Start Here: “The Ultimate Guide to Asking for a Raise and Negotiate Your Salary”

If nobody teaches you this, how are you supposed to know?

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Watch this video where I help a student learn the art of storytelling:

How do you learn the skill of being able to instantly tell a story that keeps the room captivated? To instantly build rapport with anyone you meet? To be comfortable enough to let your personality shine through….whether you’re loud and expressive, or quieter and cerebral?

Notice I said it’s a skill — NOT something you’re born with. You can learn how to do this.

Can you do this in social situations?

What about tougher situations, like job interviews?

In fact, forget about giving a 100% performance in a job interview. How do you even GET the interview?

Get the Interview Tips You Need to Land the Perfect Job Interview

I want to show you how. I’m going to tell you everything you need to know about LANDING and CONQUERING the job interview — perfect for starting 2014 off right. (Just like my students did in the free ebook I recently released.)

Where to find these opportunities. How to crush the toughest questions (“What’s your greatest weakness?”). The body language. Even things you never thought about.

And on Wednesday, December 11th at 9pm EST, I’m holding an all-new private webcast where I dig deep on how to land and master the job interview…starting with figuring out what your Dream Job is.

Click here to register here for the webcast:

“3 Secrets to Landing and Conquering Your Dream Job Interview”
Wed 12/11 @ 9:00pm Eastern
One Night Only

I’ll also answer your biggest DJ/job interview questions.


PS – The webcast will NOT be recorded, but if you can’t make it on Wednesday, 12/11 at 9pm EST, click here.


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