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iwillteachyoutoberich reader asks question, makes $16,000+

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I am so happy right now.

1. Akshay reads some posts on my site

2. Akshay emails me a question

“I’ve been thinking of an idea to pursue further education and have my company finance it in return for a major research project for quite some time. Your “Companies don’t care about money” post really inspired me to write a proposal but while I’m confident about my research idea, I feel much less confident asking them to finance it. Frankly, I don’t think I’m going about it the right way, especially as I have stated it in my last paragraph.

I’m better than where I started, just planning to walk in and talk to the CIO, but I still feel that this can be refined.”

3. I try to offer some help and we go back and forth a little bit

4. A couple weeks later, Akshay writes back again (I love the followup, making it 100x more likely that I’d help him again…so if someone ever helps you, be sure to let them know how it works out)

“I wanted to let you know that my proposal was accepted and I got hired as a consultant for the XXX organization today! The project is very open-ended with a lot of freedom on my end to mold it and the best part is it pays for my college tuition!”

How much is the project funding for? I asked.

“The project will last the length of my Masters degree (2 years) with summer internships included. I’m still negotiating the summer stipend, but tuition coverage alone adds up to $16,000.”

$16,000 for a few hours of work?

Not to be glib, but that sounds pretty good to me.

See also: Smart People Ask Questions and Don’t Quit Without Asking for What You Want.

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  1. Wow! That’s an inspiring story. Congratulations to Akshay and to you too!

    I am sure, for writer like you, knowing that your readers are achieving their dreams will be the biggest reward.

    Great work!

  2. very interesting, and amazing. Thats awesome that stuff like that is out there, and that companies are more than glad to assist. i guess it just takes persistence. What do you have to lose anyways?

  3. That’s very imppresive. Do you have any article about how to propose a raise Ramit?

  4. Nope, I haven’t written one.

  5. Nice, but it’s certainly not “for a few hours of work.”

    If I have a job interview today that lasts 15 minutes and I get hired for a $100,000 a year job, I don’t say “sweet, I just made a hundred grand for 15 minutes of work!” It’s going to be 2000-3000 hours+ of work. Companies aren’t charities handing out money for nothing. Many hours of work are expected.

  6. Sabrina Morgan Link to this comment

    That might possibly be the best headline ever.

  7. That anecdote is indeed very inspiring. I think that any feasible idea, if pitched properly, can yield good (if not great) results.

    Perfect example, congrats Akshay!

  8. Thats pretty impressive! Its always inspiring hearing stories like this.

  9. I bet this is what you wrie for Ramit. It is a true example of your work inspiring someone to do something… and then being 100% successful. Great follow up. I like to hear about these kinds of stories. Keep up the good work while I keep looking for a better career!

  10. Sometimes all it takes is a bit of initiative. Congratulations, Mr. Akshay, and best of luck on your project.