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While watching Steve Jobs yesterday…

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…as I was watching the awesome new iPhone presentation…

…I posted this on my Twitter account yesterday:

Every engineer who scoffs at ppl buying $250 jeans should closely examine how he feels about the new iPhone right now. It’s about emotionMon Jun 07 18:27:28 via web

See more about judging others’ spending and how much an iPhone will really cost you.

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  1. I’m an engineer, and I scoff at people buying iPhones too. I use a ten year-old phone and I’m happy with it, so everyone else should, too!

  2. I don’t mind so much that other people get iPhones or cool cameras or what-not that I can’t afford. What drives *me* crazy is when they get iPhones and cool gizmos and what-not that I can’t afford–and then not have the savvy to use it, or learn to use it. Money wasted (however you want to define it) is one thing. But to waste it on something that you don’t even care that much about is just…well, wrong.

  3. My issue isn’t with people buying $250 jeans…my issue is with people buying $250 jeans OFF THE RACK.

  4. It’s not the same at all. Spending $250 on a single pair of jeans is crazy. Spending it on a device you’ll use for multiple hours a day every single day for two years is a pretty good deal.

    • Not everyone who has an iphone uses it for multiple hours a day. Some people just got it because it was “the thing to get”, and actually use it only for phone calls and texting, and don’t touch their phones for most of the day. I’m thinking of the over 40 crowd who isn’t in IT.

      On the same level, I know women who spend $400+ on shoes, and they love these shoes more than I have ever loved my phone. I’ve even heard them refereed to as “baby”.

      Also, for the iphone, you spend a lot more than $199 for two years. Don’t forget that you also pay for the phone contract, so it really is a lot more than $199.

    • what if you wore those jeans every day for two years (less laundry days)? then it’d be a pretty good deal- 3 cents a day!

    • What, you just wear your jeans once and throw them away?

    • My favorite shoes are a pair of Mephisto sandals. They ran $200 when I bought them about 6 years ago. At the time, it was an outrageous sum of money for me.

      I still wear them at least 50 days out of the year. They’re a bit worse for wear, but they’ve held up remarkably well. They are comfortable enough that I can walk miles in them.

      I’ve since bought two other pairs of Mephisto shoes, also in the $200 range, and I’ve been extremely happy with both of them, as well.

      This is more than I can say for any cell phone I’ve ever owned.


  5. While neither the iPhone nor expensive jeans holds a special place in my heart, you make a good point about how, for all but the most stoic and spartan individuals, there is SOMETHING that they desire (and likely purchase) that has minimal “practical” value. Yes, it’s possible to justify the iPhone (increased productivity while away from my desk!) or expensive jeans (making a good impression on customers leaves them feeling positive about me and may get a sale later), but why not my fancy car stereo too? If I’m more content while driving around because my music sounds better, I’m less apt to road rage – it’s a safety improvement!

  6. With savvy shopping, I got my Blackberry for free last fall. Anyone who feels they HAVE to spend over $200 to get a good, current smartphone is…a perfect marketing victim. Not being of the fashion-followy type, I just chuckle and pocket my over-$200.

  7. Who needs to justify the stuff they buy? If you start trying to justify then that usually means you can’t afford it. If you know how much you have to spend and have a budget then justification isn’t necessary; either you can afford it or you can’t.

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  9. “walt: It’s not the same at all. Spending $250 on a single pair of jeans is crazy. Spending it on a device you’ll use for multiple hours a day every single day for two years is a pretty good deal.”

    @walt: If you have any interest of the time, I suggest you google “heritage denim” or take a look around a website called superfuture sometime. There are companies that are reproducing vintage americana style denim from companies like Levis. (think of it like a company reproducing an exact replica of a 1965 mustang fastback)

    The appeal of these jeans is the fact that most of them are raw, unwashed denim, and are ‘broken in’ by the consumer. To do this, you go as long as you can without washing them and wear them as much as you can, some people even wear them everyday and to bed. If you want an idea of what this looks like check out this video:

    As ramit is saying, value is personal.

  10. $199 for a new smartphone is pretty normal as far as new smartphone goes. Cell/Data plans are similar across all the providers. It would have been a good comparison if the iPhone was say $599 with contract back when it first came out.

    But I see the point.