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15 Little Life Hacks

Let’s mock Ramit

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Lots of people have bookmarked IWillTeachYouToBeRich on, the social-bookmarking site (What’s While there are lots of nice comments (“Great blog for personal finance and investing,” etc), there are some smartasses on Check out their descriptions HAHA:

“some asshole Stanford graduate writing about how he’s better with money than you are”

“To-the-point budget advice from a cocky Stanford kid.”

Aww yeah. Make your own description: Add IWillTeachYouToBeRich to

Update: The descriptions have started rolling in. My favorite: “I was going to leave a comment, but it was too much of a barrier.”


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  1. Here’s what I said:

    “The ever sexay Ramit laying the smack down on business and economics. w00t!”

  2. Any PR is good PR, right?

  3. Is this stuff really all it’s cracked up to be? I haven’t used it, but it doesn’t sound that appealing to me.

  4. It’s addictive when you start to use it. Imagine being able to save random pages you browse for future reference. You can assign multiple tags (finance, interesting, etc) and browse your own stuff later! Well, it’s addictive to me.

  5. It take a little while to get your head wrapped around the idea that bookmarks could be so cool and useful. Try it for a month and you’ll see how useful it is.

  6. Aw, rocketman and syntheticpubes are just jealous. My favorite comment was “The world is not Darwinian.”

  7. “There are plenty of money advice sites out there, the sad truth is that all the others huff mad dongs. Read this site!”

  8. Nichole: That’s the name of an article I wrote!

  9. D’oh. See how your genius shines through. 🙂

  10. You do sometimes come across as a cocky asshole. In fact, you probably are a cocky asshole. But hell, cocky assholes are doing everything cool these days. People just don’t like to be hearing “Not only am I doing really cool intelligent stuff, but you can too, but you’re not.”

  11. Wouldn’t it be more cocky/asshole-ish for you to simply brag about how you handle money, rather than going piece by piece, article by article trying to explain to your fellow young adults on how to manage it themselves?

    “Haha! I’ve got money strategically saved and invested, and you don’t. I’m not tellin’ how I did it, either!”

  12. another explanation could be that being a contrarian pays. if ones wants to be noticed – especially by the person the comment is about – one has to say the opposite of what the crowd says.

    hence, with few people trashing you, you must be heading in the right direction.

  13. “Highly developed spirits often encounter resistance from mediocre minds.” – I think that sums up those comments