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15 Little Life Hacks

It’s my birthday — Will you do me a favor?

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I’m turning 30 tomorrow.

My Indian mom is freaking out about me getting married, telling me it’s time to find a girl. I’ve been using our increasingly awkward conversations as a chance to test new scripts:

  • “It’s a big decision”
  • “Okay”
  • “I’m focused on my career” (winning script)

This is testing at the very highest levels -- against an immigrant mother with a singular, focused goal.

Anyway, aside from parrying my mom’s disastrously effective ambushes, today is one of my favorite days. I hardly ever ask you for anything, but today I want to ask for a favor.

Will you leave a comment telling me one thing that IWT has helped you do?

It could be paying off $50,000 of debt. Or negotiating a $30,000 raise. Or learning how to use psychology to work out, get more productive, or lose weight.

This is what makes writing I Will Teach You To Be Rich worth it.

All I ask is that you be specific -- include actual numbers. Share your story. There’s nothing like seeing what other people have done to change their lives.

Thanks in advance -- and here’s to the best year yet.

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  1. Hi Ramit,

    your blog has helped me to realize that just (automatedly) saving money is a big win and I will be able to reach 80% of my financial goals just by following that advice:
    I had my finances automated before starting to read this blog and was focusing too much on smart strategies to get a higher interest. This caused me to lose 15k€ in a lousy investment (that’s the circle of money: great investement consultant, great investment, great attorney :-)) .
    Now I am happily putting all my savings into a regular boring savings account, it will all go into one big purchase in 2-3 years: a house. I know (partly thanks to your blog) that it’s not a good investment but I don’t care too much – I am supposed to be “rich” in terms of my preferences/way of life not “rich” in terms of bank account.
    To summarize the journey that I made during the last 5 years (with foods for thought from your blog): Money is just a tool not a purpose.

    Congratulations – I hope you have at least as much success in your personal as in your professional life! All the best!

  2. “Winners have systems.” My job brings me into contact with many time and focus stealing people. I have delegated unimportant tasks and automated routine ones to take back my time and attention.

    • 3 Must Says:
      1. Thanks for encouraging me to go external. I went out to drinks yesterday when I sorta didn’t want to, and I met someone that works in the mayor’s office!
      2. Thanks for mentioning that we don’t need to have a “passion.” That’s too intense. We can have interests that we explore. I felt like there was something wrong with me because I don’t have a “passion.” Now I can let it go!
      3. Happy Birthday!!

  3. Happy birthday for tomorrow Ramit!

    IWT has taught me a lot about focus and clarity (which translates to money) – the biggest thing you taught me was the importance of being ethical and only helping people who can afford that help!

    Have a great day tomorrow and don’t keep your mother waiting too long – what will people say 😉

  4. Ramit taught business process in Earn1K 2.0, with the E1K system I increased the pay at my last job an average of 6% a year where most people get 2.5% to 3%. Techniques within E1K that have been the most “profitable” are Briefcase Technique, Deep Client Research, and “Question Behind the Question”. Those skills dovetailed with Find Your Dream Job and I increased my salary 24%; I start July 2nd 2012. Have fun this weekend Ramit, I’m moving across the state.

  5. I am in the same situation… and was born in the exact same day as you… June 30, 1982…. best regards from Brazil.

  6. Gave me the inspiration to focus on big wins, like refinancing my mortgage (saved $300/month) and negotiate my cable bill (saved $100/month), rather than cutting coupons (where I save around $20/month).

  7. Habby Birthday Ramit!

    IWT has taught me about how to be a top performer. Now, I`m having a lot of preparation before anything like a job interview or anything related to my professional life. I also getting done a lot of more things with a better time management.

    I admire your incredible marketing skills and your search to commited people who really wants to improve themselves. I want to keep learning how to be a TOP performer and I intend to follow your guides

  8. Your site has helped me finally give up consuming information like the information addict I was and muster the courage and the intelligence of just doing it. The 85% method and Earn 1k motivated me to create my website and start contacting leads.

    Happy birthday!

  9. Ramit,

    Your blog helped me achieve the following goals:

    1. Start a side business which earns between 1-2K a month (for 10-20 hours of work)
    2. Increase my salary from 82,000 to 100,000 by asking for a pay increase at my former job and then leaving to take another, higher paying job
    3. Automate my savings with ING with over 15 savings accounts. This allowed me to take my dream vacation to Hawaii last year.

    I appreciate your insight. It has helped me focus on the bigger picture. Before reading your blog I was worried about cutting costs. Now I focus on how to earn more, spend my time more productively, and spend (by saving with ING) on the things I really want.

    Happy Birthday! Turning 30 isn’t so bad. 🙂


  10. After reading your blog, I was able to negotiate a significantly higher salary at a new job that I really love.