step?”
    Which is it? 300% or 200% … quadruple or triple?

    Perhaps a mistake just made in haste? MANY people make it!

    Much success to you in the future, and to your readers and clients.
    Thanks again for sharing your knowledge.

    Cheers—Marty Salin (Bangkok, Thailand)

  3. Just thought I would mention that the name and email fields don’t have labels, so I wasn’t sure what to put untill I got the error message.

  4. Just an fyi: your download process is having problems (too busy? great problem)
    I got time-out errors and when I reloaded the page, it tells me I haven’t confirmed
    But no email came, not being filtered out as spam by gmail as far as I can tell.

    • Same here. I am already on your mailing list so I’d assume your software isn’t sending another confirm mail because of that.

    • Please check in 20 minutes…the system is pretty overwhelmed right now, but the email will come.

  5. I just wanted to say thank you. I have been a avid reader and purchaser, starting with your guide to kicking a$$, and I really love the fact that you have a finance blog that focuses on psychology, self improvement, and real wins.

    You have really changed the way I look at money, and frankly the way I look at life.

  6. Wow Ramit, you really continue to deliver. Principals I’ve already learned from your writing and courses have more than paid themselves back. Many times over in fact. Will look forward to exploring this too. Thanks!!

  7. Ramit, I look forward to reading this. Your stuff is always high quality.

    I thought I would mention one test I recently used myself to improve gym attendance. I noticed that the main impediment to my going more often was that I kept forgetting to prep a gym bag the night before (my schedule doesn’t allow working out at night – it’s 6 AM or nothing).

    So I stopped taking a bag entirely. Now instead of getting showered and dressed at the gym, I just drive home. I haven’t missed a workout since.

    (Why was I taking a bag at all? Habit. I used to have a long commute and a gym near my office, so driving back home wasn’t a practical option. But I moved to a new house this July and got a new gym that’s three minutes away. It took me a couple months though to realize my old routine was sub-optimal. Oh well, better late than really late)

  8. I so want to download this, but no e-mail came and can’t find it in my bulk file. I’ve been on your newsletter list for a long time, so was sort of surprised you said I wasn’t subscribed. What more need I do? Thanks.

  9. I’ve noticed you are using a lot more video. I’m not guessing that is the test your talking about here. Is it helping conversions? A lot, or a little?

  10. Thanks Ramit!